YBN Almighty Jay: Rising Trajectory in the Rap Scene

Real Name:Jay Bradley
Birthday:6 August, 1999
Net Worth:$300,000
Height:172 sm
Occupation:American Rapper, Member of YBN (Collective)

Jay Gerard Bradley, better known by his stage name YBN Almighty Jay, is an American rapper who carved out a place for himself in the music industry with a unique style and engaging tracks. Born on August 6, 1999, he gained significant attention as part of the YBN collective before they went their separate ways in August 2020. His career is notable for several singles that have resonated with fans, including hits like “Chopsticks,” “Bread Winners,” and “No Hook.”

YBN Almighty Jay’s rise in the rap scene signifies a new generation of artists who integrate social media and digital platforms to amplify their music and personal brand. As he progressed beyond his association with the YBN collective, his individual artistry continued to evolve, showcasing his talent in weaving intricate rhymes and catchy hooks that appeal to a broad audience. The disbandment of the collective became a turning point for him to focus on his solo career and develop his musical identity further.

Despite his youth, Almighty Jay has demonstrated a knack for engaging his audience, both through his music and his online presence. He maintains a level of interaction with fans that has become essential in the modern music era, sharing his work and updates through various social media channels and digital music platforms. His adaptability in the evolving landscape of the music industry has positioned him as a relevant figure among the up-and-coming rappers of his time.

Early Life and Background

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Jay Bradley, known as YBN Almighty Jay, has his roots steeped in the distinct cultural milieu of Texas, which shaped his early life and musical influences. His background is a tapestry of early exposure to music and significant influences that guided his journey into the world of rap.

Birth and Early Influences

Born on August 6, 1999, in Galveston County, Texas, YBN Almighty Jay was brought up in a family environment rich with music. The sounds that filled his home ranged from his mother’s gospel choices to the transformative rap music of his generation. Texas, with its diverse music scene, provided the cultural backdrop for his growing interest in music.

Introduction to Music

YBN Almighty Jay’s pathway into music began at a tender age. By nine, he was already crafting his own rhymes, demonstrating a profound connection with the art of rap. His engagement with the YBN collective, an assembly of rappers including YBN Nahmir, started through interactions on Xbox Live, grounding his musical endeavors in the digital age’s collaborative potential. This early intersection of gaming and music became a defining aspect of his introduction to the industry.

Rise to Fame

Jay Bradley, known as YBN Almighty Jay, emerged as a significant figure in rap through his association with the YBN Collective and the viral success of his track “Chopsticks.”

YBN Collective Formation

The YBN Collective, a group of rappers, entertainers, and gamers, was co-founded by YBN Almighty Jay alongside YBN Nahmir and YBN Cordae. Their formation was a defining moment for the members, who turned a likeminded union into a platform for launching their respective careers.

Viral Success of ‘Chopsticks’

YBN Almighty Jay’s ascent in the music industry accelerated when his single “Chopsticks” went viral on YouTube. The success of “Chopsticks” was pivotal, garnering millions of views and contributing to his burgeoning fame within the hip-hop community. His style and energetic presence on the track resonated with a wide audience, establishing him as an artist to watch.

Musical Career

YBN Almighty Jay’s musical career took off with the release of viral singles, paving his path to recognition in the hip-hop industry. He has since collaborated with various artists and has become known for his contributions to mixtapes and EPs, showcasing his versatility as a rapper.

Debut and Singles

  • “Chopsticks”: One of his initial tracks that gained significant attention online
  • “No Hook”: Another early single that helped establish his presence in the music scene

YBN Almighty Jay made a bold entrance with singles like “Chopsticks” and “No Hook” which created a strong foundation for his burgeoning career. These tracks not only defined his early sound but also demonstrated his potential in the competitive rap industry.

Collaborations and Features

YBN Almighty Jay has not shied away from working with other artists, enhancing his versatility and reach within the hip-hop community. Collaborations have been a key part of his growth as an artist.

