Where Was The Night Agent Filmed? Uncovering the Show’s Real-World Locations

“The Night Agent,” a series that grips audiences with its blend of action and intrigue, takes viewers on a thrilling adventure within the dangerous hallways of power in Washington, D.C. However, despite its setting in the nation’s capital, the production unfolded in the scenic landscapes and metropolitan areas of British Columbia, Canada.

Vancouver, specifically, serves as a versatile backdrop, transforming into various U.S. locales where this tale of espionage and conspiracy unfolds. Do you want to know more about where was The Night Agent filmed?

The choice of filming in Vancouver might come as a surprise to some, but it’s a testament to the city’s ability to mimic other places, making it a favorite among filmmakers who require diverse settings without the travel budget.

The crew also utilized spots in Los Angeles and even touched down briefly in Washington, D.C., to bring the authenticity of the setting to the screen. Coupled with a compelling storyline and an ensemble cast of intriguing characters, the filming locations add a layer of cinematic quality that enhances the overall viewing experience.

Key Takeaways

  • “The Night Agent” is set in Washington, D.C. but was primarily filmed in Vancouver, Canada
  • Vancouver’s ability to stand in for various cities makes it a practical choice for versatile filming locations
  • The production value is enriched by authentic filming locations and a strong cast that ties the narrative and setting together

Overview of ‘The Night Agent’

“The Night Agent” introduces us to a riveting world of clandestine operations and political intrigue, all masterfully woven into the life of an FBI agent. At the heart of it all is a conspiracy that could shake the very foundations of the nation. Let’s talk also about where was The Night Agent filmed.


Meet Peter Sutherland, played by Gabriel Basso, an FBI agent with a talent for staying under the radar. He’s the kind of guy who ends up taking a night shift that everyone else overlooks, but it’s exactly this role that thrusts him into the center of an explosive plot. Peter operates an emergency line, anticipated to be silent, yet one night, a call brings everything but tranquility.

His unlikely partner is Rose Larkin, portrayed by Luciane Buchanan, a tech entrepreneur with her own set of unique skills. As they stumble upon a deep-rooted conspiracy within the White House, their journey becomes a perilous game of cat and mouse through the corridors of power.

“The Night Agent,” more than just a political thriller, is a show that finds normal individuals tangled in extraordinary circumstances, asking the question – what would you do with the nation’s fate in your hands?

Main Filming Locations

Netflix’s action-packed The Night Agent takes audiences into the thrilling world of espionage within the White House, weaving a tale of conspiracy and suspense. The show’s first season visually captures the grandeur of Washington, DC while actually being filmed predominantly in British Columbia, with Vancouver leading the charge as the main stand-in for the US capital.


In The Night Agent, Vancouver becomes the bustling epicenter of operations. Filming took place at recognizable sites like the Vancouver Art Gallery and Joe Brown Park, lending a convincing backdrop for the show’s high stakes. The city’s diverse architecture and streetscapes were masterfully transformed to mirror the intricate world of Federal agents and conspiracies.

The University of British Columbia (UBC) also makes an appearance, disguised as part of the political landscape depicted in the series. Vancouver’s ability to morph into various locales is a testament to its versatility and desirability as a filming location.

Washington, DC

While most of the action unfolds in Vancouver, The Night Agent also includes some scenes shot in Washington, DC itself. These shots provide viewers with authentic glimpses of the capital, especially when it comes to landmark views that are synonymous with the city’s skyline and the power structures the series revolves around.

Additional Sites

The production stretched beyond Vancouver and the capital. They ventured into Maryland, which offered its own unique settings contributing to the series’ atmosphere of intrigue.

Some filming also took place farther afield in Los Angeles, giving certain scenes a different flavor and broadening the geographic scope of the show’s narrative. Although the series has scenes set in Rome, these, too, were primarily shot in Vancouver, showcasing the city’s ability to double for international locations as well.

Cast and Characters

“The Night Agent” is a series that brings together a talented ensemble cast to portray a riveting story of intrigue within the White House. Captivating viewers through a blend of suspense and action, the actors bring to life a tale of a political thriller that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

Lead Roles

  • Gabriel Basso takes on the role of FBI Agent Peter Sutherland, a dedicated FBI agent stationed in the basement of the White House. Peter becomes embroiled in a complex conspiracy that tests his resolve and determination
  • Luciane Buchanan portrays Rose Larkin, a cybersecurity whiz and entrepreneur who, alongside Peter, becomes entangled in the web of treachery

Both characters find themselves in a battle of wits and technology as they unravel the presence of a mole in the White House and face interactions with a mysterious assassin.

Supporting Cast

The show’s secondary characters are no less important, providing crucial support to the narrative and fleshing out the world of “The Night Agent.”

