Where Is Dancing with the Stars Filmed? Unveiling the Iconic Set Location

“Dancing with the Stars” has become a household name since it first pirouetted onto television screens. This dance competition show pairs celebrities with professional dancers to compete in front of a panel of judges and a live audience. Each season brings fresh faces and new moves, but one thing remains constant – the iconic location where all the magic happens.

Nestled in the heart of Hollywood, CBS Television City has been the backdrop for many shows, and “Dancing with the Stars” is no exception. The studio, located at 7800 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, provides the glitz and glamour that fans have come to associate with the series. The historic venue is equipped to showcase the stunning performances and to handle the live broadcasting that allows viewers to tune in and vote for their favorites.

For the upcoming Season 32, the reality TV show will have three judges, Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, and Derek Hough. The late Len Goodman will not be replaced.

Derek Hough is the biggest winner so far on the TV show. During his 17 seasons on the show, he has won the Mirrorball trophy six times. He won his first in 2008, with his celebrity partner, actress Brooke Burke.

Today, however, we will talk about where is Dancing with the Stars filmed. Let’s take a look at the studio.

Key Takeaways

  • “Dancing with the Stars” pairs celebrities with professional dancers in a competitive setting
  • The show is filmed at the historic CBS Television City in Los Angeles
  • Audiences engage with live performances through voting, highlighting the show’s interactive nature

History of Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars has become a cultural phenomenon since its inception, capturing the hearts of viewers with dazzling dances and celebrity transformations. Here’s a little backstory and some high points in the journey of this beloved show.

Origin and Adaptation

Ever wondered how Dancing with the Stars came to be such a hit on American television? It all started across the pond with a British TV show called Strictly Come Dancing, produced by the BBC Studios. The concept was simple yet captivating: pair celebrities with professional dancers and let them compete in various dance styles. The American adaptation, Dancing with the Stars, first aired on ABC on June 1, 2005, and was an instant success.

A big part of the show are the judges. The American TV series is hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro and Julianne Hough, with Carrie Ann Inaba, Derek Hough, and Bruno Tonioli serving as judges. The late Len Goodman was one of the original judges. Yet, following his death, his seat remains empty.

Notable Milestones

Throughout its run, Dancing with the Stars has had its fair share of notable moments. They’ve consistently raised the bar, with each season upping the ante in both production values and the level of competition. Celebrities from all walks of life, be it actors, athletes, musicians, or reality stars, have graced the dance floor, each bringing their unique flavor to the show. The series has become not just an entertainment stalwart but a showcase of personal growth and resilience as these familiar faces take on a brand new challenge.

Production and Filming

When people tune in to “Dancing with the Stars,” they’re not just watching a dance competition; they’re stepping into a world tailored to dazzle and entertain. The magic starts with where and how the production is shot, which is as much a part of the show’s charm as the dance numbers themselves. Where is Dancing With the Stars filmed? Let’s find out!

Studios and Locations

Los Angeles is more than just a city; it’s a character in the drama of “Dancing with the Stars.” The show calls CBS Television City its home, a place buzzing with history in the Fairfax District. This legendary studio nestled at 7800 Beverly Boulevard has seen many stars glide through its corridors. For the avid fan, it’s not just a production site, it’s a landmark.

  • Television City Studios: A Hollywood icon where countless shows have been brought to life
  • Specific Filming Locations: While the show is primarily filmed at CBS Television City, the finale episodes have been known to venture out, using grove areas and other dynamic Los Angeles locales to add that extra dash of excitement

Filming Techniques

“Dancing with the Stars” is as much about how it’s filmed as where. The filming techniques used by the crew are what transform a stage performance into a multi-dimensional television experience. With sweeping camera moves and dynamic angles, each routine is captured in a way that allows viewers to feel every spin and step. The aim is to immerse the audience into the heart of the performance, making them feel as though they have the best seat in the house.

  • Camera Work: Precise and intricate to showcase every aspect of the performances.
  • Audience Inclusion: With strategic filming, at-home viewers get the sense of being part of the live audience, especially during seasons where in-studio viewership might be limited.

