9 Crucial tips to consider when buying rolling trays

Every smoker requires a few essential items, regardless of whether they enjoy joints, pipes, bongs, rigs, or vapes. A decent rolling tray may simplify daily rituals, keep your home neat, and arrange your belongings. While many manufacturers sell their rolling trays in packages with other attachments, you might not know which to pick if you’re trying to find the perfect rolling tray. Rolling trays come in a variety, including rolling trays with magnetic lids. Here’s how to find and choose the ideal rolling tray by reading about it!

1. The size of rolling trays

It requires careful thought to consider where, how frequently, and for what you will use the rolling tray. For example, if you want to use your rolling tray at home, you might want to choose bigger size to keep all your supplies in one location. On the other hand, a smaller size will be the most excellent choice if you’re searching for something that may be used outside or while you’re on the go. You should also choose the material that best suits your needs based on where you intend to utilize your rolling tray.

2. Consider its function

Functions must be considered when your rolling tray’s size and material are decided upon. These days, the producers of these items are going all out. Organizing your flower or hash, keeping your grinder or concentration jars, and storing your jays are all standard features of modern rolling trays. If you want to use your rolling tray frequently at home, consider spending more money and selecting one with added functionality.

3. Rolling tray material

Rolling trays come in several varieties. This is significantly influenced by the substance used in these smoking accessories. Rolling trays are frequently made of the following materials:





Given that each of these materials has a price range, your choice of material will probably be influenced by your financial situation. Our main piece of advice is to think about lifespan and sustainability. Sadly, when you buy inexpensively, you buy twice (or three times) as much! We like hardwood rolling trays not merely because they look good but also because they are strong, resilient, and don’t produce microplastics. Of course, you are free to select any texture or pattern that you desire! But always choose a tray with a raised edge to prevent your items from dropping or slipping off.

4. Cost

Most rolling trays of good quality cost between $8 and $15; bigger trays may cost more than $20. Spend up to $30 on metal trays of superior quality and with extra functions. Starting at roughly $30, glass trays increase in price. Depending on their features, wooden trays tend to be the most expensive and can cost up to $100 (if you’re feeling particularly crazy, how about this bespoke rolling tray with accessories in 24k gold for about $795).

5. Lifted edges

The primary purpose of rolling trays is to capture and retain your marijuana while rolling or crushing your buds. However, it must also be flat. Therefore, it can only fulfill both requirements by having curved edges. When purchasing a rolling tray, ensure the curved edge is high enough to hold the marijuana when you roll it toward the edges. This allows you to roll freely while preventing your herbs from sliding off.

6. Storage

Having a rolling tray with storage for your marijuana is always convenient. This makes it simpler to wrap up a joint or pack up after smoking it.

7. Top Lid

Extra security is always helpful. While having a top cover is not required, it will be great to have one.

8. Ensure its smooth

When choosing a rolling tray, always aim for smooth surfaces. Your rolling tray is made to make rolling more efficient and straightforward. Smooth joints result from trays that roll easily. However, it looks messy when your herb sticks to your platter, and additional cannabis crumbs will keep adhering there, which is not good.

9. Ensure they have placeholder slots

Once you’ve rolled the ideal joint, you’ll need a secure location to store it while you organize your cones, glass ashtray, grinder, and other supplies. Then, while you knot the subsequent joint or finish everything up before inhaling, a place holding hole delicately secures your joint in position.

The above are some of the factors to consider when buying rolling trays. But, of course, each individual looks for different features—that way, each buys according to the function.

Written by Eric

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