Shipping Jargon Decoded: Unraveling the Mystery Behind ‘TBA’ Shipments

The world of e-commerce is filled with acronyms and jargon, and one that often causes confusion is ‘TBA’. What is TBA in shipping? How does it affect your online shopping experience? Read on to gain a comprehensive understanding of this vital component of online shopping logistics.


TBA Explained

‘TBA’, or ‘Transport by Amazon’, is a term that often appears in tracking numbers for packages shipped through Amazon Logistics, Amazon’s in-house delivery system. When you see ‘TBA’ at the start of your tracking number, it signifies that Amazon Logistics is responsible for the delivery of your package.

The Role of Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is a network created by Amazon to manage the end-to-end delivery process for orders placed on its platform. This means that Amazon has direct control over the shipment of your order, from the time it leaves the warehouse until it arrives at your doorstep. This control allows Amazon to provide a more seamless and reliable delivery experience for its customers.

This in-house logistics system uses a variety of delivery methods, including delivery vehicles owned by Amazon, independent contractors, and collaborations with local delivery services. This logistical infrastructure is designed to manage the high volume of packages generated by Amazon’s extensive product selection and customer base.

With this control over its logistics operations, Amazon can optimize delivery routes, implement innovative delivery features, and enhance overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, it allows Amazon to provide expedited delivery options such as same-day, next-day, and even two-hour delivery in certain areas.

Tracking a TBA Package

When your package is shipped via Amazon Logistics and has a TBA number, it means that standard tracking options may not be available to you. Instead, you typically have to use the tracking link provided in the confirmation email sent by Amazon.

To track a TBA package, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the email account associated with your Amazon order
  2. Locate and open the confirmation email from Amazon
  3. Click on the “Track Package” button. This should redirect you to a page on Amazon’s website where you can track the progress of your order

While Amazon provides a straightforward way to track TBA packages, you can also use certain third-party sites like Ship24 to track your Amazon orders. To do this, simply copy your Amazon Logistics tracking number into the search bar on the Ship24 homepage.

Understanding the TBA Number

The TBA number is a unique tracking number assigned to each Amazon package. It allows you to monitor the progress of your order as it travels through the delivery network. This number is associated with the carrier responsible for delivering your package, which could be Amazon Logistics or a third-party carrier partnered with Amazon.

You can find your Amazon TBA number in a couple of ways. Typically, you will receive an email notification once your package is ready for shipment. This email will contain essential details, including the TBA number. Alternatively, you can find the TBA number by visiting the Amazon website or mobile app, navigating to your order details, and locating the number there.

Once you have your TBA number, you can easily track your package by visiting the Amazon website or mobile app and navigating to the “Track Package” section.

TBA Tracking Number Format

The format of a TBA tracking number can vary based on where the package is being shipped. Since Amazon Logistics services the US, Canada, and Mexico, the tracking number could start with TBA, TBC, or TBM. Here are some examples:

  • TBC971298376574
  • TBA651782912737
  • TBM091984187418

Please note that these are sample numbers and cannot be used to track actual packages.

Amazon Logistics Operating Hours

While the Amazon Logistics delivery service operates from 8 am to 8 pm seven days a week, tracking updates may be available outside of these hours. This is because packages may continue to move towards their destination at any time, especially for international orders that often travel overnight and reach various destinations in different time zones.

Delivery will always take place within the stated operational hours where available. When you make a purchase on Amazon, you should be given an estimated delivery time, which will depend on various factors such as the size and weight of the package, the type of delivery service selected, and the destination.

Please note that packages sent internationally or handled by partner couriers may be delivered at different times. Always check with Amazon or the courier handling your parcel if you have any issues with your delivery.

The Importance of TBA in Amazon’s Shipping Process

The use of TBA tracking numbers is part of Amazon’s strategy to maintain greater control over its shipping process and ensure customer satisfaction. By managing its own logistics operations, Amazon can ensure efficient and timely deliveries. This direct control over the shipping process also allows Amazon to offer a wide range of delivery options, including expedited delivery services in specific areas.

While the use of TBA numbers may restrict the availability of standard tracking options, Amazon provides easy-to-use tracking tools on its website and mobile app. Furthermore, certain third-party tracking sites still offer support for TBA tracking numbers.


Understanding what is TBA in shipping can help you have a smoother online shopping experience. The TBA tracking number not only indicates that your package is being delivered by Amazon Logistics, but it also provides you with the necessary tools to track your package’s progress. Whether you’re an Amazon Prime member enjoying expedited delivery services or a casual Amazon shopper, knowing how to track your TBA packages can enhance your online shopping experience.

Written by Alexander