Where Was Forever My Girl Filmed: Unveiling the Movie’s Southern Charm

The romantic drama “Forever My Girl” tells the heartwarming tale of love, fame, and redemption set against the backdrop of the American South. In the film, viewers follow the story of Liam, a country music star who returns to his hometown after a long absence, grappling with past choices and a future that remains uncertain. This narrative’s warmth and the emotive pull of a second chance at love are pivotal in drawing audiences into the lives of the small town characters.

While the story unfolds in the fictional town of St Augustine, Louisiana, United States, the actual filming locations were carefully chosen in the state of Georgia. Towns such as Dallas and Atlanta provided the quintessential charm and setting needed to bring St. Augustine to life. This choice showcases the versatility of the film’s production design, as the settings are crucial in creating an authentic atmosphere for the tale of love lost and found.

So, where was Forever My Girl filmed?

Key Takeaways

  • “Forever My Girl” is a romantic drama that explores themes of love and redemption
  • The film creates an authentic Southern atmosphere, despite not being filmed in the Louisiana setting depicted in the story
  • Georgia locations contributed significantly to the film’s charm, forming the backdrop for the fictional town of St Augustine

Story Overview and Cast

Before diving into the filming locations for “Forever My Girl,” let’s grasp the essence of the tale and highlight the individuals who brought the characters to life. This romantic drama encapsulates the journey of love, fame, and the roads not taken, featuring a cast that wonderfully embodies the complexities of their roles.

Plot Synopsis

“Forever My Girl” is a heart-tugging narrative that weaves the story of Liam, a country music sensation who abruptly leaves his bride, Josie, at the altar to pursue stardom. Years later, a personal tragedy draws him back to his roots, where he faces the life and love he left behind. As Liam attempts to regain trust and restore relationships, the film explores themes of redemption and the power of second chances.

Main Cast

The compelling characters of “Forever My Girl” are brought to life by a talented ensemble:

  • Alex Roe portrays Liam, whose internal struggle with the price of fame serves as the film’s emotional cornerstone
  • Jessica Rothe as Josie, exudes strength and resilience as Liam’s once-abandoned fiancée, navigating life as a single mother
  • Abby Ryder Fortson delivers a memorable performance as the precocious and adorable daughter, bridging the gap between Liam and Josie with her innocence

With their genuine portrayals, the cast ensures that viewers are not just spectators but emotionally invested in the journey of reconciliation and self-discovery.

Filming Locations and Setting

When it comes to the romance film “Forever My Girl,” its filming locations are key to bringing the heartwarming tale to life. Although set in Louisiana, the production found its home in Georgia, taking advantage of the state’s generous tax credits. The settings chosen deliver that authentic Southern charm crucial to the film’s backdrop. Where was Forever My Girl filmed? Let’s take a look!

Louisiana Essence

Despite its Georgia locations, “Forever My Girl” captures the spirit of Louisiana through meticulous set design and careful selection of filming sites. The film gives a nod to Louisiana culture, known for its unique blend of French, African, Spanish, and Native American influences, which translates into the atmosphere viewers get a taste of.

Notable Spots

They scouted a handful of locations that really make the movie stand out.

  • Georgia Gems: Most of the filming happened in and around Atlanta, a city that can easily double for Louisiana’s eclectic vibe
    • 300 Main Street: Remember the charming flower shop in the film? It’s right there on Main Street in Dallas, Georgia, not Louisiana
    • Church Scenes: Moments of peace and reflection took place in a church that feels just like it could be in the Bayou State, yet it’s another Georgian landmark

Locations like the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, though iconic, didn’t serve as a backdrop for this movie, showing that creative filmmaking can recreate a setting far from its actual locale. The careful selection and transformation of Georgia sites into picture-perfect replicas of Louisiana scenery really let “Forever My Girl” shine in a Southern light, all while they stayed firmly rooted in Georgian soil.

Music and Soundtrack

The music and soundtrack of “Forever My Girl” play a pivotal role in its storytelling, echoing the film’s deep roots in country music. They feature tracks from prominent artists within the genre and offer an authentic backdrop to a tale about a country musician looking for redemption.

Country Music Influence

Country music sits at the heart of “Forever My Girl,” shaping its emotional landscape. The protagonist is a country musician, and the soundtrack honors this with contributions by country legends, including the likes of Travis Tritt, who brings his characteristic Southern charm and authenticity to the film.

