7 Details That Will Completely Take Your Event To The Next Level

Planning an event or party can be overwhelming. There are a million and one things to do, decisions to make, costs to consider and people involved. As an organizer, there are so many details that you need to pay attention to to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch.

So, to help you avoid the oversights that can lead to disaster, here are some details that will completely take your event from good to great!

Have A Game Plan

Have an outline or game plan for how your event is going to go down before it even starts. This helps you prepare in advance, keep track of what you’re doing, and makes the event run more smoothly. Write out a schedule of events, assign times for everything to happen, and list all of the things you need to do. This way you won’t forget an element that’s essential for success!

Create A Theme That Everyone Can Get Behind

If you’re going to plan an awesome event, the details should match your top-notch planning. Having a theme that matches your event is a way to really bring everything together and make it more memorable for all of your guests. Think about what themes will add interest and draw people in – there are tons of options out there: fashion, printmaking, sports, flower arranging…the list goes on!

Employ elements of your chosen theme throughout the event. Make sure that all aspects of your event honor and support the theme. If you don’t have unlimited funds at hand, there are plenty of ways to create or repurpose old items that can bring even more personality to an already wonderful idea!

Give Your Guests A Warm Welcome

As soon as your guests arrive make sure they know where to go – this means posting signs with event information on them and making it known how they can find you if they have any questions or problems. Also, greet every guest at the door so they feel like a welcome part of the group right away!

Don’t Underestimate The Importance of Audiovisuals

There is a reason that almost all of the corporate and big events have an audiovisual team. Most people are not professional AV experts, so they rely on someone who does to handle this for them.

Even if you do have those skills under your belt, it doesn’t mean you should be underestimating the impact that having good audiovisuals has on an event. This is why it’s best to hire professionals, particularly those who offer a turnkey service. As the folks at explain, turnkey service is when you only have to deal with one company handling multiple aspects of your needs- staging, lighting, sound, etc. You have a moment or two to make an impact during your conference’s opening speech, as well as throughout it; don’t blow it by skipping out the basic audiovisual elements!

Have Some Fun Photo Opportunities

There are tons of ways to add visual interest to an event. Make sure that you add some fun photo opportunities to your event. A themed backdrop, photo props or even a photo booth can make your photos from the event really pop!

Add Interactive Elements to Your Event

One thing that makes events memorable is interactive elements: whether it’s a scavenger hunt or people having to code something on the spot. By making your event more flexible and open-ended, you give people more room to have fun.

Remember that not everyone will want to sit through an entire session, so giving them options (like choosing their topic in an unconference) allows them to be more engaged in what they are interested in rather than what someone else has decided they should be interested in! This way attendees don’t feel like they are simply going through the motions, and as a result, actually, learn more.

Create Your Own Signature Recipe

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Cooking for an event is no easy feat. It’s always best to have help but if you’re on your own, making a signature recipe is a way to stand out from the crowd and be memorable! Make something unexpected yet incredible – like bacon jam! No one else will have it which means everyone will want it and talk about it when they get home. Check out this video on how to make bacon jam.

Making your event awesome requires a shift in your perspective about the event. Don’t be afraid to let loose, have some fun with it and focus on making it great instead of making it normal. Once you think outside the box people will take notice and really enjoy themselves!

Written by Eric

37-year-old who enjoys ferret racing, binge-watching boxed sets and praying. He is exciting and entertaining, but can also be very boring and a bit grumpy.

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