Where Was My Norwegian Holiday Filmed? Discovering the Scenic Shoot Locations

“My Norwegian Holiday,” a film that enlivens the Christmas spirit with the scenic backdrop of Norway, has garnered attention for its heartwarming narrative and the stunning landscapes it features.

Shot in 2023, the movie transports viewers to the picturesque regions where the story unfolds, most notably in Bergen—a charming city known for its rich history and vibrant culture.

With its inviting snow-laden slopes and visually captivating locales, the film integrates Norway’s majestic beauty with the cozy allure of holiday tales.

Audiences have shown an interest in the behind-the-scenes magic that amplifies the viewing experience.

As the characters weave through the plot, the setting of Bergen’s iconic Bryggen Wharf stands out, highlighting the harmonious blend of the historical trading post with festive cinematic storytelling.

The real locations used in “My Norwegian Holiday” play a pivotal role, enhancing the authenticity of the film and offering a glimpse into the country’s winter wonders and Christmas customs.

Key Takeaways

  • “My Norwegian Holiday” was filmed in Norway’s city of Bergen, revealing the country’s festive atmosphere.
  • The setting complements the narrative, using historical and cozy holiday elements.
  • Authentic locations bolster the film’s appeal, capturing the essence of a Norwegian Christmas in 2023.

Synopsis and Inspiration

Exploring the depths of love, family ties, and the quest for self-discovery, “My Norwegian Holiday” weaves its narrative with an emphasis on the impact of inspiration drawn from one’s heritage and surroundings.


In “My Norwegian Holiday,” viewers follow JJ, a protagonist grieving her grandmother’s passing, as she embarks on a journey that leads her deep into the heart of her family’s history.

The plot unfolds as JJ finds meaning and solace in unraveling the secrets behind a troll figurine, an heirloom connecting her to the scenic city of Bergen, Norway.


The film is set against the picturesque backdrop of Bergen, known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage.

This Norwegian city becomes more than just a setting; it’s a character in its own right, influencing the course of JJ’s journey and reflecting the film’s emphasis on the beauty of discovery.


Rhiannon Fish brings JJ to life, embodying a blend of vulnerability and determination.

Opposite her, David Elsendoorn stars as Henrik, the charming Norwegian who helps JJ navigate both the cobblestone streets of Bergen and the complexities of her emotions.

Their developing love story is interwoven with themes of familial bonds and the inspirations drawn from one’s lineage and the serendipity of travel.

Key Details

When someone curls up on the couch to watch a heartwarming Hallmark movie, they’re not just viewing scenes stitched together; they’re taking a peek into a little world brought to life by a dedicated team.

The Hallmark channel movie showcases the magic of Christmas Eve in Norway. With beauty threaded into each detail, from its scenic filming locations to the stars that bring the story to heart.


“My Norwegian Holiday” made its debut on Hallmark Channel on Friday, December 1st, making homes a bit warmer with its festive spirit.

Wrapped in seasonal joy, this TV movie joined the ranks of Hallmark’s beloved Christmas collection, set to enchant at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central.

Cast and Crew

The movie unfolds with the talents of Rhiannon Fish and David Elsendoorn taking the lead, embodying characters that viewers instantly felt connected to.

Surrounded by an equally impressive ensemble, including David Mackay, Conor Mullen, Deirdre Monaghan, and Peter Vollebregt, the cast spun a tale of holiday romance that’s easy to fall for.

Production Company

Behind the scenes, the magic was stitched together by the skilled hands at Hallmark, a production company that’s lighted up television screens with family-friendly narratives for years.

They’ve made “My Norwegian Holiday” another bright spot in their tapestry of televised treasures, maintaining the hallmark of Hallmark’s heart-touching storytelling.

Filming Locations

The enchanting landscapes of Norway set the scene for “My Norwegian Holiday,” with the city of Bergen offering an authentic backdrop full of cultural wonders and natural beauty. Here is where was My Norwegian Holiday filmed.

Bergen and Its Attractions

Bergen, known for its picturesque scenery, played a starring role in the film.

Bryggen Wharf is a standout historical site where one can imagine the characters wandering through the colorful wooden buildings alongside tourists and locals alike.

The Salong Bryggen Gallery likely served as an elegant setting, showcasing local sculptures, pottery, and paintings, which provided an exquisite visual treat for the audience.

Cultural Significance

Norwegian culture resonates through “My Norwegian Holiday.” It tells the story of how Christmas Eve is cherished in the European country.

From the folks strolling in traditional Bunads—Norway’s national costumes—to the vivid depictions of Norwegian festivals and vibrant city life, Bergen’s unique charm is impressively captured on screen.

The selection of this location not only gave the film a touch of realism but also provided viewers with a window into the heart of Norwegian heritage and art.

Behind The Scenes

While audiences enjoy the on-screen magic of “My Norwegian Holiday,” much of the film’s success is owed to the meticulous behind-the-scenes work.

From the carefully crafted sets that evoke a festive Norwegian spirit to the detailed costumes that bring the story to life, the crew worked tirelessly to deliver an authentic Christmas experience.

Design and Costumes

The design team, guided by the vision of the production designer, crafted sets that transported actors and viewers alike to a charming Norwegian winter landscape.

Ireland served as a backdrop for many interior and village scenes, with an art gallery providing a pivotal setting for key parts of the film’s plot.

Karen Connell, the costume designer, fashioned garments that reflected traditional Norwegian attire, with a contemporary touch befitting the festive mood.

She ensured that each piece resonated with the film’s theme of family and healing during Christmas.

Technical Team

A tight-knit technical team brought the film to life.

A camera crew adept in the art of filmmaking captured the essence of an authentic family Christmas, seamlessly blending the serene beauty of Ireland with the allure of Norway.

They worked with a blend of traditional filming techniques and modern technology to capture the warmth and joy characteristic of Hallmark’s Christmas movies.

The audio team meticulously chose every jingle and footstep to complement the story’s mood, while the lighting crew created a cozy, holiday ambiance on set.

With their combined efforts, “My Norwegian Holiday” became a visually stunning and heartwarming film that celebrated the season’s spirit.

Reception and Impact

The Hallmark Channel’s ‘My Norwegian Holiday’ touched hearts with its festive charm and the picturesque backdrop of Bergen, Norway. It wasn’t just a visual treat; it resonated with its audience through relatable family narratives wrapped in a cozy romance film.”

Public Reception

The audience reception of “My Norwegian Holiday” has reflected warmth and appreciation.

Comments and reviews highlight a fondness for the film’s blend of romance and family values, as viewers often seek out heartwarming content to share with loved ones, especially during the holidays.

Norway’s stunning scenery, represented by Bergen, added an authentic touch to the Norwegian holiday experience portrayed in the film.

According to TV2, the film received positive feedback for showcasing Norway’s culture and landscapes, which reinforced the viewer’s vicarious travel experience through the characters’ on-screen journey.

Cultural Impact

On the cultural front, “My Norwegian Holiday” contributed to a growing interest in Norwegian customs and destinations.

The film’s release led to a noticeable upswing in discussions about Norwegian holidays and travel to Bergen. Fans wanted to experience the Norwegian charm first-hand.

This boost in interest has supported local Norwegian businesses, promoting tourism.

By disseminating Norway’s cultural and familial aspects within the framework of a romance film, “My Norwegian Holiday” helped spotlight Norwegian culture on an international stage, inspiring cross-cultural appreciation and understanding.

Written by Alexander