What You Need to Know When Buying a Commercial Space with a Heat Pump Installed

When buying a commercial space that already has a heat pump installed, you’ll experience the long-term benefits that they bring. Commercial heat pumps help a business to remain sustainable, looking for a lower carbon footprint and a significant boost to your green credentials as a brand. They allow you to take control over your energy use, helping to reduce energy bills at a time where they are rising steadily in a way that causes concern for business owners.

Long-term cost and maintenance make commercial heat pumps a viable alternative to gas boilers, and when looking at commercial properties to buy, premises that already have a heat pump installed might be a much more attractive proposition than those with a traditional gas boiler.

There are three main types of commercial heat pumps – ground source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, and air source heat pumps. There are variations within each as to how they function, but all will provide you with the energy that you need to run your business.

Take control of energy bills

Our energy bills have been on the rise for a while and there is no sign that they are going to come back under control anytime soon. The way in which heat pumps work mean that you will only ever pay for what you create and use through the system. This can be a real promising part of buying a commercial property with heat pumps already installed. It helps to see a future where you have more control over your costs and cash flow, important aspects of any successful business.

Think about the future refurbishment costs

There are always costs to consider in the future maintenance of whatever heating and water system you have in place at your commercial premises. Buying a place that already has heat pumps installed will take a weight off your shoulders though. This is because our reliance on traditional gas boilers and fossil fuels must come to an end in the relatively near future. If you purchase a commercial property that still has a boiler installed, there will come a time where you will be on the hook for refurbishment investment and an overhaul of the entire heating and cooling system in the building.

Is it expensive to install heat pumps?

Considering a property where you’ll have to refurbish in the future and install a heat pump anyway, what sort of costs would you be looking at? Commercial heat pumps can be expensive to install, although they are cheaper over the course of the lifespan when compared with a traditional boiler. The installation cost will vary with the type of heat pump you choose, with air source heat pumps generally more cost-effective than ground source or water source heat pumps that take a bit more specialist knowledge when installing.

How long will a commercial heat pump last?

Most heat pumps have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years, although this will depend on the level of maintenance put into the system over that time. If you are buying a commercial property with a heat pump system already installed, you’ll need to factor in servicing and maintenance costs over the expected lifespan of the system.

Does it cost much to maintain a commercial heat pump?

There are different types of heat pump that you can choose from, and the price will differ accordingly, along with the size of installation you require for your commercial premises. Long-term maintenance will therefore slightly differ from property to property too. You should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and always get a full check of the system on an annual basis to ensure it is working in top condition. An average cost of annual maintenance for heat pumps is around £100 – £300.

What documentation to expect when buying a property with a heat pump

The seller of a commercial building that already has a heat pump installed must provide some documentation to the potential buyers. This includes full written instructions from the manufacturer of the heat pump, any warranty documents, the relevant energy efficiency certificates, certificate of compliance, and the details of the last heat pump service and maintenance.

Work with specialists of commercial heat pumps if you are looking to install a heat pump to your business premises. They help you to take back control of your energy consumption and the amount that you pay for your energy bills. A heat pump will help you to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the business and brand and help to improve the sustainable credentials we are all looking for as we shift away from reliance on traditional fossil fuels to heat our buildings and provide hot water. Any business owner understands the many pressures and associated costs of running a company. If you are searching for a building to buy and move into as a business, one that already has a commercial heat pump installed is a much better option for your long-term vision as a business.

Written by Eric

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