Where Was Reacher Season 2 Filmed? Unveiling the Show’s Shooting Locations

Fans of the action-packed series based on Lee Child’s popular novels were greeted with the return of “Reacher” for its second season on Amazon Prime Video. With Alan Ritchson reprising his role as the titular character, audiences eagerly tuned in to watch the ex-military policeman navigate a maze of crime and suspense.

What may not be evident is the behind-the-scenes magic that brings the series to life, particularly where it is filmed. The second season upholds the show’s reputation for immersive settings, which is due to the careful selection of filming locations.

While the plot of “Reacher” Season 2 remains rooted in the series’ action-oriented storytelling, the actual locations used for filming extend beyond the American landscapes the series is set in.

The production found its home across various locales in Ontario, Canada—including Toronto, Brampton, and Hamilton—skillfully transformed into the American towns and cities that Jack Reacher finds himself in.

These settings not only provide a rich backdrop for Reacher’s adventures but also contribute significantly to the series’ atmospheric tension and authenticity. Let’s talk about where was Reacher season 2 filmed.

Key Takeaways

  • Alan Ritchson returns as Jack Reacher in the gripping crime action series on Amazon Prime Video
  • Season 2 of “Reacher” transforms Ontario, Canada’s cities into the story’s diverse American settings
  • The choice of filming locations enhances the series’ realistic feel and adds to its visual appeal

Production Overview

The second installment of the Reacher series returned to enthrall fans with its gripping action and dramatic storytelling. Sticking to its roots, the production team once again chose the diverse landscapes and urban backdrops of Ontario, Canada for their filming canvas.

In 2022 and leading into 2023, the cast and crew were spotted setting up their gear in various locations across Ontario. The series, which is based on the best-selling book series by Lee Child, continued its partnership with Amazon to bring the story of the formidable Jack Reacher to screens worldwide.

Toronto, known for its vibrant cityscape, played a key role as a primary location. Its streets and establishments transformed to match the series’ aesthetic, allowing the city to double for various American locales.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Filming Timeframe: Primarily during 2022
  • Key Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Production: In partnership with Amazon
  • Based on: Lee Child’s book series

Fans of the show might have noticed Ontario’s chameleon-like ability to represent different places, from the bustling streets of a busy American city to quiet, moody corners where Jack Reacher’s adventures unfold.

The choice of filming in Canada offered the Reacher series a versatile set of locations, supported by expert local crews and a favorable production environment. Toronto and surrounding cities have a history of welcoming film crews, enhancing the production quality and providing a diverse range of settings suitable for bringing Lee Child’s iconic character to life.

Filming Locations

For the fans eager to trace the footsteps of their favorite wandering hero, Reacher Season 2 continues to employ Ontario’s versatile landscapes. With its unique blend of urban and rural settings, the series offers a visual treat rich in Canadian authenticity. Here is a deeper look into where was Reacher season 2 filmed.

Port Perry

In Port Perry, a charming small town feel is brought to life. The ubiquitous Piano Inn and Cafe, alongside the Lakeview Restaurant, have seen action as they serve as background to pivotal scenes. They don’t just fill the viewer’s eyes with their quaint appearance but also play a supporting role in the ongoing drama.


Pickering provides a change of scenery with its mix of suburban vibes and natural beauty. The Stratford Suburban Motel takes center stage for certain scenes, offering a slice of everyday escape that mirrors the show’s tension-filled plot turns.

Kingston Penitentiary

The historic Kingston Penitentiary opens its daunting gates for the series. Its imposing structures and cells, once housing real-life convicts, now contribute to the show’s intense atmosphere as it plays host to pivotal plot points in Season 2.


The city of Brampton invites viewers with its suburban backdrop. Its streets and locales morph into the fictional Hammond, ensnaring viewers into a space where the line between fiction and reality blurs seamlessly with each frame.

Greater Toronto Area

Not to be outdone, the Greater Toronto Area flexes its urban muscles, transforming itself into the show’s multifaceted canvas. From the bustling streets to the quiet alleys, Toronto hides nothing and offers everything to the production of Reacher Season 2.

Plot and Characters

In “Reacher” Season 2, viewers get swept up into a gripping narrative where conspiracies and murder entwine. The series deepens its exploration of characters that have captured fans’ affection, with each one landing in a web of mystery that’s as personal as it is perilous.

Jack Reacher

Played by: Alan Ritchson
Role: Protagonist

As the central character, Jack Reacher is the embodiment of a stoic hero who finds himself contending with a deeply personal crisis. Season 2 throws him into the ominous current of a murder conspiracy. His former Army unit members are being killed off, which spurs this formidable ex-military policeman into action.

