Why is Kelly Thiebaud Leaving General Hospital: Her Exit Explained

Kelly Thiebaud, an Emmy-winning actress, recently concluded her role as Dr Britt Westbourne on the long-running daytime soap opera “General Hospital.” Her departure marks the end of a significant chapter on the show that has seen Thiebaud’s character face a series of dramatic twists and challenges. The exit of Thiebaud’s character was marked by a poignant moment as the doctor died in her mother’s arms, a storyline decision that has resonated with fans and co-stars alike.

The reasons behind Thiebaud’s decision to leave “General Hospital” have been the subject of speculation. While it was initially thought that her departure could be linked to her return to the primetime series “Station 19,” where she plays the character Eva Vasquez, this assumption has proven to be incomplete. In addition to pursuing other acting opportunities, Thiebaud has cited personal reasons for her departure, including her long-distance relationship.

Her choice to move on from “General Hospital” after a decade is viewed as a significant change for both the actress and the beloved show. Thiebaud has left an indelible mark on the series, with fans celebrating her performances and her character’s gripping storylines. As the actress embarks on the next phase of her career, her time on “General Hospital” will likely be remembered as a defining period of her acting journey.

Now let’s talk about why is Kelly Thiebaud leaving General Hospital.

Kelly Thiebaud’s Departure

Kelly Thiebaud’s decision to leave “General Hospital” has been a significant talking point among fans. Thiebaud, known for her role as Dr. Britt Westbourne on the show, has been a beloved character whose exit came with substantial reasons and notable impact on the series.

Reasons Behind Leaving

Kelly Thiebaud expressed a desire to pursue other acting opportunities and personal reasons for her departure from General Hospital. Her exit was notably not linked to her return to Station 19, contrary to some fan speculation. Instead, she cited two main motivations:

  • Personal Reasons: A significant personal reason was to be closer to her partner, who lives abroad
  • Professional Aspirations: Thiebaud sought the flexibility to explore a range of acting roles beyond the soap opera genre

Reaction From Fans

Thiebaud’s departure elicited reactions among the General Hospital viewership, as she was a fixture on the show for many years:

  • Heartbreak and Support: Fans felt heartbroken by the manner of her character’s exit but showed support for Thiebaud’s decision to leave
  • Speculation: Initially, there was speculation linking her departure to her role in other shows, which was clarified later

Impact on the Series

The exit of Dr. Britt Westbourne, portrayed by Kelly Thiebaud, had the following consequences for “General Hospital”:

  • Story Arcs: Thiebaud’s departure prompted the need for new storylines to fill the narrative gap left by Westbourne’s exit
  • Cast Dynamics: The loss of her character impacted the overall dynamic of the show’s cast and story pacing

Career Progression

Kelly Thiebaud has made significant strides in her career that entail her move to a popular primetime series and engaging in diverse acting projects beyond daytime television.

Transition to Station 19

Kelly Thiebaud resumed her role as Eva Vasquez on the primetime action-drama Station 19, showcasing her flexibility and appeal in a high-profile network series. This transition highlights her capability to navigate between different formats and genres within the industry.

Film and Theater Endeavors

Thiebaud has also expressed a strong interest in expanding her career to include film and theater. These mediums offer her new challenges and the opportunity to refine her acting skills in a variety of roles, further establishing her as a versatile actress. Her motivation to pursue these acting projects demonstrates a commitment to her craft and a desire for artistic growth.

Britt Westbourne’s Legacy

Dr Britt Westbourne left an indelible mark on “General Hospital” with her compelling storylines and notable Emmy Award recognition. She became a fan favorite, with her character’s journey leaving a lasting impact on the show’s narrative.

Significant Storylines

During her tenure on “General Hospital,” Britt Westbourne navigated through a myriad of significant storylines that gripped the audience. She was introduced as a scheming doctor, but over time, demonstrated growth and complexity that endeared her to fans. One key storyline was her ultimate sacrifice to save Josslyn Jacks from a serial killer, which led to her poignant death in her mother’s arms—cementing her as a beloved character in the fabric of the show.

Emmy Award Achievements

Britt was portrayed by Kelly Thiebaud, whose performance earned her acclaim, including a Daytime Emmy nomination. The depth she brought to Britt’s character showcased her acting range and contributed to “General Hospital’s” reputation for fostering Emmy Award-winning talent. Her portrayal resonated with viewers and critics alike, earning her a place in Emmy history as well as the hearts of the show’s followers.

Eva Vasquez on Station 19

Eva Vasquez, portrayed by Kelly Thiebaud, is a character whose complexities and romantic entanglements have brought depth to the television series “Station 19.” Her narrative arcs contribute to the show’s drama and character interplay.

