Where Was Schitt’s Creek Filmed? Unveiling the Quaint Filming Locations

Schitt’s Creek, the beloved sitcom chronicling the ups and downs of the once-wealthy Rose family, found its home not in a studio backlot, but in various real-world locations. The heart and humor of the show caught the attention of audiences around the globe, leading to a sweeping success over its six-season run.

Created by the father-son team of Eugene and Daniel Levy, the series originally aired on CBC in Canada and Pop TV in the US, before finding a wider audience on Netflix. Do you know where was Schitt’s Creek filmed? Let’s explore together.

The setting of Schitt’s Creek, while fictional, was brought to life in the small town of Goodwood, Ontario, Canada. Fans of the show have grown fond of the picturesque Rosebud Motel and quirky locales like Rose Apothecary, which are not just sets but places that actually exist.

While the show wrapped up its final season, its legacy continues not only through the show’s availability on various streaming platforms but also through the Primetime Emmy Awards it won, recognizing its excellence in comedy.

Key Takeaways

  • Schitt’s Creek became a global hit, with six seasons available on Netflix
  • Real Ontario locations acted as the backdrop for on-screen Schitt’s Creek
  • The series garnered acclaim, including Primetime Emmy Awards

Primary Filming Locations

When fans think of “Schitt’s Creek,” the charming locations are as memorable as the characters themselves. From the iconic Rose Apothecary to the cozy Café Tropical, these sites are real places fans can visit. Let’s take a tour through where was Schitt’s Creek filmed.

Goodwood, Ontario

Goodwood is the heart of “Schitt’s Creek” exterior scenes. It’s where one can stroll past the buildings that served as Rose Apothecary, Bob’s Garage, and other main street staples of the show.

Nestled in the small village within the Greater Toronto Area, Goodwood’s local charm perfectly captured the essence of the fictional town.

Dufferin Gate Studios

While less known by name, Dufferin Gate Studios was integral for behind-the-scenes magic. Key indoor scenes took place here, behind the unassuming walls of this Toronto studio complex.

Although it doesn’t boast the same visibility as outdoor locations, its sets were vital in bringing the interior world of “Schitt’s Creek” to life.

Pinewood Toronto Studios

From the third season onward, Pinewood Toronto Studios became another site for indoor magic.

It is here where many of the scenes within the lavish Rose family’s motel suite and other various interior scenes were filmed.

Located on Commissioner Street, Pinewood is among Toronto’s premier film and TV production venues.

Key Set Locations and Their Real-Life Counterparts

Fans of “Schitt’s Creek” often relish the chance to step foot into the charming locales they’ve grown to love on screen. For many, visiting these spots in real life is like walking through their TV screens into the heartwarming world of the Rose family. Here’s a look at where the magic happened in the real world.

Rosebud Motel

In the sleepy hamlet of Hockley Valley, the Rosebud Motel’s real-life counterpart stands unassuming yet iconic.

Nestled on Hockley Road in Orangeville, Ontario, this key location hosted the Rose family’s luxury-turned-lifesaver accommodation. Visitors can spot the motel’s recognizable facade and remember the countless moments that made them chuckle or tear up.

Café Tropical

Just a stone’s throw away in Goodwood, Ontario, you’ll find the cozy setup that brought Café Tropical to life.

This cheerful eatery, where the townsfolk of Schitt’s Creek often gathered, is known for its large menu and the heartwarming scenes shot within its walls.

Although Goodwood boasts just a handful of set locations from the show, each one is steeped in the series’ unique blend of humor and warmth.

Rose Apothecary

Art imitates life at the real Rose Apothecary, situated charmingly among the quaint shops of Goodwood.

Here, the storefront harks back to David and Patrick’s beautifully curated boutique. The genuine store, once a filming backdrop for the duo’s business venture and relationship milestones, continues to attract fans eager for a tangible piece of their beloved show’s heart.

Production and Behind-The-Scenes

Creating the world of “Schitt’s Creek” was no small feat. It required meticulous planning and a heap of savvy from the show’s creators, Dan and Eugene Levy. They faced unique challenges, especially when intertwining their creative vision with the logistical aspects of production.

Scouting and Pre-Production

The crew went to various sites to find the perfect location for “Schitt’s Creek.” The show’s scouting team looked for places that would match the Levys’ vision of a quaint and quirky town.

They primarily set their sights around the Toronto area, where much of the filming would eventually take place.

Pre-production included transforming existing locations into Schitt’s Creek’s iconic landmarks like the Rosebud Motel, making sure every detail resonated with the show’s spirit.

Filming Challenges

The filming of “Schitt’s Creek” came with its own set of hurdles. Adapting to various locations, especially Pinewood Studios in Toronto for interior scenes from season 3 onwards, required a deft handling of logistics.

And, like many productions, they had to navigate around the complexities introduced by COVID-19.

CBC Television collaborated closely with the creators to ensure safety protocols were in place, balancing the challenges of the pandemic with the drive to continue the storytelling journey.