  • Travis Tritt: Contributed his music expertise to the film, enhancing the overall country music atmosphere

Featured Songs

The film’s soundtrack is a mixtape of country melodies that guide the audience through the plot’s highs and lows. Here’s a glimpse at some of the featured songs:

  • “Little White Church” by Little Big Town
  • “Don’t Water Down My Whiskey” by Alex Roe & Abby Ryder Fortson
  • “Enough” by Alex Roe
  • “Can’t Tame a Fire” by Dan Tyminski
  • “Can’t Go Back” by Little Big Town

Each song is carefully selected to resonate with the scenes, underscoring the characters’ emotions and the small-town vibe that is central to the narrative. The soundtrack is a testament to the film’s reverence for country music, spotlighting songs that embody the spirit of the genre.

Themes and Genres

“Forever My Girl” joins the pantheon of cinematic tales that delve into the human heart, offering a blend of love’s sweetness and life’s trials. In exploring the depths of love and the complexities of coming to terms with one’s past, the film navigates through familiar territories of romance and drama with a Southern twist.

Love and Romance

At the core of “Forever My Girl” is a narrative that showcases love and romance as enduring forces. Despite the passage of years and the pressures of fame, the protagonist’s unshaken feelings for his high school sweetheart embody the classic romantic trope that true love never fades.

  • Nicholas Sparks: Although not directly related to the works of Nicholas Sparks, the film evokes a similar, soft-focus romance that his stories are famous for
  • Chemistry: The lead characters’ on-screen chemistry helps audiences root for their reunion, making their emotional journey feel all the more gripping

Drama and Conflict

As with many romantic drama films, the path of love in “Forever My Girl” is strewn with obstacles. The narrative tension springs from the protagonist’s decision to leave his bride at the altar, instigating both drama and conflict.

  • Past vs. Present: The film deftly handles the protagonist’s internal struggle between his past mistakes and his current desire to make amends
  • Passion vs. Responsibility: There’s a heartfelt examination of the balance between pursuing one’s passion and the responsibilities that come with personal relationships

“Forever My Girl” tugs at the heartstrings by blending the power of love with the drama of life’s unexpected turns, underlining the timeless message that it’s never too late to find your way back home.

Behind the Scenes

In the creation of “Forever My Girl,” the expertise of director Bethany Ashton Wolf combined with the storyline from Heidi McLaughlin’s novel, bringing the narrative to life under the production of LD Entertainment.


Bethany Ashton Wolf directed “Forever My Girl” with a touch that only someone with her understanding of heartfelt storytelling could provide. She not only directed the film but also adapted Heidi McLaughlin’s novel for the screen, ensuring that the essence of the book was translated into the cinematic experience.


Production company LD Entertainment was behind the filming of “Forever My Girl,” with Georgia serving as the primary filming location. The production benefited from Georgia’s lucrative tax credits, which help filmmakers reduce their costs significantly. This strategic choice allowed for a greater focus on the creative aspects of the film production, ensuring the setting matched the southern charm the story demanded.

Reception and Impact

The romantic drama Forever My Girl found a place in the hearts of audiences following its release. Critics and viewers alike took to platforms like IMDb giving the film mixed reviews. On IMDb, the film has an average rating, indicating a division between those who adored the film for its heartwarming narrative and those who desired more depth from the characters and plot.

The film’s trailer, released across various platforms including YouTube and Facebook, played a significant role in creating buzz before the movie hit the theaters. It gave potential viewers a taste of the film’s blend of romance and music, which helped in drawing a particular segment of the audience who are fans of the genre.

While Forever My Girl did not premiere on streaming giants like Netflix, it found its way into homes via other digital platforms such as Prime Video and Apple TV. This availability allowed the movie to reach a broader audience, enabling easy access for those who prefer the comfort of their own space for movie nights.

Discussions about the movie on social media platforms played a key role in the film’s impact on its viewers. Facebook pages and groups dedicated to romance films included many posts and comments about the movie, facilitating a space for fans to share their love for the heartwarming story of second chances.

Lastly, the availability of Forever My Girl on various streaming services ensured that it continued to touch the hearts of those who hadn’t caught it in theaters, bolstering its presence within the romantic drama genre long after its initial release.

Written by Alexander