Where Was Forgetting Sarah Marshall Filmed? Unveiling the Movie’s Picturesque Locations

When “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” a delightful blend of comedy and romance, decided on its film locations, it found paradise in the scenic landscapes of Hawaii. The movie showcases the picturesque settings of Oahu.

This Hawaiian island proved to be an ideal backdrop for the film’s narrative, with its inviting beaches and lush surroundings that underscored the film’s thematic elements of finding peace and new beginnings amidst nature’s beauty.

The film’s main character, Peter Bretter, navigates the emotional turmoil of a break-up in these very settings, thus making the locations almost a character in themselves. The sprawling Turtle Bay Resort and stunning beaches such as Mokuleia and Keawaula Bay serve as the primary filming locales, offering a feast for the eyes with their postcard-worthy vistas.

While the narrative was rooted in the heart of Hawaii, some pivotal scenes were also shot in Los Angeles, serving as an interesting contrast to the movie’s predominantly tropical ambiance. Today, we will talk about where was Forgetting Sarah Marshall filmed.

Key Takeaways

  • “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” combines comedy with the romance genre against the backdrop of Oahu, Hawaii
  • Main filming took place at Turtle Bay Resort and various scenic beaches, integrating Hawaii’s charm into the film
  • Los Angeles locales complemented the Hawaiian scenes, adding diversity to the movie’s setting

Main Filming Locations

For fans of the hit romantic comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” exploring the movie’s filming locations is like stepping into the scenes themselves. These key spots in Hawaii not only added visual splendor to the film but have their own stories to tell.

Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu served as the movie’s fictional Hawaiian retreat, delivering idyllic beach views from its luxurious premises. Its elegance and appeal were a central backdrop, setting the mood for much of the story’s unfolding.

North Shore

Oahu’s North Shore represents the quintessential surfing paradise. The beaches and waves here were not only visually stunning on film, but they’re places where locals and visitors alike catch the surf and embrace the laid-back Hawaiian lifestyle.

Laie Point

The iconic Laie Point is a significant locale on Oahu that offered spectacular coastal sights for the film. It’s a scenic spot, with cliffs jutting out into the blue, where one can feel a deep connection to the island’s natural beauty.


While much of the movie showcases Hawaii’s natural vistas, scenes in the bustling city life of Honolulu offer a contrast to the serene beaches. The capital’s vivid character and lively streets brought urban energy to the film’s tapestry.

Cast and Characters

“The film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” features a charming cast, each bringing their own unique touch to the story. Let’s get to know the characters a bit more.”

Jason Segel as Peter Bretter

American star Jason Segel brings a heartfelt performance as Peter Bretter, a musician who’s left picking up the pieces of his broken heart after his split with Sarah Marshall. Segel’s portrayal sharply captures the quirks and vulnerabilities of someone struggling to move on.

Kristen Bell as Sarah Marshall

Kristen Bell shines as Sarah Marshall, the titular character whose breakup with Peter sets the plot in motion. Bell balances the role with a mix of charm and complexity, inviting the audience to understand her character’s own journey through the messy end of a relationship.

Mila Kunis as Rachel Jansen

As Rachel Jansen, Mila Kunis offers a fresh start for Peter, playing the quick-witted hotel receptionist who captures his interest. Kunis conveys Rachel’s spirited nature with a warmth that is immediately likable, providing the film with a grounded sense of hope and renewal.

Russell Brand as Aldous Snow

Russell Brand portrays Aldous Snow, Sarah’s new rock star boyfriend, with a flamboyant and comedic flair that is unmistakably his. Brand delivers each line with a pompous yet oddly endearing manner, epitomizing the rock star persona with a twist of humor.

Production and Behind-the-Scenes

Diving into the making of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” we uncover the creative minds responsible for its direction, writing, and the beautiful visual storytelling. The film’s distinctive charm is also owed to its carefully chosen score.

