Agnes Hailstone – What Happened To The Life Below Zero Star?

Real Name:Agnes Q. Hailstone
Birthday:June 14, 1972
Net Worth:$100,000
Height:161 cm
Occupation:Inupiaq Tribe Native, Television Personality, Hunter, Businesswoman

Agnes Hailstone is an Inupiaq native who rose to fame after appearing in the reality TV series Life Below Zero. She is of Caucasian ethnicity, with dark eyes and hair. Her fans recognize her for the chin tattoo. What does it mean? What happened to her after Life Below Zero? Is she still part of the reality TV show?

Let’s find out.

Life Below Zero

Agnes rose to fame as part of the reality television series Life Below Zero. The documentary reality series illustrates the daily and seasonal activities of subsistence hunters living in remote areas in Alaska. It was produced by BBC studios and aired on National Geographic.

The reality show follows people living in remote areas, surviving off the land, and making money through different ventures. It shows the many challenges they face while living remotely. Agnes was only one of the participants in the show. Other people included:

  • Sue Aikens, a woman born in July 1963, and the sole resident of the Kavikriver camp in Northern Alaska
  • Chip Hailstone, Agnes’s husband, live with her and their seven children on the Kobuk River in Noorvik, 19 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Before moving to Alaska, Chip lived in Kalispell, Montana
  • Glenn Villeneuve, who moved from Burlington, Vermont, to Alaska in 1999. He lives alone in Chandalar, 200 miles north of Fairbanks, Alaska. He is joined by his wife and children in later seasons
  • Jessie Holmes, a fisherman, hunter, and dogsled racer living alone with 40 sled dogs in Brushkana, Alaska
  • Andy Bassich, another person living with sled dogs, 25 to be exact. He came to Alaska from Washington, with his wife Kate Bassich. They divorced in 2016, and then his next girlfriend, Denise, joined him
  • Ricko DeWilde, an Alaskan Athabaskan, living in an abandoned cabin near Huslia, Alaska. His young children joined him in later seasons
  • Erik Salitan and Martha Mae Salitan, a young couple who is well versed in wilderness living

Quick Bio

Agnes is Native Alaskan, an Inupiaq born in Noorvik. She is the only member of the Life Below Zero cast who has spent her entire life in Alaska. She is also the longest-resident. Her family ties to the land extend thousands of years.

Agnes passed down her knowledge of Alaska, as it has been passed down to her from one generation to the next one.

Agnes Hailstone was born in June 1972 and has been married to her husband Chip Hailstone for more than 25 years. The American television personality is also a hunter, fisherwoman, gatherer, tanner, and tribal woman. Agnes represents the true Alaskan blood in the reality series. She does not need a permit to hunt.

Because of the increased number of hunters and declining numbers of resources, the Alaskan government has made changes to allow indigenous people to survive. The government has reserved hunting rights for tribal people so that they do not run out of food.

Agnes Q Hailsdtone comes from a Northern Alaskan Inupiaq tribe. She got accustomed to hunting and fishing in her early years.

As a young child, she would accompany her family in search of food. She learned most of the things about life in Alaska from her parents. There is no information about a school or any other form of formal education.

As a rite of passage, Agnes learned to tan animals, use body fats for oil, and animal parts for household materials. She uses an Alaskan ulu an all-purpose knife that has a traditional history among the Inuit people.

Agnes has lived her entire life self-sufficient. She never thought that it would become a career opportunity for her. Agnes joined the cast of Life Below Zero on the first day and made her debut in the first episode of season 1, End of the Road. That episode aired on May 19, 2013. She has been a regular cast member ever since.

Agnes also appeared in episode 1 of Season 20, airing on November 15, 2022. Only poster lady Sue Aikens and narrator James Franzo have more appearances and credits than Agnes.

Marriage To Chip

Agnes got married to Chip Hailstone, her co-star. He is originally from Kalispell, Montana. He came to Alaska in his late teenage years. Same to his wife, Chip is a skilled hunter. They met in Noorvik, but there is no information about when that happened.

What we do know is that they tied the knot in 1992.

It is interesting to note that she has been married before, and has two sons from her previous marriage. She was married to a man whose surname is Carter and has sons Douglas Carter and Jon Carter from that marriage. Both her sons are hunters, and they do appear in the reality show. Her son Douglas is married to Gloria Iyatunguk, with whom she has five children. Jon is also married with kids.

Agnes and Chip have been married for more than 30 years as of June 2023. They have five daughters as a couple, Mary Hailstone, Caroline Hailstone, Tinmiaq Hailstone, Iriqtaq Hailstone, and Qutan Hailstone.

The two eldest daughters, Tinmiaq and Iriqtaq, were initially homeschooled, but they later went to a local school in Noorvik.

Agnes is an amazing example and reflection of her parents and grandparents. With the declining number of tribal people, Agnes has remained true to her family norms and value. She has not chosen the modern lifestyle like many other indigenous people.

What Happened To Agnes In The Show?

Agnes is the longest resident of the show, one who has appeared in the most episodes besides narrator James Franzo and poster lady Sue Aikens.

In the documentary Life Below Zero, she is portrayed as a hunter who strives to survive with the options available in Alaska. She uses a Mosin Nagant rifle and an all-purpose knife Ulu.

What Does Her Tattoo Mean?

Fans recognize Anges for her chin tattoo. What does it mean? Well, according to reports, the tattoo on the chin was given to her when she hit puberty. It is a sign of maturity and signifies she is hard-working.

Some other reports say it means she is a serious woman. The stripes tattooed on her chin indicate that a woman has matured and should not spend much time fooling around.

Is She On Social Media?

We have grown accustomed to reality TV star people being quite active on social media. But as we said before, Agnes Hailstone doesn’t want much of the modern lifestyle. She remains devoted to her tribal life.

Therefore, you cannot find her on any social media platform, be it Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Net Worth

So, how much can you earn by living off the land in Alaska? Well, if we judge by Agnes Hailstone’s net worth, not much. According to reports, Agnes and Chip have a net worth of close to $100,000.

Her annual salary is $25,000 for appearing on Life Below Zero. But we can assume Agnes is happy with that. After all, the modern lifestyle is not something she is interested in. Agnes is more than happy to live a self-sufficient life in Alaska.

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