Crafting Style: The International Journey of Yeezy Shoe Manufacturing

A tour-de-force in the world of fashion and music, Kanye West’s influence has left an indelible mark on modern culture. A significant part of this impact stems from his venture into the world of footwear with the Yeezy brand. The question that piques the interest of sneaker enthusiasts and Yeezy fans alike is – where are Yeezys made?

The Birth of Yeezy: A Partnership Forged

Kanye West’s journey into the realm of sneakers began with a collaboration with Nike, resulting in the revolutionary Air Yeezy releases. However, 2013 marked a significant shift in the sneaker landscape. Kanye decided to part ways with Nike and joined forces with the German sportswear giant, Adidas. This seismic shift not only changed the trajectory for Kanye and Adidas but also transformed the sneaker industry as we know it.

Adidas seized the opportunity to work with Kanye, offering him a 15% royalty on wholesale. Given that Michael Jordan receives 5% from Nike for the multi-billion dollar Jordan brand, it’s evident that Adidas viewed West as a potent force worth investing in. This marked the genesis of the Adidas Yeezy brand, rising from the ashes of Nike’s Air Yeezy.

The Yeezy Production Process: A Closer Look

In essence, Yeezys are manufactured under Adidas in China. However, Kanye has expressed a desire to move Yeezy production to the US by 2021. This shift aims to insulate the brand from the US/Chinese tariff war, simplify the supply chain, and promote local job creation, speedy production, and sustainable fashion.

The decision to move production may also influence the materials used in Yeezy sneakers. For instance, the recent Yeezy Mono Pack release saw a change in materials, hinting at the possibility of more such alterations in the future.

Creating the Perfect Yeezy: The Dream Team

The creation of a Yeezy sneaker is not confined to a factory line. It’s an intricate process involving a team of creative minds and industry veterans. Kanye West’s vision is brought to life by a team of designers and brand managers, including Steven Smith and Jon Wexler. This trio has transformed Yeezy into a globally recognized brand, shaping the landscape of the sneaker industry.

The Art of Yeezy Production

The Yeezy production process involves a blend of innovative technologies and premium materials. The Yeezy 350 model, for instance, utilizes Primeknit and Boost technologies to create a sneaker that offers comfort and style, embodying Kanye West’s fashion-forward vision. However, other Yeezy models, such as the Wave Runner 700 and 700 MNVN, deviate from this design with variations in materials and design elements.

A Commitment to Sustainability: The Yeezy Foam Runner

In a bid to promote sustainability, Kanye West introduced the Yeezy Foam Runner, primarily made from algae-blended EVA. These sneakers, retailing for $75 – $80, were a step towards more affordable and sustainable footwear options.

Detecting Counterfeits: Spotting the Fakes

Given the popularity and high resale value of Yeezys, the market is flooded with counterfeit products. One way to distinguish a genuine pair from a fake one is by examining the box sticker label. For example, on a legit pair, the top left box contains a human figure closer to the top. On a fake pair, a larger gap is discernable. Scanning the barcode is also recommended before purchasing the sneaker to validate its authenticity.

The Future of Yeezy: What’s Next?

Regardless of where Yeezys are made, the brand’s success hinges on the creative genius of Kanye West and his dedicated team. Whether Yeezy production continues in China or moves to the US, the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, and style remains unwavering. As Yeezy continues to dominate the sneaker industry, the question isn’t just about where are Yeezys made, but how one can get their hands on a pair.

The Yeezy Copping Game

Given their high demand and limited supply, acquiring a pair of Yeezys can be quite a challenge. However, the advent of sneaker botting has made the process easier. These bots, like the AIO Bot, enhance your chances of securing a pair of Yeezys by automating the purchasing process, thereby levelling the playing field for sneaker enthusiasts.


For sneaker enthusiasts and Yeezy fans, the question of where are Yeezys made extends beyond mere geographical curiosity. It encompasses the brand’s commitment to quality, innovation, sustainability, and a vision that has transformed the global sneaker industry. Regardless of where they’re made, Yeezys continue to epitomize style, comfort, and exclusivity, making them a coveted possession for sneakerheads across the globe.

Written by Alexander