5 of the Most Common IT Problems and Their Solutions

Every business will experience IT problems on a regular basis over the years. Learning how to best deal with those problems and to be proactive in identifying issues and implementing key IT solutions goes a long way to determining the long-term success of that business. A proactive approach to problem-solving in this way is ideal, and the best way to achieve this and to maintain stability, continuity, and an effective evolution of a business over time is to hire a professional IT support company to guide you along the way.

Here, we look at 5 of the most common IT problems:

1. Poor cybersecurity measures

Data breaches and security risks are faced daily by businesses around the world. Poor cybersecurity measures can cost a company, especially small and growing businesses without the infrastructure or capacity to deal with problems of this scale and nature. A data breach can put companies out of business, but even larger businesses must be careful, due to the large quantities of personal data they hold. As cyber threats become more sophisticated and creative, it is important that your security constantly upgrades and evolves to counter that threat. Your IT support company will create a robust strategy of cyber security that meets all regulations and compliance across the globe and gives you the best chance to stay safe.

2. Lack of, or poor, disaster recovery plan

You would be surprised at how few businesses in the UK have an active and effective disaster recovery plan in place. Almost half don’t have a strategy to deal with data backup and this puts many businesses at risk. If all of your files have disappeared one day, whether through accidental human error, a ransomware virus, or other action, would you know what to do? There will almost certainly be important files, sensitive and personal information relating to clients, suppliers, and employees. A good IT support company helps to implement a reliable and robust data backup strategy, minimising downtime in the worst-case scenario and ensuring that there are off-site backups secure in a remote location. Your business should be back up and running quickly and securely in these instances, to save brand reputation and costs.

3. Inadequate provision to scale IT

There are many different challenges a business faces as it attempts to grow. Scalability is a challenge at every level of a company, especially when it comes to your IT infrastructure. Most small companies do not have the expertise or capacity to deal with scaling up and to implement the correct strategies, hardware, and software to meet the needs of the next phase of development whilst maintaining productivity. Scaling up should be seamless, and an IT support company has the expertise and vision to help find the perfect solution for your company as you scale. Collaborating with IT experts helps to implement a plan of action that is robust and enables seamless growth as and when you need to scale.

4. Inefficient cloud management and remote protocols

Learning how to utilise the cloud effectively is imperative for any modern business. With the way that we collect and store data, through to remote working and the capabilities of the cloud to streamline operations and maximise company efficiencies, embracing the cloud is the ideal approach. Working with your IT support company to implement and manage the cloud helps to minimise disruption and increase security of data and internal processes. There are always vulnerabilities when employees are working remotely, as well as issues with data access and other restrictions. A solid plan of action that includes the cloud and remote working protocols helps to maximise the efficiency of your business.

5. Shortage of IT expertise

Another common problem that modern companies face is that there is a shortage of genuine IT expertise to fall back on during times of crisis or everyday challenges. Most growing companies suffer when attempting to hire the right type of profile employee for any part of the business. This lack of expertise can also lead to inefficient use of IT technology, with certain archaic processes brought over to new infrastructure, causing confusion and inefficiency when scaling a company. For an area as crucial as IT, it might make more economic sense to hire an IT support company to assist at crucial moments and to help devise and implement key strategies.

It is vital that you have the expertise that an IT support company offers. Relying on in-house problem-solving measures might lead to your internal IT team becoming overwhelmed. It might also mean that you’re left behind competitors who continue to scale and keep up with the latest IT technology and trends. Ensuring that data is secure, employees are trained, and processes are effective, takes time, dedication, and expertise. A professional IT support team can take that pressure away from you, leaving you and your team to concentrate on your strengths in growing the company.

Written by Eric

37-year-old who enjoys ferret racing, binge-watching boxed sets and praying. He is exciting and entertaining, but can also be very boring and a bit grumpy.