  • Fola Evans Akingbola features as Chelsea Arrington, a driven Secret Service agent who commands Maddie’s protective detail with a combination of intelligence and poise
  • Alongside her, Sarah Desjardins appears as Maddie Redfield, a figure whose experiences and challenges add depth to the series’ exploration of White House dynamics
  • Phoenix Raei brings an extra layer of complexity to the plot with his portrayal, contributing to the intricate dance of characters each with their unique motivations and secrets
  • Renowned for crafting strong supporting characters, Shawn Ryan‘s involvement in the production assures a multi-dimensional cast that enhances the storytelling experience
  • Adding further intrigue, Hong Chau‘s character weaves into the political tapestry, highlighting the intricacies of power and influence in Washington DC

Each member of the supporting cast plays an integral part in raising the stakes, as secrets unfold and the characters navigate the dangerous tightrope of truth and lies in the quest to protect the president and the nation.

Behind The Scenes

The filming of “The Night Agent,” took viewers on a cinematic journey that was crafted far from the corridors of power it depicted. Let’s peek behind the curtain to see where the magic happened.

Production Insights

Vancouver, often referred to as “Hollywood North,” served as a principal filming location for “The Night Agent,” with its cityscape transforming into Washington, D.C. through the lens.

Netflix, which has a portfolio of productions including “The Adam Project” and “Virgin River” also filmed in British Columbia, picked the region for its versatility and well-established production infrastructure.

Shawn Ryan, spearheading the creative team, adapted the drama from a novel by Matthew Quirk. They primarily showcased the buzzing metropolitan areas and dramatic landscapes of British Columbia, demonstrating the region’s capacity for doubling as various U.S. locales.

This strategic selection allowed them to weave authenticity into the narrative’s setting while capitalizing on the convenience and cost-effectiveness of filming in Canada.

The show joined a lineage of productions that have shaped Vancouver into “Hollywood North”—a testament to the city’s status as a powerhouse for the small and big screens.

The deliberate choice of filming locations contributed to the tense ambiance that the political thriller required, proving that although set in the heart of American politics, one need not be in the actual White House to feel the gravitas of cinematic storytelling.

Cultural and Critical Reception

The Night Agent, a political thriller series revolving around conspiracy at the highest levels of the US government, has sparked varied responses from viewers and critics alike, intertwining elements of cybersecurity with a Marvel-esque twist.

Viewer Response

Audiences quickly became engrossed in the suspenseful storyline of The Night Agent, discussing its intriguing depiction of conspiracy and espionage within the US government on social media platforms. Viewer ratings on popular databases exhibit a mixed bag of reactions, where the series is appreciated for its gripping plot and has been seen as a refreshing take on the political thriller genre.

Critical Analysis

Critics have assessed The Night Agent through various lenses. Highlighting the series’ exploration of cybersecurity within the political arena, reviewers from respected outlets like Rotten Tomatoes offer scores that encapsulate both praise and critique.

Some appreciated the intricate narrative and the series’ ability to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, while others hoped for deeper character development amidst the fast-paced action. Generally, the critical consensus acknowledges the show’s entertainment value, although opinions diverge when it comes to its execution compared to other high-stake political dramas.

Exploring the Setting

When diving into the backdrop of “The Night Agent,” the engaging mix of actual sites and theatrical stand-ins enhances the show’s textured environment. Let’s unpack the real versus reel settings that give this series its authentic edge.

Real Locations vs. On-screen

Vancouver’s Versatility:
At the heart of the series’ production, Vancouver provides a rich tapestry of locales, masquerading as a variety of other cities.

From Gastown standing in for the bustling streets of Georgetown, to the Cambie Street Bridge doubling for DC’s infrastructure, viewers are transported across North America without leaving Canadian borders.

  • Iconic Institutions:
    • University of British Columbia represents Georgetown University, a major pivot for the storyline
    • Vancouver Art Gallery Plaza morphs into a DC Metro area buzzing with political intrigue

Eccentric Eateries and Habitats:

  • Hilltop Diner Cafe and Riverview’s Crease Clinic serve as quaint locales for pivotal scenes
  • The layers of the characters’ personal lives unfold in settings like Paulo’s House and Campbells’ Cabin

Stunning Stand-ins:

  • The evergreen expanses of Minnekhada Regional Park and Golden Ears Provincial Park offer natural landscapes. Meanwhile, the urban vibe is captured at locations such as JW Marriott Parq Vancouver and The Ironworks
  • Foundry Branch Park and New Brighton Beach excel in providing suburban and seaside settings respectively.

California and Maryland Marinas:

  • Though the series is steeped in DC atmosphere, pivotal scenes take viewers to Shelter Island Marina and the Maryland Marina, accentuating the geographical breadth

Airborne Authenticity:
Aerial shots add a soaring narrative, highlighting the faux Washington DC with glimpses of known edifices like the Washington Monument and Capitol Building. These are stitched seamlessly into the Canadian canvas.

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