Where Was Supernatural Filmed? Unveiling the TV Show’s Iconic Locations

Since its inception in 2005, “Supernatural” has taken viewers on an epic journey following the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers destined to hunt the paranormal. Created by Eric Kripke and first aired on The WB before transitioning to The CW, this series has not only captivated audiences with its storytelling but has also sparked interest in the locations that serve as the backdrop for the brothers’ supernatural adventures.

Fans might be surprised to learn that despite the brothers’ cross-country travels across the United States, the bulk of the show was filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The choice of Vancouver as the primary filming location provided “Supernatural” with a diverse range of landscapes and settings, from urban cityscapes to dense forests.

This versatility allowed the show’s creators to craft a convincing representation of various American towns and rural locations. Even the pilot episode, which set the tone for the series, switched from its initial Los Angeles filming to Vancouver, which remained the home base for production throughout the show’s run.

“Supernatural” not only showcased the beauty of Vancouver but also managed to bring a bit of Canadian flair to American television screens. Do you want to know more about where was Supernatural filmed? Let’s take a look.

Key Takeaways

  • “Supernatural” began on The WB in 2005 and continued on The CW, enthralling viewers with the paranormal escapades of Sam and Dean Winchester
  • Vancouver, British Columbia serves as the primary filming location throughout the series, offering a wide range of settings to represent diverse American locales
  • The show’s consistent use of Vancouver locales contributed to its cultural impact and the development of a dedicated and passionate fanbase

Origins and Pilot Episode

The groundwork for ‘Supernatural’ began with its creation and the filming of the first episode. Here, we’ll explore the conception of this cult series and the unique path the creators took to bring its pilot to the screen.

Creation of the Show

‘Supernatural’ was brewed from a concept by Eric Kripke, who imagined a show steeped in urban legends and folklore. It was to follow two brothers on a road trip through America’s mysterious and spooky backroads, hunting down creatures that go bump in the night.

Kripke pitched the idea, and the CW network gave the show the green light.

Filming the Pilot

The very first episode, known as “Pilot,” featured two then up-and-coming actors – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki – as the pivotal Winchester brothers.

Although the series came to be closely associated with Vancouver, British Columbia, for its versatile locations and cost savings, the pilot episode had its roots planted in Los Angeles. After the pilot, full production moved to Vancouver, setting the stage for the Winchesters’ journey to the imaginary small towns, like the one depicted in Lawrence, Kansas, their narrative hometown.

Main Filming Locations

The hit series Supernatural showcases a variety of hauntingly beautiful backdrops that fans have come to adore. From mossy forests to urban alleyways, the show filmed in numerous locations that each bring a unique flavor to the Supernatural universe. Let’s take a look at where was Supernatural filmed.

Vancouver and Its Surroundings

At the heart of Supernatural‘s haunting landscapes is Vancouver, British Columbia. It served as the primary filming location for the show, with its dense forests and rugged terrain providing an ideal setting for many of the series’ supernatural encounters.

Places like Buntzen Lake were frequently used, embracing the natural beauty of Canada to set the perfect eerie scene for the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester.

  • Buntzen Lake: Utilized for its serene yet ominous atmosphere
  • Cleveland Dam: Featured in key episodes for its striking presence

Key Sites in British Columbia

British Columbia is more than just Vancouver; it is a mosaic of film-worthy sites, and the Supernatural crew made sure to capitalize on this.

The Cecil Green Park House, often recognized for its elegant architecture, presented an iconic and versatile location that was not just a common wedding venue but also a recurring filming site in the show.

  • Cecil Green Park House: A grand venue that doubled as multiple fictional locations

Urban Settings and Public Places

Away from the quiet of nature, Supernatural didn’t shy away from the buzz of urban life.

Riverview Hospital, an actual mental health facility, provided an array of old and architecturally diversified buildings that excellently represented various institutions in the series.

This blend of settings in public places like bars, businesses, and motels across urban regions added a realistic touch that grounded the show’s otherworldly themes.

  • Riverview Hospital: Its historic buildings lent credibility and a chilling ambiance

Characters and Iconic Entities

Diving into the world of “Supernatural,” one can’t help but emphasize the strength of its characters and the significance of the iconic ’67 Chevy Impala. They’re as much a part of the show’s fabric as the many filming locations that charm viewers on screen.

The Winchester Brothers

The heart of “Supernatural” beats with the pulse of the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean.

With Dean’s daring attitude and Sam’s intellect, these protagonists represent resilience and brotherhood. They traverse the country, facing off against angels, demons, and a whole host of monsters, all while unpacking a baggage of family legacy and supernatural destiny.

  • Dean Winchester: He’s the elder brother with a love for classic rock, good food, and his car. Dean’s characterized by his protective instincts and a moral compass that, while occasionally askew, always points towards saving people and hunting things
  • Sam Winchester: The younger Winchester, with his passion for knowledge and a more measured approach to the family business. Where Dean is impulsive, Sam often provides the strategic counterbalance, ensuring the duo can tackle any paranormal challenge

Other Recurring Characters

Beyond Sam and Dean, “Supernatural” is enriched by a roster of recurring individuals who add depth and nuance to the narrative.

