The Evolution of Viva Bianca: From Actress to Activist

Born as Viva Skubiszewski in Melbourne, Australia on the 17th of November 1983, Viva Bianca is a distinguished actress, writer, and filmmaker. She is also known as a feminist activist, contributing significantly to public debates and non-profit work. Viva Bianca’s career and personal journey provide an interesting narrative of determination, talent, and dedication to social causes.


Early Life and Education

Viva Bianca was born to Polish composer Cezary Skubiszewski, signifying her strong cultural roots. Her father’s artistic influence played a significant part in shaping her career in the arts. Bianca’s education was centered on the performing arts, with her graduating from the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. This institution recognized her exceptional talent, awarding her the best actress award.

Acting Career

Early Roles

Viva Bianca’s acting journey began in the year 2000 when she debuted in the TV show “Eugénie Sandler P.I.”. This marked the start of her appearances in several Australian TV series, including “Marshall Law”, “All Saints”, and “The Strip”. Each of these roles allowed her to showcase her acting prowess and versatility.

Breakthrough Role

Undeniably, Bianca’s most recognized role is that of Ilithyia in the Starz original TV series “Spartacus”. She played the wealthy and devious character in the first two seasons, “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” and “Spartacus: Vengeance”. Her impressive performance in this series catapulted her to global recognition.

Further Success in Film

Bianca’s success was not limited to television. She appeared in several Australian films, including “Accidents Happen”, “Bad Bush”, “X: Night of Vengeance”, and “The Reckoning”. Her range of characters in these films further demonstrated her versatility and acting skills.

Feminist Activism

Beyond her acting career, Bianca is a passionate feminist activist. She has been involved in various feminist publications, contributing her writing and voice to important discussions. Additionally, she has spoken at UN Women conferences, advocating for women’s rights and gender equality.

SheRa Mag

In 2014, Bianca co-created SheRa Mag, an online pop culture feminist blog, with her childhood friend, Victoria Khroundina. This platform allowed her to spread her feminist ideas and engage with a wider audience.

Current Projects

Bianca’s latest film project, “Milkshake Girls”, is a testament to her commitment to social issues. The film aims to shed light on the sex trafficking epidemic in the United States. Filming was scheduled to begin in December 2017.

Personal Life

The Australian actress is a mother of two, balancing her career and personal life effectively. She remains active in the film industry while also dedicating time to her family and her activist work.


Viva Bianca’s journey demonstrates her multifaceted talent and commitment to social causes. From her early roles in Australian television to her breakthrough role in TV shows like “Spartacus” and her feminist activism, Bianca has continually evolved and contributed to her industry and society. Her story is one of passion, diversity, and dedication, serving as an inspiration to aspiring actresses and activists alike.

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