6 tips to Handle Wedding Planning Stress

If you’ve just got engaged, you must be pretty excited to start planning your dream day. You’re probably also familiar with all the stress coming your way once you get into the process.

You will still have your regular duties to attend to – your job, your bills, your family, and above all, you’ll be having this huge party to organize and pay. 

Before stress becomes overwhelming, learn about the easy ways to handle it so that you can enjoy the wedding planning experience with your fiancé. 

1. Know Your Priorities

The essential step in reducing wedding planning stress is creating your priorities list. Instead of getting lost in all the little details, you and your partner should begin with determining your absolute must-haves.

The priorities differ from couple to couple – it may be hiring a professional photographer, a full open bar with the top DJ, or the lushest greenery throughout your wedding day.

Whenever you feel stress overwhelming you, checking the priorities list will help you avoid overspending on non-essential details and stay within your budget limits. And since the budget is one of the worst stressors during the planning process, you will feel more at ease.

2. Create a Thorough Budget

Speaking of budgets, having a detailed budget is crucial. Talk with your partner and determine how much money you are ready to spend on your wedding comfortably? Also, determine if other people will be contributing to the wedding? After you have a clearer idea of the budget, create a budget spreadsheet with a breakdown so that you can track your spending. 

It is a good idea to leave 5% of your budget aside for different costs that may come up unexpectedly, such as vendor meals, surprise guests, gratuities, overtime costs, service charges, insurance, postage, and more.

One of the ways to stay within your budget is getting professional support from well-experienced wedding celebrants that can help you remain focused on what’s important. For more information, you can read about other couples’ collaboration with Canterbury Marriage Wedding Celebrants, who helped them create unique and tailored experiences.

3. Have Wedding Planning Dates

Planning a wedding usually takes a lot of time and energy. If you do not take control over the process right away and set some ground rules, it may occupy all of the time you and your fiancée spend together, inducing even more stress. 

Try planning with your partner regular days of the week when you can go out on a date, and keep the wedding topic off-limits. Then again, you can plan special wedding dates and set a place and time to discuss wedding plans together. Try to make these dates as fun as you can, and try to enjoy them.

4. Create Wedding To-Do List

Besides the wedding budget, creating a physical wedding planner book can ease some of your anxiety and reduce procrastination. You can include a calendar, various checklists, and worksheets so that you can easily keep track of everything you’ve accomplished and things that still need to be done. You can consider having a physical wedding planner or save it all on the cloud. 

5. Delegate Tasks

Your wedding is one of the biggest parties you’re going to throw, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed to ask for help and delegate some tasks to your friends or other family members.

Besides you and your partner, your wedding is about the persons you love. Those people would also like to contribute to making your dreams come true, and they would love to make the wedding planning process as smooth as possible.

So there is no reason for you to feel that you have to do every task by yourself, and remember – delegating some of your duties will help you stay sane!

6. Always Be in Tune With Each Other

Not everyone will always agree with your wedding dreams or choices, which can cause confusion and induce even more stress to you and your partner. However, making sure you are on the same page will help you hold your ground and keep your calm.

Talk to your partner about this possibility from the early day of your wedding planning, and agree that you will not stray from what you and your partner have discussed. This doesn’t mean you won’t consider other ideas, as some of them you might even like. Still, you won’t be making any changes unless you’re both satisfied with the new solution. 

And if, from time to time, stress seems too much to handle, an elopement wedding might just be your choice.

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