7 Awesome Things You Should Get A Surfer For A Gift

Whether it be for your son, daughter, father, mother, friend, or significant other- here are some great gift ideas that any surfer will love! If you’re not sure what to get somebody who surfs, this list of 7 Awesome Things You Should Get a Surfer for a Gift is the perfect place to start.

1. A Cover For Their Surfboard

Surfers love to keep their boards in perfect condition so having a cover for their surfboard is one of the most helpful things you can get them. Not only will it help protect their board, but it will also provide shade so they don’t have to deal with hot boards after sessions! A great option is a Balin SUP cover that can also be used for windsurfers. It has a zipper along the middle to allow for easy access, and there are three different sizes available so you can pick the one that best suits your surfer’s board.

2. A Stand-Up Paddle Board

Surfers are always looking for new ways to surf and SUP boards are the newest craze! If you’re thinking about getting them a surfboard but aren’t sure they’ve outgrown it, consider instead buying them a stand-up paddleboard that they can use in the ocean, lakes, rivers, and streams. Not only will they have a paddleboard that is specifically designed for surfing but you’ll also be encouraging healthy living! In addition to surfers, SUP boards are great for people who want to do yoga on water or just enjoy being out on the open water.

3. Accessories For Their Board

Surfers can never have enough accessories for their boards. While you can’t go wrong with a new leash or wax, there are plenty of other options out there including leashes that feature bright colours, different shapes, or even blinking lights! There are also board grips that work to keep feet from slipping off the board while they’re riding it and coolers that attach right to the board so they can bring drinks out on the water. If they already have these types of accessories, then think about buying them something smaller like stickers or patches that allow them to personalize their board anyway they want!

4. A Cool Towel That Can Be Used In The Water

A wet towel is great for after-surfing sessions but if your surfer wants one that they can use in the water as well, check out a SUP cooling towel. These towels are designed to keep them cool and dry for hours so if they want to stay out on the water after their session is over, this is a great way for them to do so! The best part? You don’t have to worry about having wet towels lying around the house all the time since these work just as well without getting wet.

5. A Cooler That Attaches To Their Board

If your surfer likes spending long sessions out on the water then you should consider getting them an insulated cooler that attaches right to their board. Not only will it provide easy access to drinks but there’s nothing worse than spilling a drink on your board while you’re out there surfing. When it’s attached to the board, they’ll have less of a chance of that happening! There are also cooler covers that can turn any kind of cooler into one that’s water-friendly.

6. A Tech Case To Keep Their Phone Safe

Surfers love using their smartphones when they go out surfing so having a tech case like this is an excellent way for them to keep it safe and dry! Not only is there nothing worse than seeing somebody drop their phone in water, but if they do happen to lose their device while it’s in the tech case then all of their data will stay intact because it won’t get wet. These cases will hold up to 6 different items or pieces of paper so they can use this case to keep everything safe and dry.

7. A Cooler Wetsuit For Cold Weather Surfing

Warmth is essential when surfing but not everybody realizes that insulation isn’t just important for keeping them warm during their session, it’s also crucial after the session is over too! If you have somebody in your life who enjoys surfing regardless of what the weather is like then consider getting them a wetsuit cooler because it attaches directly to their wetsuit, keeping them warm even after they’ve come out of the water.

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There’s a lot more to buying gifts for surfers than you might think. While most people know the basics like getting them a surfboard or new wetsuit, paying attention to accessories and options can make all of the difference in the world!

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