Each scene had to be carefully coordinated to meet both health guidelines and the show’s narrative objectives.

Major Cast and Crew

The heart and soul of “Schitt’s Creek” are the individuals both in front of the camera and behind it. The ensemble cast, helmed by the real-life father-son duo of Eugene and Daniel Levy, brought the eccentric Rose family and the town’s quirky residents to life.

Levy Family Contributions

Eugene Levy and his son Daniel Levy co-created “Schitt’s Creek” and played pivotal roles on and off-screen.

Eugene portrayed the patriarch, Johnny Rose, while Daniel, apart from showrunning, took on the role of his son, David Rose. Both contributed significantly to writing and production.

Sarah Levy, Eugene’s daughter, and Daniel’s sister played the lovable town’s waitress Twyla Sands, further cementing the Levy family’s imprint on the show.

Recurring Cast Members

The television series was celebrated for its ensemble cast, comprising a diverse group of characters:

Catherine O’Hara brilliantly embodied Moira Rose, whose extravagant outfits and unique vocabulary became a cultural sensation.

Annie Murphy played Alexis Rose, whose character arc showed impressive growth over the course of the series.

The Rose family’s experiences were enriched by the townspeople of Schitt’s Creek, played by a talented supporting cast:

  • Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd, the sardonic motel clerk and Johnny Rose’s business partner
  • Chris Elliott portrayed Roland Schitt, the offbeat mayor of Schitt’s Creek
  • Tim Rozon took on the role of Mutt Schitt, Roland’s son, and an initial love interest for Alexis
  • Dustin Milligan played the earnest veterinarian, Ted Mullens, another of Alexis’ primary love interests
  • Karen Robinson stood out as Ronnie Lee, a no-nonsense member of the town council.
  • John Hemphill as Bob Currie, the overly friendly garage owner
  • Rizwan Manji as Ray Butani, the town’s real estate agent, photographer, travel agent, and notary public
  • Robin Duke brought life to Wendy Kurtz, the owner of the Blouse Barn
  • Steve Lund as Patrick Brewer, who becomes David’s business partner and later, husband
  • Noah Reid charmed viewers as Patrick, bringing to life one of the show’s most beloved relationships

Cultural Impact and Awards

“Schitt’s Creek,” initially a small Canadian sitcom, blossomed into a sensation with awards to match its cultural significance. The show found a special place in viewers’ hearts, reshaping television’s approach to LGBTQ+ narratives with both humor and warmth.

Emmy Success

“Schitt’s Creek” made history at the Primetime Emmy Awards with a sweep that left fans cheering.

In 2020, the show claimed the Outstanding Comedy Series award, a pinnacle of Emmy recognition.

This success wasn’t isolated; that year, “Schitt’s Creek” took home nine Emmys in total, an extraordinary feat for a series that had humble beginnings on CBC and Pop TV before exploding in popularity on platforms like Netflix.

International Reception

The TV show’s charm wasn’t contained within Canadian borders—it resonated globally.

When “Schitt’s Creek” found its way onto Netflix and Hulu, its audience expanded rapidly, transcending cultural barriers.

Critical acclaim followed suit with international outlets like Vulture and Deadline lauding the series for its warmth and wit.

This international embrace further solidified “Schitt’s Creek” as not just a Canadian treasure, but a global one.

Visiting Schitt’s Creek

Discovering the real-life Schitt’s Creek is a delightful experience for fans, inviting them to walk the streets and visit the buildings that framed the heartwarming series.

Wandering through the filming locations, visitors will feel the charm of the small-town setting that captured the hearts of viewers.

Tourism and Fan Visits

The quaint locales where the show “Schitt’s Creek” was filmed have become a beacon for fans, drawing them to the areas where the beloved characters lived their quirky lives.

Goodwood, a small village in Ontario, served as the primary backdrop for most of Schitt’s Creek’s exterior scenes. Enthusiasts of the series often make pilgrimages to this village to experience the setting for themselves.

Uxbridge, another picturesque town in Ontario, also features spots like Café Tropical and Bob’s Garage, securing its spot on the must-visit list.

Fans usually add Unionville and Elmbridge Manor to their itineraries, where additional scenes were filmed, bringing them closer to the world they adored on screen.

Locations Accessible to the Public

Many of the sites are open to the public, allowing fans to delve into the world of Schitt’s Creek:

  • Goodwood, Ontario: The real-world stand-in for the fictional town, with buildings like Rose Apothecary welcoming visitors
  • Rosebud Motel: Located in Orangeville, this iconic site’s exterior is recognizable as the home of the Rose family throughout the TV series
  • Unionville: The picturesque streets and historic buildings also provided settings for some scenes, enhancing the show’s charming aesthetic

Not all interior locations are available for public viewing. However, the exteriors of these buildings offer a tangible connection to the show. Each site contributes its unique flavor to the on-screen magic of Schitt’s Creek.

Written by Alexander