Where Is Beyond Paradise Filmed? Discovering the Idyllic Locations

“Beyond Paradise” whisks audiences to the picturesque settings of the United Kingdom’s south-western shores, marrying the charm of small-town life with the intrigue of a crime drama. As a spin-off of the much-loved “Death in Paradise,” the series propels the story of DI Humphrey Goodman to a new setting after his departure from the tropical island of Saint Marie.

Audiences are treated to verdant landscapes and coastal backdrops that are as much a character of the show as the cast itself.

Integral to the show’s allure are the filming locations — primarily in Cornwall and Devon. These regions are synonymous with stunning vistas and quaint coastal towns that offer a visually rich tapestry for the series’ narrative.

Cornwall’s Looe, with its thriving community and fishing businesses, and the surrounding areas including Polperro and Fowey, set the scene for Shipton Abbott, the fictional town where the story unfolds. These locations do not just serve as a backdrop for the series; they are woven into the storyline, bringing a unique combination of authenticity and fictional storytelling.

It is a show very similar to Doc Martin. In fact, many fans even ask whether Dr Martin and Beyond Paradise are filmed in the same locations. So, where is Beyond Paradise filmed?

Key Takeaways

  • “Beyond Paradise” is set in a fictional town that’s represented by real locations in Cornwall and Devon
  • The setting enhances the show by integrating stunning real-world locations into its fictional narrative
  • The series has been well received, continuing to expand the universe established by “Death in Paradise”

Overview of Beyond Paradise

Beyond Paradise has captivated audiences with its charming setting and engaging storyline. It’s a show that not only entertains but also sparks a sense of wanderlust with each episode.

Source of Inspiration

The series is a spinoff of the extremely popular show Death in Paradise, taking the charm of its predecessor and knitting it into the fabric of the English countryside. Beyond Paradise follows the story of DI Humphrey Goodman as he swaps the sunny shores of the Caribbean for the pastoral beauty of Britain.

Main Characters

Kris Marshall returns to the screen as the beloved DI Humphrey Goodman, whose quirky investigative style won hearts in Death in Paradise. He’s accompanied by Martha Lloyd, played by Sally Bretton, Goodman’s fiancée, adding depth and warmth to the storyline as they navigate their new life together.

Broadcast Details

Airing on BBC One, Beyond Paradise brings a slice of paradise to viewers right in their living rooms. Joining an array of successful dramas, the series continues the legacy of its tropical precursor while establishing its own unique identity.

Filming Locations

The charming corners and dramatic landscapes of Devon and Cornwall form the backdrop for “Beyond Paradise.” Let’s explore where the magic happens on screen.

Capturing the Essence of Devon and Cornwall

The picturesque setting of Shipton Abbott, though fictional, is brought to life using a tapestry of locations throughout Devon and Cornwall. The production team chose spots known for their alluring beauty to represent the idyllic yet mysterious atmosphere pivotal to the series.

  • Devon: With its stunning coast and rustic charm, Devon plays a significant role, featuring towns that echo the quaintness of Shipton Abbott
  • Cornwall: Known for its rugged cliffs and inviting beaches, Cornwall adds to the visual narrative with its distinct Cornish towns and sweeping vistas

Key locations included:

  • East Looe: Sitting at the meeting point of the East and West Looe Rivers, this coastal town boasts a mix of traditional architecture and natural scenery
  • Fowey and Plymouth: These areas also lend their historical and coastal beauty to the setting of the show
  • Kynance Cove and the Devon coast: Iconic for their dramatic cliffs and clear waters, they enhance the visual splendour of the series

Key Sites in South-West

Each site within Devon and Cornwall serves as a thread in the fabric of “Beyond Paradise’s” setting. Here are a few standout locations:

  • Tamar Valley: Doubling for countryside scenes, the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has a storied past, adding depth to the show’s locations.
  • Bere Ferrers and Weir Quay: These small communities provide a sense of authenticity and homeliness to Shipton Abbott.
  • Port Eliot House and Gardens: Positioned within St Germans, Cornwall, Port Eliot’s historic estate plays a pivotal role in representing the grandeur of the West Country.

Expanding the Universe

“Beyond Paradise” extends the beloved world first explored in “Death in Paradise”, seamlessly transitioning the atmosphere from the tropical to the coastal while retaining a unique charm. The series introduces fresh narratives and a mix of characters, both familiar and new, that entice viewers.

Connecting to Death in Paradise

In “Beyond Paradise,” DI Humphrey Goodman waves goodbye to the sunny shores of Saint Marie, taking viewers from the vibrant beats of the Caribbean to the serene coasts of England. Goodman’s move to the fictional town of Shipton Abbott marks a significant shift from his time solving intricate puzzles under the tropical heat.

Fans of the original series are invited on this new journey, expanding the already rich universe with the same warmth and wit that captured their hearts.

New and Familiar Faces

Viewers meet a dynamic duo as DS Esther Williams and PC Kelby Hartford join forces with Goodman, bringing new energy to the detective team. The series isn’t just about crime-solving; it’s also a heartfelt story of relationships.

Goodman’s fiancée, Martha Lloyd, graces the screen with her presence, adding depth to his personal life. Alongside the arrival of new characters, viewers will find comfort in seeing familiar faces like the outgoing and delightful Margo Martins.

Cultural and Local Elements

The filming of “Beyond Paradise” showcases the rich culture and iconic locations of England’s West Country, giving viewers an authentic taste of local life and commerce.

Integrating West Country Culture

In “Beyond Paradise,” the West Country’s unique culture is reflected through the detailed portrayal of local customs and traditions. Fishing businesses form the backbone of the coastal settings, mirroring the industry’s significance in towns like Looe.

The show captures the essence of the region not just through its stunning landscapes but also through its people’s way of life, which is deeply intertwined with the sea. This integration provides a genuine feel of the day-to-day operations and the community that revolves around these fishing ventures.

Incorporating Local Businesses and Landmarks

The production of “Beyond Paradise” embraces the charm of the West Country by featuring actual local businesses and landmarks. Places like the historic Looe Bridge and the majestic Guildhall in Saltash serve not just as backdrops but as active elements within the series, connecting the audience to real sites they can visit.

Shipton Abbott Bridge and Weir Quay Boatyard are also woven into the narrative, showcasing the craftsmanship and maritime heritage of the region. The village of St Germans and its surrounding locales add to the authentic representation, allowing viewers to experience the character and spirit of the places that people actually frequent and cherish.

These locations are more than mere filming settings; they’re characters in their own right, each with a story to tell.

Reception and Availability

Before diving into where the show can be watched, it’s worth noting how it has been received by audiences. The viewers’ responses and the places where “Beyond Paradise” can be streamed are important for fans and prospective viewers alike.

Audience Responses

“Beyond Paradise” has captivated its audience with its scenic filming locations and engaging plot. Since its release, viewers have shown their appreciation through positive reviews and active discussions about the show online. Their enthusiasm is evident in the ratings and the buzz across social platforms.

Where to Watch

Now that we talked about where is Beyond Paradise filmed, let’s talk about how to watch it. For those eager to watch television series Beyond Paradise, here are the specifics:

  • BBC iPlayer: Viewers in the UK can catch up on all episodes of “Beyond Paradise,” including the Christmas special, through this platform
  • BritBox: For viewers outside the UK, BritBox offers a cozy spot to stream the show
  • Both platforms typically feature the entirety of season one and any available episodes from season two. These often total up to six episodes or more

No matter where viewers decide to watch, they can settle in for a binge session of this beloved series.

Written by Alexander