4 Gardening Tools Every Household Should Have

Now that spring has sprung, and it is the beginning of summer, your gardens are about to start needing a lot more attention. With the hotter weather, plants will grow faster and require more water and food to sustain their growth. To make your life easier, you will need some essential tools. This article contains four gardening tools that every household should have.

Lawn Trimmer

The primary bulk of most gardens is a lawn. One of the hardest parts is the edges of a lawn. Most lawnmowers don’t do a very good job of cutting down the bits at the edges and often leave them looking messy. As mentioned on, lawn trimmers are specially designed to help you get the neatest edge on a lawn that you can. No more frustrating or time-consuming cutting will need to be done, a lawn trimmer can whizz around your garden and get everything looking great. Getting a lawn trimmer is an essential gardening tool that every green-thumbed household should have.


With all of the plants that you want to grow thriving in the good weather, it is nearly impossible to stop the weeds growing as well. As much as you can use chemical de-weeders, many households would prefer not to, as these chemicals are not great for the environment. Weeder tools are small and simple hand tools that dig in right to the root of the weed and let you pull them out that way. By removing the whole weed from the root, it cannot grow back. This is the old-fashioned method of getting rid of weeds, but the process is still very simple. It will be much better for your garden in the long run and as well as that you can feel more connected to the earth whilst you are doing it. A simple weeder tool is an absolute must for the avid gardening household.

Garden Scissors

Another simple yet incredibly effective tool is a pair of garden scissors. Much like regular scissors, garden scissors are used to cut things, but they are much stronger than your average pair. They are essential for doing pruning and other bits of trimming. They tend to be sharper and also relatively comfortable, which is important so that you do not hurt your hands have to press through a stiff branch. You should also be able to find a pair that is left or right-handed, which makes them very versatile. Although they are not very exciting, garden scissors are really useful. Having a good pair of garden scissors is completely essential for every gardening household.

Watering Hose

Depending on the size of your garden, watering all of your plants can be quite a chore. If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford a sprinkler system, then good for you, but most people have to resort to more manual methods. A watering can is reliable, but not very practical over long distances. Getting yourself a good hose with a bunch of different attachments will make your watering life so much easier. Having a hose is an integral part of your gardening tool kit, especially in the summer months.

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Whether you garden all the time or just do it a bit to unwind, you deserve to make your life a little easier. Most of the tools mentioned above are pretty cheap and well worth the investment. Although there might be several things that you might feel like you need to buy to start gardening, getting a few choice tools is essential for your enjoyment. These tools will make your life much easier, so you should definitely give them a go.

As a gardening household, you probably are keen to spend as much time tending to your plants as possible. With the tools listed above, they will all save you time on the less exciting chore side of gardening and leave you with more time to spend curating your garden. To be able to grow what you like, spend time with nature and see the fruits of your labor are all great benefits of gardening. Armed simply with a lawn trimmer, a weeder, a good pair of garden scissors, and a watering hose, you will be able to do almost anything. There are other tools that you may need along the way, but these four are going to help you get the most out of your garden. These are tried and tested and get two green thumbs up from serious gardeners.

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