Where Was Saint X Filmed? Discovering the Show’s Scenic Locations

‘Saint X’ is a Hulu series that grips its audience with a tale interlacing mystery and drama. Based on the novel by Alexis Schaitkin, the show embarks on an emotional journey through grief and obsession.

It’s a series that transcends a simple quest for truth, delving into the complexities of human connections and the impacts of tragedy. To bring this poignant story to life, the creators chose a blend of lush Caribbean backdrops and the urban landscape of New York City.

Attracting viewers with its beautiful scenery and intricate plot, ‘Saint X’ showcases its present-day scenes predominantly in Brooklyn.

While the narrative is set on a fictional Caribbean island resort, the actual filming took place in the Dominican Republic and New York, tapping into the rich aesthetics of places like Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, and the vibrant streets of New York City.

Intricately woven into these landscapes, the cast delivers performances that invite audiences to feel every nuance of the narrative’s journey through the scenic filming locations. Let’s talk in depth about where was Saint X filmed.

Key Takeaways

  • ‘Saint X’ sets its mysterious and dramatic narrative against the contrast of picturesque Caribbean settings and the urban atmosphere of New York
  • With a cast that brings depth to the story, the series weaves a tale of tragedy and its profound effects on human relationships
  • The filming locations of the Dominican Republic and New York bring authenticity to the fictional world of ‘Saint X’, heightening its emotional impact

Setting and Locations

The Hulu series “Saint X” transports its viewers to a vivid Caribbean setting, blending the mystery narrative with the tangible allure of tropical surroundings. The drama unfolds across various locations that play a crucial role in setting the show’s tone. Here is a complete list of where was Saint X filmed.

Caribbean Backdrop

“Saint X” is set against the lush landscapes of a fictional Caribbean island, brought to life through the choice of filming locales. While the island of Saint X itself doesn’t exist, the filmmakers sought to capture the essence of the Caribbean by filming in places synonymous with the region’s beauty.

The production made careful selections to ensure each setting mirrored the aesthetic and cultural authenticity of a luxurious Caribbean island, complete with white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Key Filming Locations

Filming locations are the scaffolding of the series, supporting the narrative with their real-world textures and atmospheres. “Saint X” found its physical space primarily within the Dominican Republic, a country known for its picturesque coastlines and diverse environments which embody the quintessential Caribbean spirit.

  • Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic hosted the majority of filming, showcasing locations like:
    • Juan Dolio: This town provided the serene yet evocative beach scenes integral to the show’s coastal moments
    • Punta Cana: Known for its resorts, Punta Cana was a stand-in for the luxurious Indigo Bay Resort, a central location within the story
    • Santo Domingo: The capital’s vibrant streets and historical architecture lent the production an air of authenticity
    • San Pedro de Macorís: Adding to the local flavor, this city’s bustling life was featured in various scenes
    • Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios: For scenes requiring controlled environments, these studios were key
    • Macao Beach (Playa Macao): The series showcases this beach’s natural beauty, emblematic of a Caribbean resort

The filming strategically utilized the diverse landscapes to mirror the novel’s descriptions and offer a visual counterpart to the rich narrative layers of “Saint X.” By anchoring the mystery in these real locations, the show infuses the storyline with a sense of place that is as palpable as it is picturesque.

Plot and Structure

In “Saint X,” viewers are drawn into a world enveloped by the haunting mystery of a murder during what was meant to be a tranquil vacation. The show intricately weaves psychological thrills with family drama, urging its audience to consider how the truth can ripple through lives long after death.

Story Elements

“Saint X” is an intricate psychological drama that centers on the unsettling disappearance and subsequent death of a young girl while on holiday with her family. The unfolding plot focuses on the complex aftermath, as her sister’s pursuit for the truth leads to an exploration of grief, guilt, and obsession.

The narrative is constructed to keep viewers engaged with a series of suspenseful turns and the looming question of what truly happened to the missing girl.

  • Vacation-turned-tragedy: The bliss of a family vacation is shattered by a tragic event
  • Quest for truth: The deceased girl’s sister becomes fixated on uncovering what led to her sister’s untimely death
  • Psychological depth: Themes of sorrow and human psychology are navigated through the characters’ experiences

Timeline Construction

The structure of “Saint X” deftly employs multiple timelines to contrast the idyllic past with the tumultuous present, offering a rich backdrop that moves between the serene Caribbean setting and the dynamic pace of New York City.

