YBN Almighty Jay – Net Worth, Career Ups and Downs, Awards and Achievements

Real Name:Jay Bradley
Birthday:6 August, 1999
Net Worth:$300,000
Height:172 sm
Occupation:American Rapper, Member of YBN (Collective)

YBN Almighty Jay is part of the YBN Collective. It is an American collective formed by Nick Simmons, the original founder of the group. He goes by the name of YBN Nahmir, but Almighty Jay is also among the founding members. The 20-something rapper has a couple of solo mixtapes and singles, and also some part of the collective.

As of August 2020, YBN Almighty Jay’s cash flow is more than $300,000. He earns money through the collective, but also for his solo work. YBN released their first full-length project in September 2018. Titled YBN: The Mixtape, it contains collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Gucci Mane, and many others. The three core members of YBN are Cordae, Nahmir, and Almighty Jay.

Career Ups and Downs

Born as Bradley Jay, the rapper got his moniker thanks to a Chief Keef song. He got inspired by the mixtape Almighty So, released in 2013. And that is how he chose his moniker. He got raised by his mother and brothers.

Jay got into music at an early age. He listened to a lot of gospel music during his childhood. His mother loved gospel music, so he listened to it as well. As for hip-hop, his mother couldn’t stand it. So, he could listen to hip hop on his own. The artists that inspired him include Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Soulja Boy.

In 2014, Nick Simmons, or YBN Nahmir met with Almighty Jay on the video game Grand Theft Auto V. He then introduced him to YBN Glizzy. And that is how they formed the YBN collective. In the beginning, it was a collective for games. All three core members are gamers. They did not meet formally in person until 2017.

In the beginning, Nahmir, Almighty Jay, and other played video games, recorded the videos, and uploaded them to YouTube. They also streamed on Twitch. In 2015, Nahmir and Jay wanted to record a song after a freestyle session on Xbox Live group chat. Their first song, Hot Mentality, started the music part of the collective. It helped them move away from games and into music.

In September 2017, Nahmir released his debut solo single Rubbin Off the Paint. The music video premiered on WorldStarHipHop. It went viral and peaked at Number 46 on the Billboard Hot Chart. With the financial gain from the single, Nahmir moved to Los Angeles. He also helped other members move to LA and work together.

Before joining YBN, Almighty Jay posted his music on YouTube and SoundCloud. In 2017, he got his first big break. The single Chopsticks crushed the charts and earned him worldwide recognition. Produced by ForeignGotEm, the song amassed more than 12 million plays on SoundCloud within a short time. And on YouTube, the song got more than 15 million views.

After the success of Chopsticks, he collaborated with Nahmir on another song. The two released the track No Hook. Again, the song reached instant success. Within the first few weeks, the song amassed more than 22 million views on YouTube. It made them both famous.

YBN Almighty Jay also released songs like Takin Off, Off Instagram, and Beware. He has several collaborations with YBN collective members, but also with famous artists.

In 2018, YBN collective announced their first world tour. Scheduled for Fall 2018 the tour went through a couple of cities worldwide. In August 2018 they released their first full-length project, YBN: The Mixtape. Released in September 2018, the mixtape contained tracks from all YBN members.

YBN Almighty Jay cash flow is more than $300,000. He is not married yet. He once dated model and reality star, Blac Chyna. The two met through a dating website, Christian Mingle. Their relationship went public in 2018. But shortly after, they broke up.

Awards and Achievements

YBN Almighty Jay has a very successful career. His videos reach millions and millions of people. And he always has more than 10 million views on his songs. In 2019, he won the BET Hip Hop Award together with Nahmir and Cordae for Best mixtape.

He is still very young. In the future, we can expect even more good projects from this rapper.

Net Worth

This rapper shows a lot of promise and potential. He recently signed with a label. So, with that in mind, we can expect more from him. As of August 2020, YBN Almighty Jay’s cash flow is more than $300,000.

He earns most of his money through the YouTube channel. He has a self-named channel where he posts his videos. Jay also has a SoundCloud account. Some of his best songs include Chopsticks, Takin Off, 2 Tone Drip, Off Instagram, Birth of a King, and more.

Chopsticks is his most successful song, with more than 10 million plays on SoundCloud and more than 15 million views on YouTube.

He earns up to $50,000 per year from YouTube alone. And he also generates money from his social media endorsements and posts. With more than 1 million followers on Instagram, he earns between $2,000 and $3,000 per sponsored post.

According to some estimates, he earned more than $100,000 from his hit singles so far. His collaboration with Nahmir, No Hook, earned him $40,000. And he earned more than $50,000 while singing for the World Star Hip Hop label.

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