These characters range from heavenly to infernal, including angels with their own agendas to demons with sinister motives. Each one brings a distinct flair to the show, complicating the Winchesters’ lives in ways that are as entertaining as they are dramatic.

  • Angels: Castiel is perhaps the most notable angel, starting as an antagonist but quickly becoming a friend and ally to the Winchesters. He often showcases the complex nature of divine creatures
  • Demons: Characters like Crowley add a dark charm to the series. As the King of Hell with an accent as sharp as his wardrobe, Crowley’s interactions with the Winchesters are always a highlight
  • Monsters: A slew of ghouls, vampires, and other creatures ensure the Winchesters never have a dull moment, each presenting unique challenges and expanding the lore of the “Supernatural” universe

The Impala

If the Winchesters are the soul of “Supernatural,” then the Impala is its beating heart.

Affectionately nicknamed “Baby,” this 1967 Chevrolet Impala is more than a car—it’s a sanctuary, a weapon, and a member of the Winchester family.

With its jet-black exterior and roaring engine, the Impala is iconic, embodying the show’s spirit of adventure and the open road.

  • Role in the Series: It’s their mobile home, plot device, and an arsenal on wheels. From its spacious trunk holding an armory of supernatural deterrents to its backseat serving as a makeshift library for lore research, the Impala is indispensable
  • Significance: The Impala is a symbol of the brothers’ journey, carrying sentimental value while also being a silent witness to their greatest triumphs and deepest sorrows. It’s seen them through cross-country hunts and intense battles, earning its place as a character in its own right

Cultural Impact and Fandom

Supernatural wasn’t just a TV show; it was a cultural phenomenon that resonated deeply with its audience, leaving a legacy that would endure far beyond its screen time. Fans made it a part of their lives, celebrating Supernatural Day and crafting their own narratives through fan fiction.

Influence on Pop Culture

Supernatural became a staple in popular culture with its unique blend of horror, humor, and heart. The show coined phrases and introduced concepts that fans and even non-viewers recognize.

Take the notion of “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas – it’s not just a classic rock hit, but an anthem that marks the end of each season, bonding fans in a shared experience across the world.

  • Key Terms from the Show:
    • Wincest: Refers to fan fiction involving a romantic relationship between brothers Sam and Dean Winchester
    • Destiel: Popular fan fiction genre exploring a romantic bond between Dean Winchester and Castiel
    • Sastiel: Another fan fiction flavor, focusing on a relationship between Sam Winchester and Castiel

These elements show how Supernatural has etched itself into the framework of fan fiction and pop culture discussions.

Fan Fiction and Conventions

The realm of fan fiction has been a sanctuary for the show’s ardent followers, with countless stories varying from canonical extensions to alternate universes where characters like Dean, Sam, Castiel, and others live differently.

It’s the fans’ imaginations that breathe continued life into the Supernatural universe, demonstrating affection and attachment to the narrative and characters.

Community gatherings, known as fan conventions, create a tangible space for supporters to unite.

These conventions are more than just meet-ups; they are celebratory events where enthusiasts share their love for the show, participate in panels, and often get the chance to meet the actors who played their beloved characters.

  • Supernatural Fan Conventions:
    • Moments for fans to exchange theories, artwork, and memories
    • Opportunities for the cast and crew to connect with their audience

Final Season and Legacy

The journey of Supernatural concluded with its fifteenth season, marking the end of an era for the beloved horror series.

Fans witnessed the brothers Sam and Dean Winchester facing their destinies in a series of bittersweet goodbyes.

Filming wrapped with an episode aptly titled “Carry On”, serving as a poignant farewell to the characters that had become family to viewers over a span of 327 episodes.

  • Authenticity: Supernatural has been praised for keeping it real, despite its otherworldly themes

    Much credit goes to the backdrop of Vancouver, British Columbia, which provided an array of locations from diners to desolate backroads, giving the show its grounded and gritty feel.

  • Influence on Other Shows: The show’s adventures extended beyond the narrative into the real world, impacting other television shows

    Various filming sites became shared spaces, hosting productions like The Flash and Lucifer.

  • Legacy: The legacy of Supernatural lies not just in its long run but also in its approach to storytelling and creating a devoted fanbase

    It’s a case study for how shows can maintain audience engagement and leverage on-location filming to enhance the viewing experience.

  • Cultural Impact: The show’s appeal went beyond frightening monsters and urban legends

    It fostered a community that thrives to this day, with conventions and a spirit of camaraderie that endures.

In their final bow, the Winchesters didn’t just leave behind a tale of adventure and family.

They left a lasting impression, proving how a television series can entwine fantasy with the authenticity of real locations, capturing hearts and invoking the thrill of the chase.

The curtain may have closed, but the legacy of Supernatural carries on, much like the family business itself.

Written by Alexander