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Real Name:Alexus Whilby-Chrisley
Net Worth:N/A
Height:170 cm
Occupation:American Businesswoman,
Entrepreneur, Proprietor

Alexus Whilby stepped into the public eye after her marriage to former reality TV star Kyle Chrisley. Her husband, Kyle, happens to be the son of American business mogul, Todd Chrisley. Alexus is also known as a businesswoman that co-owns and is a director of Home Designs & Business Development. Although she married into fame, she has still managed to remain a little bit under the radar, with very little known about her family life, personal interests, or even hobbies.

Personal Life

Alexus Whilby is an African-American born in 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. Her parents are quite unknown to the public, but she has Jamaican roots. She went through childhood growing together with a sister named Amber Pyratt. On August 26, 2017, there was the unfortunate announcement that her father had passed.

Alexus has gotten education up to the university level, attending middle Georgia College, and graduating from Oglethorpe University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biopsychology in 2014.

Her marriage and details about how Alexus met her husband, Kyle Chrisley, are in short supply. They have kept their relationship under wraps. They got wedded in 2014 and have not had any kids since then.

Alexus’ husband Kyle Chrisley is known for appearing on “Chrisley Knows Best,” the reality show of the USA Network. It is an American reality TV series held in Roswell and Alpharetta, near Atlanta. After the show’s first airing on March 11, 2014, Kyle was not regular.

His father, Todd Chrisley is a hardworking entrepreneur and self-made millionaire born in Georgia, United States, on April 6, 1969. He’s been married for almost 20 years to Julie, and they are blessed with five children and one granddaughter. He is known as the family’s patriarch, and he also stars on a couple of shows like the hit reality show, Chrisley Knows Best. Kyle also has four sisters, including Savannah Chrisley, Chrisley Lindsie, Chrisley Chase, and Chrisley Grayson.

Her husband, Kyle Chrisley, has been more in the spotlight in several incidences with his father, ex-wife, and even had cases with the law over drug-related matters. When he first met Alexus, Kyle was heavily involved with illicit drugs. It was a downward spiral for him, landing into estrangement with his family members. He even assaulted his ex-girlfriend Angela because of his addiction and even threatened his sister with a knife. While still abusing drugs, Kyle had a daughter with his ex-girlfriend. Angela was also into drugs, and they both faced law charges, with Chloe, their daughter going into the custody of Todd Chrisley.

In 2013, Kyle filed a lawsuit requesting regular visits, but the verdict never got released to the public. With the help of Alexus, Kyle gradually overcame his drug problem and came clean. Things seemed to be improving until Kyle attempted suicide in 2019. He ended up failing and was quickly rushed to the hospital. The Chrisley family stood by each other during the period and supported their son. In a statement, Todd Chrisley wrote, “NOT TODAY SATAN, NOT TODAY… Kyle is great, and we are back to the grid.


As soon as Alexus Whilby graduated from university in 2014, she started working for ALTA Language Services as an account manager. These days, she overlooks business development and is also the manager, joint owner, and director of Home Design & Business Development at Whilby’s Company, LLC.

On a more romantically creative level, Alexus and her husband Kyle formed a band, Lexi & Kyle Chrisley. The duo sang and released their first-ever single Shame on You in 2014. The single got really poor reviews. The song was so terrible that they both quit their musical careers, and their fans were really not sad about it. They actually encouraged and wished them well going forward.

Net Worth

Alexus Whilby has not officially disclosed her wealth. She lives privately and does not attract public attention with public displays of her wealth, and it is not clear how much she earns from her business projects. Her job role as co-owner and director at Whilbys LL allows her to earn a handsome amount of money. Her estimated assets could be up to a million dollars.

Her husband is said to be worth $500 thousand, and they are also owners of a 3000 square feet house in Georgia that is worth over a hundred thousand dollars. Her father-in-law Todd Chrisley is a well-known American businessman who has had a successful career that has made him become a multi-millionaire. His fortune is thought to be around $45 million. And her mother-in-law is also believed to have a fortune of about $3 million. However, as soon as we gather more details about her net worth, this section will be updated.


We hope that the article has been able to give you some information, or at least some clue as to who Alexus Whilby actually is. Admittedly, there isn’t much information available to the general public, but we were able to scour available resources to come up with this for you. However, let’s have a quick recap.

Alexus Whilby happens to be the wife of a reality star, Kyle Chrisley, son of a famous American businessman, Todd Chrisley, and she is popular because of this. She is a working-class university graduate that has a couple of job titles to her name. As a wife, she has been very loving and supportive of her husband, being at his side during his occasional drug or family-related issues. They both formed a band together and even released a song together.

Alexus is generally a private person and does not engage the media, or put details about herself out for the public, so we would have to make do with all we know about her for now. Rest assured that as time goes on, if there is any new detail about her that comes to light, we will update this article to keep you in the loop of things.

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