Why You Need Best Quality Gaming Microphone

Everyone that plays online games nowadays or is into e-sports can tell you that having a good microphone is extremely important.

The problem with most computer microphones is that they are designed for sound input rather than output, meaning they pick up environmental noises and echoes better than the actual voice of the gamer.

Poorly built gaming microphones tend to lack an omnidirectional pattern, which makes it difficult to record game sounds along with your voice at the same time. This only increases the need for a quality microphone. Here are several reasons why you should invest in the best quality gaming microphone :

1) Quality microphones eliminate background noise:

Best quality gaming microphones pick up only the sound that they are focused on. When your microphone is high quality, you can record or broadcast in a place with lots of noise and still get good audio. This makes it easier to communicate within the game without having to worry about outside interference. It also removes the echo from recordings giving them a more professional feeling.

2) Quality mics increase the chance/likelihood of being heard:

Anyone who has been playing games online understands just how much background noise there is at times. Voices often get lost within this noise, so if you have a poor quality mic, you could potentially be completely drowned out by background sounds while trying to speak with others in-game. Having the best quality gaming microphone ensures that your voice is heard loud and clear.

3) Quality mics can stand wear and tear:

Another problem with most computer microphones is that they are built from cheap components, making them break down easily. Recording sessions tend to belong, so there is a lot of wear and tear on the microphone. With cheap components, you will have to replace them more often. A quality mic will last a long time, even under regular use.

4) Quality mics reduce strain on your voice:

Everyone knows just how strenuous gaming can be on the hands due to repetitive motions – but what about the voice? The best quality gaming microphone reduces the strain placed on your voice as you talk for hours at a time through intense battles or heated debates. This can help avoid damage that repetitive strain can inflict on your vocal cords and throat.

5) Quality mics reduce the likelihood of recording mistakes:

One of the biggest problems with computer microphones is that they are often built for convenience over quality. Many come with all kinds of buttons and switches, but these features often do more harm than good when eliminating background noise. When you have a high-quality mic, such as the Blue Snowball, you will get better audio quality without having to move any levers or press any buttons or keys.”

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6) Quality mics produce better sound:

Just about anyone familiar with gaming knows how intense the action can be inside a game world. Having a higher-end microphone ensures that you can hear all the sounds of battle, not just what is in front of you. Best quality gaming microphones also reduce the strain on your voice, giving it a chance to be picked up by the microphone even when there is loud noise all around you.

7) Quality mics are compatible with more devices:

Most computer microphones come with standard 1/8th inch jacks, making them compatible with laptop and desktop computers without having to special order an adapter or converter. Having this wider compatibility allows you greater flexibility in how you record. When using high-end equipment, you can connect it not only to your computer but also to your phone, tablet, or other mobile devices for recording whenever and wherever inspiration may strike.


By investing in a quality microphone, you can improve the audio quality of your recordings immensely. High-quality microphones won’t break down as easily and will give you better audio than inferior devices. For this reason, it is important to invest in a nice mic if recording and broadcasting are something that interests you.

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