  • YBN: The Mixtape: Includes features with established artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Chris Brown

His involvement in the YBN collective’s “YBN: The Mixtape” particularly showcased his ability to hold his own alongside notable figures in the music industry.

Mixtapes and EPs

  • Release of YBN: The Mixtape: Notable for both solo and collaborative tracks among YBN members

The mixtape release served as a significant milestone in YBN Almighty Jay’s career, building on the success of his singles. Through “YBN: The Mixtape”, he further solidified his name in the rap scene with a body of work that represented both his individual artistry and his synergy with the YBN crew before their disbandment.

Public Persona

YBN Almighty Jay has cultivated a significant public persona influenced by his relationships and strategic social media presence. This persona is characterized by his past high-profile relationship and the image he projects across various online platforms.

Relationship with Blac Chyna

YBN Almighty Jay was involved in a notable relationship with model and entrepreneur Blac Chyna, gaining substantial media attention. Their relationship began in 2018 and although brief, it spotlighted Jay in the realm of celebrity news, linking his image to discussions of success and wealth.

Social Media Presence

Almighty Jay leverages various social media channels to maintain his public image and deepen his connection with fans. His content often showcases aspects of his lifestyle and career highlights, further associating him with themes of cash and the rap scene’s traditional depiction of success. Through posts and interactions, he underscores his affiliation with the hip-hop industry and occasionally references his connections to the YBN collective, which can be seen as a nod to his roots in the industry.

Impact and Influence

YBN Almighty Jay made noteworthy contributions to the landscape of modern rap music, particularly through his influence on the genre and his role in rap collectives.

Influence on Modern Rap

Almighty Jay emerged as a significant figure among young rappers. His work, characterized by a raw and energetic flow, resonates with a young demographic. The single “Chopsticks” stands as an example of his impactful style, which contributes to the contemporary rap scene’s sound. His approach mingles traditional rap with the spontaneity of the modern era, influencing peers and newcomers alike.

Contribution to Rap Crews

As a central member of the YBN (Young Boss N****s) Crew, Almighty Jay played a vital role in shaping the collective’s dynamic and reach within the rap community. YBN Crew gained traction with “Rubbin Off the Paint”, a hit single by YBN Nahmir that surged in popularity. The crew’s collaborative approach and individual talents, including Almighty Jay’s, created a platform that helped redefine the power of rap collectives in the internet age.


YBN Almighty Jay’s contributions to the rap scene encompass various studio projects and singles that have showcased his talent. He is known for his involvement in the YBN collective and his solo releases that continue to resonate with his audience.

Studio Projects

  • Albums
    • None listed in search results or known knowledge base.
  • Mixtapes
    1. YBN: The Mixtape (with YBN Nahmir and YBN Cordae, 2018)

Popular Tracks

  • Singles & EPs
    • “Chopsticks” (Single, 2017)
    • “Feel Like” (2021)
  • Music Videos
    • YBN Almighty Jay’s music video for “Chopsticks” went viral, significantly contributing to his rise in popularity

Personal Life

YBN Almighty Jay, whose real name is Bradley, has experienced a nuanced personal life, balancing his rising music career with his relationships and familial connections that have shaped his experiences and interests.


Originally from Galveston County, Texas, YBN Almighty Jay was born on August 6, 1999. He was raised in a family environment that fostered his passion for music, a passion that has been a consistent thread throughout his life. His family, particularly his mother, played a significant role in his early exposure to music. Gospel music was a staple in their household, influencing his artistic development from a young age. As per the information available, he has siblings, including at least one brother, who have also been a part of his life journey.

Off-Stage Interests

Beyond the music scene, YBN Almighty Jay has maintained interests that diverge from his artistic endeavors. Growing up, he was an avid listener of iconic musicians including Chief Keef, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and considered Soulja Boy to be a major inspiration for his work. His off-stage interests, stemming from his family and upbringing, are reflected in his music and the themes he explores through his songs.

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