Frances Neagley

Role: Reacher’s trusted ally

Frances Neagley stands as one of the most prominent figures in Reacher’s circle, known for her sharp mind and unwavering loyalty. She is one of Reacher’s former military colleagues, sharing both his past and his present struggle to unravel a mystery that’s hitting too close to home.

Roscoe Conklin

Role: A pivotal ally in Reacher’s quest

Roscoe Conklin breathes life into the narrative as a local who joins Reacher on his quest for the truth. As Season 2 unfolds, her role becomes integral in assisting Reacher to dismantle the overarching conspiracy and bringing the culprits to justice.

Cast and Crew

The second season of “Reacher” brought new faces and reunited familiar ones as the cast and crew undertook the task of bringing the pages to the screen. With a blend of returning talents and fresh additions, they aimed to infuse life into Lee Child’s characters amidst the backdrop of the show’s dynamic filming locations.

Alan Ritchson

Alan Ritchson reprised his role as Jack Reacher, the formidable ex-military policeman with a knack for finding trouble. Ritchson’s portrayal of Reacher continued to be at the core of the series, his robust performance setting the tone for the season. Fans anticipated Ritchson’s return, looking forward to his on-screen presence that perfectly captures the essence of Reacher’s no-nonsense demeanor.

Serinda Swan

Serinda Swan made her debut this season as Karla Dixon, a character with a history with Reacher. Swan’s character was an ex-military investigator, showcasing combat prowess and a sharp mind for mathematics. Her performance added a nuanced layer to the season, contributing to the depth of the storyline and the development of Reacher’s past.

Willa Fitzgerald

Joining the ensemble was Willa Fitzgerald, portraying a yet undisclosed but reportedly pivotal role. Fitzgerald, known for her adaptability and range, was a fresh addition eagerly awaited by viewers. Her talent promised to bring a varied flavor to the show’s dynamic and an intriguing counterbalance to the established characters.

Viewer Reception

When Reacher Season 2 dropped on Amazon Prime, the platform’s viewers were ready to tune into the latest saga of this American Action Crime Streaming Television Series. They’ve spoken, and if the chatter across social media is any indication, the series has certainly made an impact.

Fans have been eager to share their thoughts on this adaptation of Lee Child’s novels, and their reviews tend to highlight a few key points.

A common thread is the appreciation for the faithful translation of the books to the screen; viewers seem to feel a deep connection with the protagonist, Reacher, as he encounters new trouble and tackles it with his characteristic brute force and sharp wit.

Here’s a snapshot of the sentiments:

  • Engagement & Praise: Fans stay hooked on the gripping action scenes and commend the series for its edge-of-your-seat excitement
  • Character Portrayal: Discussions around the portrayal of Reacher himself suggest viewers are resonating with the lead’s depiction, implying a sense of satisfaction with the adaptation’s fidelity to the source material

In the world of streaming where viewers have endless options at their fingertips, Reacher has stood out—not an easy feat given the competition. As they binge through Season 2, subscribers highlight moments where the show juxtaposes quiet, tension-building sequences against explosive confrontations, lauding these dynamics as part of its charm.

Economic Impact

Toronto and Ontario have become attractive filming locations for American productions. This is largely due to the favorable currency exchange rates and the competitive tax credits offered by the Canadian government.

For Reacher Season 2, filming in Ontario likely provided a significant boost to the local economy.

Productions often receive substantial rebates for costs related to labor, goods, and services. This makes the financial aspect of filming in Canada beneficial for both producers and the local workforce.

These incentives help to stretch an American show’s budget while simultaneously injecting capital into Ontario’s economy.

Toronto specifically benefits from hosting large productions like Reacher Season 2. With a film’s arrival, a surge in employment opportunities for local crews, cast, and extras becomes apparent.

It’s not just those on set who benefit. Location rentals, catering services, and various other vendors experience increased business as well.

Ontario’s film tax credits serve as a powerful motivator for productions considering where to base their operations. These credits, combined with the Canadian dollar’s typically lower value compared to the U.S. dollar, make the financial equation very appealing for American shows.

While the economic impact is multifaceted, here are a few bullet points to consider:

  • Employment: Hiring of local film crews and talent
  • Local Business Support: Engagement of local services and suppliers
  • Tax Credits and Rebates: Financial incentives that encourage production within Ontario

The broader economic implications of Reacher Season 2 filming in Ontario are reflective of a trend. This is where American productions find value and quality outside their borders, thus fostering international creative partnerships.

Written by Alexander