Director and Writing

Nicholas Stoller, a first-time director, was at the helm, orchestrating the comedic beats of this heartbreak recovery story. Jason Segel’s honest writing brought “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” to life, blending humor with the raw edges of a breakup. This marked Segel’s screenwriting debut, which kicked off his collaboration with producer Judd Apatow and Stoller. Under the banner of Apatow Productions, the film maintained the production company’s signature blend of humor and heart.


Russ T. Alsobrook, known for his work on films like “Superbad,” was the director of photography for “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” He captured both the chaotic essence of Los Angeles and the tranquil beauty of Hawaii with a keen eye. Through his lens, Alsobrook showcased O’ahu’s lush landscapes, crystalline shores, and the inviting ambiance of the Turtle Bay Resort, to transport audiences into the heart of the film’s story.

Music and Soundtrack

Music for “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” was composed by the talented Lyle Workman, who provided a soundtrack that captured the film’s whimsical yet emotional undertone. Balancing between upbeat tracks and more somber moments, the music played a pivotal role in navigating through the ups and downs of the protagonist’s journey. The sound of the film not only supported the narrative but also resonated with viewers, adding an extra layer of connectivity to the characters’ experiences.

Reception and Impact

When “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” hit the screens, it didn’t just bring laughs; it made quite the splash financially and culturally. Let’s open up the scrapbook on how this romantic comedy from Universal Pictures became a Hollywood hit and how it left its mark.

Box Office Success

Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” released by Universal Pictures, charmed its way into the hearts of audiences worldwide. Its success was reflected in solid numbers at the box office. They say money talks, and in the case of this rom-com, it had quite the conversation—raking in substantial revenue and solidifying its status as a success story in the competitive rom-com genre.

Cultural Influence

As for its cultural tune, the film strummed a chord beyond mere entertainment. Hawaii’s breathtaking scenery didn’t just serve as a mere backdrop; it became etched in the minds of viewers, boosting the island’s allure as a getaway destination.

The film’s association with Hawaii enriched its cultural footprint and reminded Hollywood of the romantic comedy genre’s power to impact tourism and cultural perspectives. Even long after the credits rolled, the film’s punchlines, characters, and settings lingered, contributing to its enduring influence in pop culture and the romantic comedy narrative.

Visiting Filming Locations Today

For fans of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” the opportunity to explore the film’s beautiful locations is as exciting as it gets. Oahu’s picturesque settings welcome countless visitors each year, and for those with a passion for the movie, it’s a chance to walk in the characters’ footsteps. We talked about where was Forgetting Sarah Marshall filmed. Let’s see if you can visit those places.

Oahu Island Itinerary

Oahu is an island brimming with natural beauty and iconic film locations. One might start their journey at Turtle Bay Resort, the real-life stand-in for the Hawaiian resort depicted in the film.

From there, a visit to the North Shore beckons, famed for its surfing waves and a hint of the movie’s ambiance. The Waikiki Beach is another must-see, with its connection to numerous beach scenes. To round off the day, travelers can head inland to Manoa Falls and marvel at the lush backdrop used in the film.

Location Tours and Attractions

Those seeking a structured adventure might consider joining a location tour. Several tour operators in Hawaii specialize in showcasing film locations, with “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” often featured on their itinerary.

Here’s a taste of what one might experience:

  • Guided Tours: Knowledgeable guides offer fascinating insights into how these spots were transformed for the big screen
  • Turtle Bay Resort: Visitors can relive the film’s moments and maybe even stay a night to fully immerse in the experience
  • Surfing Lessons: Catch a wave at one of the film’s famous beaches and add a touch of adrenaline to the vacation

Compiled into a succinct checklist, here’s how a visitor could structure their film-centric Oahu visit:

  1. Morning:
    • Breakfast at Turtle Bay Resort
    • Surf the waves at North Shore
  2. Afternoon:
    • Lunch overlooking Waikiki Beach
    • Guided film location tour
  3. Evening:
    • Hike to Manoa Falls
    • Sunset dinner with a view of the Pacific Ocean

Blending the island’s natural wonders with the magic of cinema, travelers can create an itinerary that’s both a homage to “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and an extraordinary Hawaiian vacation.

Written by Alexander