Character Development

Eva Vasquez, first seen in Season 3 of “Station 19,” is crafted as the widow of firefighter Rigo Vasquez. Her character is introduced amidst personal tragedy and quickly becomes known for her layered personality and the subsequent turmoil she brings. She exhibits a mix of vulnerability and resilience that has a lasting impact on the storytelling of the series.

Romantic Story Arcs

Eva’s romantic escapades, particularly the affair with Jack Gibson, played by actor Grey Damon, provide a pivotal point in her storyline. This arc is not only central to Eva’s character but also sends ripples through the narrative landscape of “Station 19.” It showcases her as a source of conflict and drama, influencing not only her development but the trajectories of other characters, including Jack’s.

Her interactions with other characters, notably, her romantic interest, have been key highlights of her role, shedding light on interpersonal dynamics within the firefighter community portrayed in the series.

Public Image and Outreach

Kelly Thiebaud’s departure from “General Hospital” resonated with fans, partly due to her active engagement with the public through various platforms and candid discussions about her career moves.

Social Media Presence

Thiebaud has utilized Instagram effectively to foster a connection with her audience, providing regular updates and insight into her life both on and off the set. Her Instagram account serves as a bridge between her work and her followers, keeping them informed and involved with her journey beyond “General Hospital.”

Interviews and Articles

Through interviews and articles with outlets such as Soap Opera Digest and Deadline, Thiebaud has shared her reasons for leaving the show, giving fans a transparent look into her decision-making process. These publications, respected in the industry, have allowed her to articulate her experiences and motivations to a wide audience, maintaining her public image as a candid and open figure.

Colleagues and Collaborations

In the ever-shifting landscape of daytime television, actors forge significant relationships with their colleagues, both on-screen and behind the scenes. Kelly Thiebaud’s tenure on “General Hospital” saw her character, Britt, interacting with a range of characters, shaped by the actors who brought them to life, and the creative circles that form off-screen.

Acting Partnerships

Thiebaud worked closely with several co-stars during her time on the soap opera, creating dynamic partnerships that contributed to her character’s development. Notably:

  • Steve Burton: As Jason Morgan, Burton’s interactions with Thiebaud’s Britt were a pivotal part of her storyline
  • Grey Damon: While not directly related to “General Hospital,” Thiebaud’s professional relationship with Grey Damon is significant as they both starred in the series “Station 19,” showcasing Thiebaud’s range beyond soap operas

These partnerships offered Thiebaud opportunities to explore various facets of her character and to grow as an actress within the genre.

Creative Networking

Off-screen, relationships with colleagues often extend into creative networking opportunities, which can lead to roles in different mediums or collaborations in new projects. Thiebaud’s decision to leave “General Hospital” was, in part, influenced by her desire to expand her horizons into film and theater, arenas where networking plays a crucial role. The connections made through her work on the soap opera and collaborations with seasoned actors like Burton could facilitate her transition to other forms of entertainment, leveraging her experience and the relationships forged throughout her soap opera tenure.

Personal Life

Kelly Thiebaud’s personal life, particularly her relationships and aspirations beyond television, has played a significant part in shaping her career decisions.

Relationships and Love

Thiebaud’s personal life has been marked by a significant romance. She is involved in a long-distance relationship, which has influenced her decision to move on from “General Hospital.” The challenges of maintaining a relationship across distances have prompted her to reassess her professional commitments and prioritize her personal life, fostering hope for the future with her partner.

Life Beyond the Screen

Away from the television screens, Thiebaud harbors aspirations that extend into other realms of acting. The actress has expressed a desire to explore opportunities in film and theater, showcasing her versatility and love for the performing arts. This step towards diversifying her portfolio illustrates her hope and commitment to growth as an actress beyond the role that has defined much of her career to date.

Future Endeavors

We talked about why is Kelly Thiebaud leaving General Hospital. But what does the future holds for the Emmy Award winning American actress? Her departure from “General Hospital” aligns with new career opportunities and the pursuit of different roles. Thiebaud’s ambition transcends the boundaries of daytime television, venturing into primetime roles, which indicates a hopeful expansion of her acting portfolio.

The actress’s contract with “General Hospital” reached its conclusion, which naturally opens doors to explore other avenues. Not confined to one character or narrative, Thiebaud’s career is poised for diversification, revealing her readiness to embrace varied characters and genres.

Thiebaud’s portrayal of Britt Westbourne was much loved, but she has expressed a desire for growth, which has led to her casting in the sixth season of “Station 19”. This new venture signifies her commitment to evolving as an actress and resonates with her hope to continuously challenge herself with fresh and compelling roles.

As she transitions to her role in “Station 19”, Thiebaud remains confident about her career trajectory. Audiences and industry peers are eager to see how her agility as an actress will display itself in upcoming projects. The shift from a longstanding television series to new projects is a strategic move that promises to add depth and breadth to Thiebaud’s already impressive resume.

Written by Alexander