Where Was Holiday in the Vineyards Filmed? Unveiling the Scenic Shoot Locations

Santa Clarita, California, is not just a city close to the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles; it’s also where the heartwarming Netflix original movie “Holiday in the Vineyards” came to life. This romantic comedy, released just in time for the Christmas season of 2023, invites viewers to a story that intertwines love, loss, and the spirit of the holidays. With a scenic backdrop that perfectly encapsulates the essence of a quaint, yet picturesque town, the film offers a visual feast that goes hand-in-hand with its narrative.

The film’s narrative follows a widow struggling to keep her local vineyard afloat while raising two young sons. As she faces the challenges that life throws at her, a potential Christmas miracle appears in the form of a charming playboy sent to gather information on the vineyard. The collision of their two worlds makes for a captivating tale filled with romance and holiday cheer. “Holiday in the Vineyards” tugs at the heartstrings with its delightful mix of relatable characters and engaging storyline, making it a staple film for the season.

Let’s talk about where was Holiday in the Vineyards filmed.

Key Takeaways

  • “Holiday in the Vineyards” was filmed in Santa Clarita, California, and released on Netflix in 2023
  • The movie tells the story of a widow’s encounter with love during the holiday season
  • With its charming setting and touching narrative, the film quickly became a festive favorite

The Cast and Crew

Holiday in the Vineyards” brought together a group of talented individuals both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. From the charming leading actors to the creative minds crafting the story, each member played a pivotal role in bringing the film to life.

Leading Stars

  • Josh Swickard played the role of Carter Baldwyn, proving once again his ability to lead a romantic comedy with charm
  • Sol Rodriguez shared the screen, offering a dynamic performance that complemented Swickard’s character beautifully

Supporting Roles

The film featured a strong supporting cast that added depth and humor to the story. Notable mentions include:

  • Eileen Davidson, known for her strong screen presence, delivered a compelling performance
  • Omar Gooding and Carly Jibson both brought their own unique flair to the table, enriching the film’s tapestry of characters

Behind the Scenes

The magic of cinema doesn’t happen without the visionaries who work off-camera.

  • Directed by Alex Ranarivelo, his direction provided the film with its heartwarming and genuine tone
  • Producers Daniel Aspromonte and Christina Moore, alongside executive producer Ali Afshar, ensured the project was executed with precision and care

Synopsis and Themes

“Holiday in the Vineyards” is a heartfelt journey set against the backdrop of a sun-kissed California vineyard. It’s an intertwined tale of loss, love, and laughter, providing a comforting blend of romance and comedy.

Plot Overview

Valentina, a widow, faces the challenging task of managing a vineyard in California while raising her two young boys. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Carter Baldwyn, a corporate representative from a wine company keen on acquiring her vineyard. Amidst the business dealings, a unique relationship blossoms.

Romantic Elements

At the heart of Valentina’s story is the spark of romance that ignites with Carter. Their relationship unfolds against the rich and vibrant backdrop of the vineyard, adding a literal and figurative sweetness to the palette of the film. The idyllic vineyard setting lends itself to the time-old theme of city meets country, creating a rich soil where love blooms unexpectedly.

Comedic Aspects

Comedy weaves through the narrative with a gentle touch, offering moments of levity that balance the heavier themes of grief and responsibility. The film capitalizes on the contrasting worlds of Valentina and Carter, finding humor in their differences and the situation they find themselves in. It’s their budding relationship that ultimately provides the most heartfelt chuckles, as they navigate the unexpected journey together.

Filming Locations

The enchanting settings for “Holiday in the Vineyards” came to life in the lush landscapes of California’s wine country, giving viewers a taste of vineyard charm amid the state’s scenic backdrop. Here is an extensive look at where was Holiday in the Vineyards filmed.

Main Vineyard Settings

Nestled in the heart of Agua Dulce, Reyes Winery provided the quintessential vineyard ambiance that set the stage for several of the movie’s pivotal scenes. This locale isn’t just a cinematic backdrop; it’s a working winery producing a variety of wines.

  • Reyes Winery: Captured the essence of the vineyard lifestyle and featured as a key filming location

California Backdrops

While Santa Clarita, California, doubled for the fictional town of Los Santos, its real-world appeal and proximity to Greater Los Angeles offered suitable locales that resonated with the film’s vibe. The town of Valencia in Santa Clarita brought additional California flair to the production.

  • Pulchella Winery: Located on Main St, Santa Clarita, its rustic charm graced the screen and provided an authentic winery experience
  • California’s Diversity: Encompassing areas from Greater Los Angeles to the smaller community of Valencia, these real places complemented the film’s fictional Los Santos

Although not named in the search results, integrating the wineries such as Reyes and Pulchella as well as the other localities of Santa Clarita gives a nod to the region’s contribution to California’s cinematic landscape.

Cultural Impact

In “Holiday in the Vineyards,” audiences see the reflection of warm, festive traditions and the allure of wine culture, both of which significantly shape the film’s backdrop. This combination offers a glimpse into the seasonal cheer and the intricate world of winemaking.

Wine Culture Portrayal

The film “Holiday in the Vineyards” thoughtfully captures the essence of California’s wine culture. It showcases the detailed processes of viticulture that winemakers in the region are passionate about. From the lush vineyards to the intimate scenes of tasting rooms, the movie provides a peek into the winemaking journey and highlights the love and labor that go into a bottle of wine. With scenes shot in real Californian wineries, such as Reyes Winery in Santa Clarita, the authenticity of the experience is conveyed, allowing viewers to almost smell the oak barrels and feel the crisp air of the vineyard mornings.

Christmas Tradition Representation

“Holiday in the Vineyards” intertwines the rich tapestry of Christmas traditions with its yuletide romance. Set against the backdrop of a fictional town, Los Santos, the film resonates with those who cherish the annual recurrence of Christmas festivities. It’s not just about the holiday scenery; it’s the activities and emotional connections—the cozy gatherings, the shared bottles of wine—that evoke a sense of Christmas frequency throughout the storyline. The film accurately mirrors the spirit of the season, where joy, generosity, and warmth abound, adding a charming dimension to the classic holiday narrative.

Production and Release

The filming of “Holiday in the Vineyards” brought the charm of California’s wine country to the screen, with Netflix as its distribution partner. The behind-the-scenes efforts to create this film involved ESX Entertainment, indicating a potent mix of production expertise.


ESX Entertainment took the lead in producing “Holiday in the Vineyards,” and they brought in a stellar cast including Josh Swickard, Sol Rodriguez, and Eileen Davidson. Filming primarily happened in picturesque locations across California, with Santa Clarita standing out for its versatile scenery. The filming began in February 2023, braving the cooler weather to capture the essence of the holiday season.

  • Production Company: ESX Entertainment
  • Principal Photography: February 2023
  • Main Cast: Josh Swickard, Sol Rodriguez, Eileen Davidson
  • Locations: Santa Clarita, Petaluma, California


Netflix, known for its diverse and vast array of original content, was the chosen platform to release “Holiday in the Vineyards.” The film’s distribution via Netflix helped it reach audiences worldwide, adding a cozy, holiday film to their winter line-up. As the-go-to spot for movie enthusiasts, IMDb also offered a sneak peek into the film’s details, including trailers and ratings, which was perfect for anyone wanting to get a taste of the movie before diving into the full experience.

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