5 Reasons Why You Should Relocate to Portugal

Portugal is a very popular relocation destination for people from around the globe, it’s particularly popular with Americans, Germans, French, Chinese and of course the British, of which over 34,000 have chosen to settle in the country. For many it’s the attraction of a ‘Golden Visa’, a scheme which entitles purchasers of property in excess of 500,000 euros to residency rights and freedom of travel within the Schengen territories. For others it’s the generous tax regime, good health service and low crime. So many international stars have chosen to settle in Lisbon or the Algarve that the locals have taken to referring to it as ‘California’. Not surprisingly, these are the most expensive areas in the country in which to live, but if choose to settle in somewhere like Santarem, you’ll find the prices dramatically lower. This historic city, overlooking the Tagus-river is full of ancient buildings, markets and parks. It’s just over an hour from Lisbon by an hourly train service and the trip will cost you a mere 8 euros. Oh yes, Portugal has the lowest cost of living in Europe. Still not convinced? Then here’s five reasons you can’t ignore.

Expat friendly

In 2020, Lisbon ranked third out of sixty-six cities, in a poll of ex-pats, conducted by InterNationals to find the best city for expats to relocate. Whether you are starting up a business or relocating to retire, Portugal has great support for ex-pats and to make things easier, English is widely spoken, especially amongst the younger generation.


With around 300 days of sunshine, Lisbon is the sunniest of all the European capitals. Winters in the south are warm and short so that means winter heating bills are minimal. The abundance of sunshine also means that life can be lived outside and that means good physical and mental health.

Digital Nomad Friendly

An inexpensive pool of homegrown STEM graduates has attracted big tech to Portugal and ample tech hubs and co-working space in Lisbon has made it a top destination for tech-nomads. The low cost of living, proximity of beaches and relaxed outdoor lifestyle are all incentives to stay.

Award winning beaches

Portugal has around a thousand miles of coastline and the beaches of the Algarve have recently been voted the best beach destination in the world. Beach lovers really are spoilt for choice: sandy beaches which stretch for miles, secluded coves only accessible by steep goat paths or the mighty waves of the Atlantic coast, so beloved of surfers, especially in wintertime when the waves are at their highest.


Portugal has a rich cultural heritage which is reflected in its variety of outstanding architecture and folk traditions. Add to this outstanding and underrated wine production and some of the best seafood dishes in the world and you can begin to understand why life in Portugal is so appealing. Whether you’re relaxing on a beach or sitting beneath a vine covered canopy, listening to fado, you’re sure to fall in love with the relaxed lifestyle that Portugal has to offer.

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