Through the careful blending of the right location and technological flair, “Dancing with the Stars” manages to convey not just dances, but stories that resonate with its audience.

Competition Format

In Dancing with the Stars, the thrill of competition comes alive as celebrities are paired with professional dancers to show off their best moves. With each episode, they face the judges’ critical eyes and the audience’s eager votes.

Celebrity and Professional Pairings

Each season, a fresh group of celebrities is matched with professional dancers to form dynamic duos. The pairings are fundamental to the success of the show, and it’s always interesting to see the chemistry that develops between the stars and their seasoned dance partners.

Dance Styles and Scoring

Throughout the season, pairs perform various dance styles—from the waltz to the tango. They’re judged on execution, technique, and presentation, with their scores reflecting the judges’ assessment of their performance. Each couple strives to earn the perfect score of 30, which is the sum of 10 points from each of the three judges.

Elimination and Voting

As the competition heats up, so does the elimination process. Couples are at risk of being sent home, judged not only by their dance scores but also by audience votes. Fans have a say in the outcome—they cast their votes online at or send their support via SMS/text. The combination of judges’ scores and public votes determines who stays in the running to become the next champion of the dance floor.

Dancing with the Stars Experience

Dancing with the Stars has evolved into a unique blend of competition and entertainment, offering a behind-the-scenes look into the hard work and dedication of the stars and their professional dance partners. The experience extends well beyond the dance floor, engaging fans and viewers in an interactive journey.

Live Audience Participation

The studio at CBS Television City in California pulses with excitement every Monday night as Dancing with the Stars records live. Being part of the live audience gives fans a palpable buzz as they watch the performances in real-time. The show’s shift to Disney+ doesn’t diminish the live spectacle; instead, it’s enhanced as the platform offers a simulcast that compliments the live event, giving viewers at home a sense of inclusion in the action.

  • Location: CBS Television City, California
  • Schedule: Every Monday Night
  • Broadcast: Disney+ (Simulcast)

When Alfonso Ribeiro took on co-hosting duties, his infectious energy contributed to an already vibrant atmosphere, further exciting the live audience, which has returned in a limited capacity since the pandemic restrictions have lifted.

Fan Involvement

Fan involvement is an essential part of the Dancing with the Stars experience. The show has cultivated a dedicated fan base that actively takes part through various ways, such as online voting. This direct involvement may influence the outcome of the competition, as fans support their favorite pairs.

  • Online Voting: Allows fans to be a part of the decision-making process
  • Availability: During the live broadcast on Mondays via Disney+ or Hulu

Fans also engage through social media; the connection fans feel to the stars and their journeys can be seen in the lively commentary and support across platforms during and after the live episodes. The ability to watch a simulcast means that no matter where they are, viewers can be a part of this collective experience in near-real-time.

Cultural Impact

“Dancing with the Stars” (DWTS) transcends mere competition; it’s a cultural phenomenon that showcases performance collaborations and themed nights that captivate audiences.

Special Guest Appearances

Throughout its history, DWTS has been known for inviting an impressive roster of public figures and celebrities to electrify the dance floor. These special guests often include past professional dancers or movie stars who pair up for one-off performances. Their presence not only brings excitement to the show but also adds a dash of Hollywood glamour, giving audiences a glimpse into the star-studded world of film and dance.

Theme Nights and Events

Theme Nights: Every season, DWTS features several theme nights where celebrities and their pro dancer partners perform choreographed dance routines aligned with the theme. From genres like ’80s Night to ‘Movies Night,’ these themed events challenge contestants to embody different eras and storytelling through dance, often leading to memorable, standout performances.

Events: DWTS also marks special events that resonate with the people. These often include heartfelt tributes and cultural highlights that not only honed the celebrity’s performance skills but also showcased dance’s power in bridging people and cultures. It’s during these events that the show’s influence on public enthusiasm for dance and entertainment truly shines.

Written by Alexander