5 Must-Pack Essential Fashion Items for Your Vacation Trip

Being one of the most awaited moments, holidays are the ultimate best time that can refresh and make you feel happy. Your day will be full of schedules to visit tourist attractions, eat culinary delights, shop, and visit historical places during your vacation. Because of the many exciting activities that you will do during the holidays, make sure you pay attention to your outfit. Thus you can look fashionable and trendy in every photo you take!

To help enlighten you, so you look good but still feel comfortable all day, we have created the best outfit recommendation for you to pack and start getting ready for vacation.

1. Overalls for a multipurpose fashion item

Overalls can be an attractive choice of clothing for those of you who are going on vacation.  Besides being comfortable to wear on long trips, overalls are easy to mix and match with other fashion items. It can also be worn when going to a semi-formal place, such as going to an exclusive restaurant.

For women, overalls can make them look casual and simple. The overalls are usually soft and comfortable, so it’s comfortable if you take them on vacation. You can bring overalls such as maxi dresses and jumpsuits or overalls with trousers while on vacation.  You can wear these two types of clothing when you want to look neat on vacation.

Overalls can also be combined with all types of shoes, from heels to sneakers. You can also mix and match it with a thin leather jacket or sweater that you bring on vacation.

2. Loose clothing for a comfortable wear

Clothes that are too tight are not the right choice for holiday outfits. Besides making you unable to move freely, clothes that are too tight will make you sweat a lot!  Therefore, avoid clothing choices such as tight jeans and body-fitting jackets while on vacation. As an alternative, you can choose loose clothing such as blouses that are comfortable and can absorb sweat well.

3. T-shirts are a must to pack

You will get a relaxed, casual, and fashionable impression when wearing t-shirts with the right color choices on vacation.  This fashion item is basic items that are easily combined with others, such as jeans, mini skirts, and shorts. You can take this basic item on a trip anywhere because it can be mixed and matched according to your needs. Choose basic shirts and t-shirts according to your body size.

Want to look more stylish?  You can add accessories, such as necklaces, tassel earrings, or a mini scarf wrapped around your neck to make your look even more special and attractive!

4. Top your look off with a blazer or jacket

Blazers and jackets can be quite interesting outfit choices to take with you on vacation. Not only used during formal events, but you can also wear it on vacation as we do, especially if you are visiting a place with a colder climate or during the rainy season. You can choose a blazer or patterned jacket to make it look more stylish.

On vacation, you can wear layered clothing, such as a tank top covered with a blazer or a light jacket.  Not only that, but you can also combine t-shirts and scarves when the weather tends to be cold.  Bringing the blazer or jacket in a natural color, such as light gray or black, will make it easier for you to combine it with other fashion items.  Every outfit you combine with a neutral-colored blazer or jacket can make you look great in an instant!  For a more masculine and catchy look, you can choose a leather jacket instead.

5. Comfortable shoes to support your movement

Not only choosing clothes, but you also have to choose appropriate footwear for the holidays. Bring versatile shoes that are suitable for various occasions. Also, choose the type of shoes that do not take up much space in your suitcase.

Some recommendations for shoes that you can bring with you on vacation include sneakers, ballet flats shoes, and strappy sandals. This various footwear can be combined with summer dresses, skirts, and even jeans that you bring along with you.

When traveling, you must avoid shoes with heels. Wearing shoes with heels can be considered impractical and inefficient. Walking all day with heels will make your feet sore and thus you will be unable to move freely.

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Written by Eric

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