This narrative technique enhances the dramatic tension throughout the series and allows the audience to piece together the mystery as the story oscillates between timelines.

  • Past and present: By shifting between the time of the murder and the present, viewers witness the lasting impact of the unresolved case
  • Fictional framework: Though set in the fictional island of Saint X, the dual settings serve to heighten the stark differences between the serene vacation spot and the gritty reality after the tragedy
  • Mystery unraveled over time: The truth behind the death unveils gradually, maintaining a grip on the audience’s attention

Cast and Characters

The gripping narrative of “Saint X” is brought to life through a blend of compelling main actors and a dynamic supporting cast. The characters they portray are intricately woven into the fabric of the show’s psychological drama, set against a backdrop of mystery and emotion.

Main Cast

  • Alycia Debnam-Carey portrays Emily Thomas, the determined younger sister of Alison, who embarks on a quest to unravel the truth behind her sister’s tragic demise
  • West Duchovny steps into the role of Alison Thomas, whose life is cut short under mysterious circumstances, setting the premise of the series
  • Michael Park plays a critical part in the story, though details of his character remain cloaked in the show’s enigma, adding to the suspense

Supporting Roles

  • Betsy Brandt turns in a performance filled with depth as she supports the main cast, her character adding layers to the already complex narrative
  • Jayden Elijah and Kenlee Anaya Townsend appear in key roles that complement the show’s central themes, providing additional perspectives on the unfolding events
  • Edwin, known to be a pivotal character in the storyline, alongside other figures like Clive and Gogo, contribute to driving the plot forward, each bringing forth their own secrets and dimensions to the tale

Production and Release

As “Saint X” makes its screen debut, the intricate process from development to premiere is both fascinating and laden with creative decisions that shaped the series we see today.


The journey of “Saint X” from a gripping novel by Alexis Schaitkin to a compelling Hulu series has been a deliberate and artful endeavor. Dee Rees, known for her work as an environmental documentary editor, took on the creative challenge as one of the show’s creators, infusing the adaptation with depth and nuance.

The production team chose the diverse landscapes of the Dominican Republic and the bustling city life of New York to bring the series to life.

Hulu, always on the edge of expanding its library with novel adaptations, was the perfect platform to house the series.

With principal photography reportedly starting in April 2022, significant scenes were produced at Pinewood Studios in the Dominican Republic, well-known for its world-class filming facilities.

Premiere Details

Viewers were first treated to “Saint X” on April 26, 2023, when Hulu released the first three episodes. The creators and production team, including executive producer Steve Pearlman, carefully orchestrated the launch to captivate audiences from the start.

This strategic move mirrors tactics of popular series like those on HBO, which often drop multiple episodes to hook viewers early on.

The show, set both in the tropical environs of the Caribbean and the urban sprawl of New York City, offered a rich backdrop for the show’s premiere, enticing viewers with its juxtaposition of paradise and the metropolis.

Themes and Reception

“Saint X” is a series that doesn’t shy away from deep explorations of family and truth, set against a tapestry of mystery and psychological thrills that have resonated with viewers and critics alike.

Critical Analysis

Critics have praised “Saint X” for its intricate weave of themes such as race, class, and family dynamics amidst the backdrop of a Caribbean vacation gone wrong.

The adaptation of Alexis Schaitkin’s novel into an eight-episode series allows for a rich exploration into the fictional world of Saint X, likened by some to the aesthetic and tone of “The White Lotus.”

However, unlike “The White Lotus,” this psychological thriller delves into darker territories of death and mourning, as the story revolves around a murder mystery that unravels over the episodes.

Complex matters like rape and race relations add layers of depth, transforming it from a mere who-dunnit into a study of human psychology and societal structures.

Viewer Impact

Audiences have found themselves deeply affected by the paradisaical yet unnerving setting of “Saint X.” The contrast between the lush Caribbean environment and the dark themes of the show has left a lasting impression.

The series’ portrayal of the psychological drama following a family tragedy brings forth a stark juxtaposition against the idyllic vacation aesthetic. Viewers have been drawn in by the show’s grip on the dichotomy of the island’s outer beauty against the inner turmoil, much like the personal facades individuals construct and the truths they hide.

The impact is further heightened by the revelations of how a single incident — the death of a young girl — sends ripples through the lives of all connected to it. This reflects on how one event can forever alter the trajectory of multiple paths.

Written by Alexander