10 Personalized Gifts – Dialing Up the Thoughtfulness

Spring and summer tend to be the season for celebrations. Between weddings, showers, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, there are many opportunities to give gifts.   Why not dial up the thoughtfulness, and give that special someone a personalized gift from the heart? 

A personalized gift conveys a genuine caring that will be appreciated far into the future. Let’s explore some fun and sentimental ideas.

  1. Customized Photo Book – Easy as 1-2-3, creating a custom photo book for your loved one is nearly as simple as placing photos on an old-fashioned magnetized album page. With many digital software platforms to choose from, think Shutterfly and Snapfish, these programs allow for incredible creativity and pizazz, and are great gifts for graduations, Mother’s Day, and weddings.
  2. A Personalized Gift Card – Giving the gift of money will never go out of style.  With bespoke Visa gift cards, you can now personalize them, enabling you to upload a cherished photo of you, and your loved one, to be used right on the card. By combining the gift of cash with a beloved photo memory, you will never have to worry about giving just the right gift.
  3. Constellation Map –  How were the stars aligning when you and your partner first met? What did the sky look like on the day your parents were married? How about the night when a loved one was born, were the constellations aligned spectacularly? Now, you can celebrate these significant dates, with a framed sky map of the date of your choosing. This gift is ideal for the star gazers in your family.
  4. Customized Puzzles  Puzzling is one of the great pastimes, trending now.  It helps reduce stress, is a beneficial mental exercise, and it also improves your memory. Turn a child’s drawing, meaningful photo,  or even a family portrait,  into a puzzle the whole family can collaborate on,  for days. Enjoy putting down the cell phones and tablets for a few hours to interact, in real-time.
  5. Personalized Plectrum – Is there someone in your family who plays the guitar, or other hand-held stringed instrument? Consider gifting them with an initialed plectrum, also called a “pick,” when referring to guitars. Personalizing this gift with their name, or even the sound waves of their favorite song, fashioned onto it, adds a unique touch, and deeper thoughtfulness, that will get the gift recipient making music, the moment he or she opens it.
  6. Custom Keychain – Whether it’s a particular date you want to memorialize, a favorite quote,  or a loved one’s name,  giving  a custom keychain makes a great gift,  because it’s not only practical, it can also be used every day. Be sure to get one which is made of resin, or another durable substance, as key chains tend to take a lot of abuse, over time.
  7. Birthstone Stacking Rings – Your parents’ and grandparents’ accomplishments are well worth celebrating.  Show your appreciation, respect, and love, with the gift of birthstone stacking rings. Choose one ring for each individual in the family.  These rings meld around each other, naturally,  as additional rings are added. Grandmother will adore being able to hold these symbols of her grandchildren, so close to her heart, every day.
  8. Personalized Garden Stone – There are kits that you can purchase at crafting stores, in order to make your own personalized garden stone, adorned with hand-imprints, or other embellishments of your choice.  There are variations you can buy online, which  will display numerous names, in varied colors and fonts.  A garden stone is a perfect pairing between the blooms and creativity of the recipients garden, walkway, patio, scenic waterfront terrace, or any green space.  A personalized garden stone is an uplifting, and fanciful conversation starter, and a reason to slow down, and smell the roses.
  9. Sticker, Face Stickers – As a great personalization add-on, to any gift, uploading the image of your face, someone else’s face, or your pet’s face, to be transferred onto different sized stickers, levels up the warmth of a gift. Use them on water bottles, journals, or cards, to exemplify the bond you cherish with this person.  Choose a particularly funny-faced photo, and you’ll be giving your gift recipient hours of amusement.
  10. Favorites Recipe Book – Every family has their own personal favorite recipes that they enjoy again and again. Now you can pass down these family favorites, from one generation to the next.  These time-tested culinary treat recipes are great for when your kids are going off to college, or moving away from home, and wanting their space to taste and yes, smell familiar, and comforting.  The book is a perfect destination for compiling all of mom and dad’s favorite recipes, into one place, where the recipient can find them. Supplement these unique food recipe offerings, with personal photos, hand-written memories, and digital embellishments, to celebrate the significance of special moments, shared. 

With so many wonderful, personalized options available, there is no longer any reason to give someone an impersonal, or boring gift.  The consideration, focus, and effort displayed by a well-chosen, personalized gift, conveys the priceless value of a friendship or family connection, between the giver and recipient, that living, and loving has forged between the two.

Written by Eric

37-year-old who enjoys ferret racing, binge-watching boxed sets and praying. He is exciting and entertaining, but can also be very boring and a bit grumpy.

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