Where Was Cold Pursuit Filmed: Exploring the Movie’s Winter Wonderland Locations


“Cold Pursuit” is a gripping action thriller film that stars Liam Neeson in a tale of vengeance set against a wintry backdrop. Despite its setting in the fictional ski resort town of Kehoe, Colorado, the film’s stark and snowy scenes were not filmed in Colorado. Instead, they breathe life into the story from various locations in Canada and Norway, showcasing sweeping landscapes that match the film’s chilly atmosphere.

The production team decided to bring the snowy vistas of western Norway and the Canadian Rockies to the forefront. They selected spots known for their natural beauty and wintry conditions. Do you want to know where was Cold Pursuit filmed?

The movie features key scenes shot across several locations, including Fernie and Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as Kananaskis Country in Alberta, Canada. These locales all contribute to the authentic and immersive environment of the film.

Key Takeaways

  • “Cold Pursuit” features Liam Neeson in an action-packed revenge story set in a wintery landscape
  • The filming took place in various Canadian and Norwegian locations, posing as the fictional Colorado town of Kehoe
  • The visually stunning backdrops of British Columbia and Alberta were paramount in setting the tone of the film

Filming Locations Overview

The 2019 thriller ‘Cold Pursuit’ takes viewers through a scenic tour of Canada’s stunning landscapes, from the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies to the sleek, modern architecture of British Columbia’s urban areas. Let’s take a closer look at where exactly the cameras rolled to bring this nail-biting tale to life. Let’s talk more about where was Cold Pursuit filmed.

Canadian Rockies and Alberta

The Canadian Rockies stand tall as one of nature’s most exquisite creations, and ‘Cold Pursuit’ captured this magnificence right from the heart of Alberta.

Banff and Fernie are noteworthy mentions—picture-perfect towns that provide the quintessential snowy backdrop for the film’s gripping storyline. The rugged and untamed Fortress Mountain in Alberta also played a pivotal role, lending its epic landscapes to the tale’s more adventurous pursuits.

British Columbia Highlights

Over in British Columbia, they filmed at some pretty iconic spots.

The opulent Eppich House II in West Vancouver doubled as the cartel leader’s house. This glass masterpiece, crafted by celebrated architects Arthur Erickson and Nick Milkovich in 1988, became a character itself in the film. It’s a standout architectural gem and is just one example of the variety of visuals British Columbia brought to the table.

Urban Areas and Cities

Vancouver, fondly known as Hollywood North, had its fair share of screen time in ‘Cold Pursuit.’

Known for its diverse landscapes within a stone’s throw of the city, Vancouver’s mix of modern day cityscapes and natural beauty gave the film the believable yet varied settings it needed. This city’s ability to transform into virtually any place in the world makes it a favorite for directors and location scouts alike, and ‘Cold Pursuit’ made the most of its urban canvases.

Key Cast and Characters

In “Cold Pursuit,” a gripping tale of vengeance on icy plains is brought alive by a stellar cast.

Liam Neeson as Nels Coxman

Liam Neeson takes on the role of Nels Coxman, a hard-working snowplow driver who embarks on a path of retribution following his son’s mysterious death. Neeson, known for his commanding on-screen presence, delivers a nuanced portrayal of a man pushed to his limits, ensuring audiences feel every facet of Coxman’s turbulent journey.

Supporting Cast

Bolstering the narrative is an impressive assembly of talent, bringing depth to the snowy thriller:

  • Laura Dern features as Grace Coxman, Nels’ wife, whose emotional journey parallels the physical trials her husband faces
  • Emmy Rossum plays a determined local detective, adding layers of intrigue as she unfolds the complexities in the story that lead to Nels’ vengeful quest

Each member of the supporting cast adds a unique brushstroke to the canvas of “Cold Pursuit,” their performances harmonizing with Neeson’s to paint a full picture of a community on the edge.

Production Insights

Diving into the creation of “Cold Pursuit,” one discovers the meticulous effort behind adapting the storyline and overcoming filming obstacles, all to craft an enthralling cinematic experience.

Adaptation from the Original

Director Hans Petter Moland made the leap from Norwegian snowscapes in In Order of Disappearance to the rugged terrains of Canada in “Cold Pursuit.” He, along with screenwriter Fupz Aakeson, transitioned the darkly comedic thriller from its European roots to a North American audience while keeping its original spirit.

They carefully considered shot selection and narrative structure to honor the story, yet make it resonate with a new demographic.

Filming Challenges and Achievements

Filming any action-thriller comes with its set of unique challenges. You have to find the right filming location for your story.

The team faced the task of transforming Alberta’s breathtaking landscapes and British Columbia’s urban settings into the fictional, snow-entrenched town of Kehoe, Colorado. They triumphed, delivering spectacular chases and dramatic showdowns, enveloped in the natural beauty of Canada’s wilderness.

Despite logistical difficulties, like contending with real snow and cold, the filmmakers achieved a visually stunning backdrop that serves as much more than just a location—it’s an imposing character in its own right.

Exploring Themes

“Cold Pursuit” interweaves gripping themes with a stunning backdrop, masterfully blending the quest for justice with unexpected moments of dark comedy. Let’s delve deeper.

Revenge and Justice

In the heart of “Cold Pursuit,” revenge fuels the narrative. The protagonist, driven by the loss of his son, embarks on a relentless quest for justice.

This dark journey reveals the fine line between revenge and justice, as they often become indistinguishable through the eyes of sorrow. Here, vengeance is a twisted form of justice, sought not through law, but through the snowplow driver’s own hands.

Dark Comedy and Drama

What sets “Cold Pursuit” apart is its skillful blend of dark humor and drama, casting a shadow of irony over the snowy landscapes.

Amidst the tension, unexpected moments of comedy arise, confronting viewers with laughter when least expected. The film doesn’t shy away from the absurdity of violence, instead, it embraces it, crafting a delicate balance that treads a fine line to bring levity to the darkest of situations.

Reception and Legacy

The reception of “Cold Pursuit” proved to be a mix of critical reviews and box office numbers, while its legacy touched aspects of pop culture in subtle ways.

Critical Reception

Upon its release, “Cold Pursuit” encountered a diverse range of opinions from critics.

The film currently sits with a score on Rotten Tomatoes that reflects polarization; some praised its dark humor and twists on the revenge thriller genre, while others pointed out it didn’t quite measure up to the original film it was based on, “In Order of Disappearance”. Despite this, its lead actor applied his unique set of acting skills, further solidifying the film as an intriguing addition to his resume.

Impact on Pop Culture

“Cold Pursuit” left its mark on pop culture not through overwhelming box office success or viral moments, but through its understated influence.

Its integration of humor in an action-packed narrative and the setting’s frosty aesthetic offered a refreshing take on the typical revenge storyline.

Although its box office performance may not have shattered records, the film finds mentions among discussions of thematic successors and similar genre pieces.

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  • Key Influences: Subtle shifts in the revenge thriller genre

Remember, films like “Cold Pursuit” form a unique encounter between audience expectations and cinematic experimentation.

Written by Alexander