Working from home: Best and worst cities in the UK

The working world has transformed in the last year. As the pandemic restrictions set in, remote working became the norm for many workers across the globe. Of course, remote working brings a whole new set of challenges that many of us aren’t used to. We suddenly became reliant on fast internet speeds, spare bedrooms and any green space we could find.

A good working environment typically consists of fast internet, a designated work area, a little green space and a safe environment. Achieving all of these factors can be very difficult for young professionals living in small city apartments.

The UK-based banner printing company, instantprint, compared UK cities to see how good or bad they were in terms of working from home. They found that a whopping 86% of the UK worked from home, for at least part of their job in 2020. They looked into desk research and national survey data to find the best and worst cities to work from home in the UK. The survey looked at the average internet download speed, 4G signal strength, average property size, property price, monthly rent, and living costs.

Belfast ranked the highest as the best city to work from home in. Northern Ireland’s capital has excellent internet download speed, perfect for those participating in Zoom calls. Birmingham was a close second with high internet speed and lovely apartments. Nottingham came out in third place with low living costs and average internet speeds. Do not underestimate the value of internet speed if you are working from home.

Unsurprisingly, the most challenging city to work from home in is London. Despite being at the heart of the UK’s business industry, London is one of the worst places to work from home. The monthly rent cost averages at £1.6k, and living costs are skyrocketing. London’s properties are also smaller, making it difficult for remote workers to find a designated work area. However, people searching for a space to work are luckily spoilt for choice in Central London, with a variety of flexible office spaces available on temporary lease terms providing great options for those looking to be located in the capital

Outside of city living, Harrogate was the best working home location in the UK with fast internet, high-rated schools and lots of green space. Harrogate is on the outskirts of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales and is the perfect location for those looking to escape city life. In Uswitch’s remote working survey, Bath, Derry and Wigan were also great spots for remote workers.

If you’re looking to move, consider your remote working arrangements and how your location could impact that.

Written by Eric

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