Video Length for Marketing: Are Short or Long Videos Better?

It’s no secret that videos have a high engagement power when it comes to marketing. In fact, 92 percent of marketers consider them as an integral part of their marketing efforts.

Video length is essential when looking to keep your audience engaged and informed. You should have enough time to pass across your message without sounding repetitive or losing your audience’s attention.

Before choosing an appropriate length, you need to have a clear vision and message figured out. You may opt for a long or short video depending on the content you want to present. Either way, here’s how to decide on which length to choose:

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How Video Length Relates to Engagement

In your video marketing efforts, understand that most people’s attention span is less than 8 seconds. You need a strategic mindset and top-notch creativity for your content to appeal to your audience. The goal here is to hold people’s attention throughout the video.

For your marketing video to be engaging, it has to generate interest in the viewers. If it takes longer, your audience may get distracted and stop watching it entirely. Though a short video would be ideal, it may not draw engagement if it fails to address the viewers.

Choosing an Ideal Length for Your Marketing Videos

Factors like context, audience and content type determine the length a marketing video should have. Behind-the-scenes and testimonial videos are often shorter than explainer and educational videos.

Research your audience before making the video to determine their attention span. You should also consider the platforms and devices used by your viewers to access the content.

Tutorials should range from 45 to 90 seconds, while creative commercials should range from 15 to 60 seconds in length. The ideal length of a crowdfunding video should be 2.5 minutes and 2 minutes for a testimonial.

Short videos perform well on search engines due to their high engagement rates. You can speed up video clips or slow them down to make them sharable online.

How Long Should Social Media Videos Be?

The website The Small Business Blog says that since YouTube’s algorithm favors long videos, the platform is ideal for clips that are about 10 minutes in length. For your Facebook video post to attract engagement, it should be less than 90 seconds long. A duration of 20 seconds will work for a Facebook story video, and 15 seconds would be ideal for a Facebook video ad.

Keep your Instagram post videos below 30 seconds and story videos below 15 seconds to attract viewers. To be engaging your IGTV video shouldn’t exceed the 2-minutes mark.

Do’s and Don’ts for the Perfect Length

Find out the type of content your audience enjoys and use it to choose an ideal length. You should also be straightforward in the presentation to keep the viewers engaged.

Focus the video on a key concept or single idea to avoid losing viewers’ attention. Consider doing a video series to keep the audience anticipating more content if you have an extensive topic.

Now You Know the Ideal Video Length for Marketing

Keep your marketing videos under two minutes to retain your audience’s attention. You should also consider the platform you intend to share them on when choosing the video length.

Have fun creating marketing videos for different purposes with the tips discussed above. Experiment with different lengths and monitor the level of engagement on each video. Learn more about video marketing on our blog!

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