Alexus Whilby – Looking at the Former Wife of Kyle Chrisley

Real Name:Alexus Whilby-Chrisley
Net Worth:N/A
Height:170 cm
Occupation:American Businesswoman,
Entrepreneur, Proprietor

Alexus Whilby has garnered public attention primarily through her association with the entertainment industry, though not as a performer herself. Born in 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia, she stepped into the business domain as the co-owner and director of Home Designs and Business Development, as well as managing Whilby’s Company, LLC. Her entrance into public recognition came through her marriage to Kyle Chrisley, a former reality TV star known from the show “Chrisley Knows Best” and son of the businessman Todd Chrisley.

Whilby’s professional background includes her role as an account manager, which she began in 2014 in Atlanta, contributing to her estimated net worth of $300 thousand. The combination of her business acumen and her connection to the high-profile Chrisley family has put her in the spotlight, extending her personal narrative beyond her corporate identity. Despite her professional successes, it is her personal life, particularly her relationship and subsequent marriage to Kyle Chrisley, that has kept her name circulating in the media.

The attention she has received is further magnified by her indirect connection to the legal controversies surrounding the Chrisley family. Her involvement, especially as Kyle Chrisley’s spouse, and the dynamics within the family have often been of interest to the public and media outlets. However, Whilby has maintained a level of independence in her professional life, focusing on her career in business development and account management.

Early Life and Education

Alexus Whilby’s journey began in Georgia, reflecting a rich heritage rooted in American soil with significant influences from Jamaican ancestry. Her academic path was shaped by her dedication to her education, leading her to obtain a college degree.

Childhood and Family Background

Alexus Whilby was born into an African American family with Jamaican roots. Her parents, the late Isaac Samuel Whilby and Judy Malcolm, provided her with a culturally rich upbringing. She spent her early years in Georgia, where she was immersed in an environment that celebrated both her American nationality and Afro-American identity. As part of a close-knit family, she was one of several siblings, and her family’s support played a pivotal role in her early life and education.

Academic Pursuits

Whilby pursued her higher education keenly, which culminated in her graduating from Oglethorpe University in 2016 with a B.S. degree in psychology. Prior to her university education, she attended Middle Georgia College, where she laid the foundations for her academic success. Her time at Oglethorpe University was marked by a deep engagement with the subject of psychology, as she prepared to apply her knowledge and skills in her professional life.

Personal Life

Alexus Whilby’s personal life has seen its share of public interest, primarily due to her association with reality TV personality Kyle Chrisley and the dynamics of the Chrisley family. The focal point of her personal narrative revolves around her marriage to Kyle, the challenges they faced, and the impact of being intertwined with a high-profile family.

Relationship with Kyle Chrisley

Before Alexus Whilby became widely recognized, she entered a relationship with Kyle Chrisley, the son of Todd Chrisley, the main figure of the reality show “Chrisley Knows Best.” Kyle Chrisley has had a visible history of substance abuse, but their relationship began while he was on the path to recovery. Alexus played a supportive role in his life during this time.

Marriage and Issues

Alexus Whilby and Kyle Chrisley married in 2014, bringing her into close association with the reality TV world and the Chrisley family. Their union, however, encountered issues. Although initially strong enough to overcome Kyle’s past struggles, the marriage faced pressures that eventually led to their separation. Details about their divorce proceedings have not been widely disclosed.

Family Dynamics

Becoming Kyle Chrisley’s spouse, Alexus Whilby found herself involved with the larger Chrisley family, including Todd Chrisley, Julie Chrisley, and Chloe Chrisley, Kyle’s daughter from a previous relationship. The Chrisleys have had legal troubles and custody battles involving Chloe, shaping a complex family dynamic. Alexus navigated being a daughter-in-law within a family that dealt with both the public eye due to their television presence and internal family matters.

Professional Career

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Alexus Whilby has leveraged her skills in business management and development to establish a pragmatic career. She has made significant strides as an account manager and in the fields of home design and real estate.

Business Endeavors

Alexus Whilby co-owns Whilby’s Company, LLC, where she serves as a director, actively incorporating her expertise in business development into the company’s growth. As an entrepreneur, she has navigated the complexities of running a business alongside her other professional engagements.

Work in Home Design

In the realm of home design, Alexus holds the title of co-owner and director of Home Designs, where she applies her practical knowledge to real estate projects. Her efforts contribute to the aesthetic and functional aspects of residential properties, underscoring her versatility as a businesswoman. Notably, Whilby has been associated with a role as an account manager at ALTA Language Service since 2014, highlighting her professional durability.

Media and Public Perception

Alexus Whilby’s interaction with the media and public has been greatly influenced by her association with the family of the reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best” and her consequent online engagements.

Involvement with Chrisley Knows Best

Whilby became known to the public through her marriage to Kyle Chrisley, the son of Todd Chrisley, the central figure of the USA Network‘s reality TV series “Chrisley Knows Best.” Her time as part of the Chrisley family cast her into the spotlight and subjected her to public and media scrutiny. During her marriage, she was indirectly associated with the glamorous but often tumultuous world of American celebrity culture. Despite her private nature, Whilby’s perceived role in the family dynamic, as reported by outlets like HollywoodLife, was sometimes speculated upon, with the media presenting her as a potential “breath of fresh air” amidst the family’s public disputes.

Online Presence and Image

Whilby’s online presence, particularly through platforms like Instagram, has been subjected to the court of public opinion. Social media followers and media coverage have reacted to her posts and public statements, often framing her persona within the context of her past relationship with the Chrisleys. She has had moments where the media reinforced her image as someone facing controversy, especially during instances where the family feud became public. For instance, accusations made by her former father-in-law were addressed on platforms where terms like “shame on you” gained traction in the discourse surrounding the family’s internal conflicts. Despite the challenges, Whilby maintains her American nationality and identity separate from the Chrisley brand, navigating the complexities of being a public figure associated with a widely recognized reality TV family.

Net Worth and Economic Influence

Alexus Whilby has garnered attention not only through her marriage to Kyle Chrisley but also through her economic activities. Her involvement in the business world, specifically in home designs and real estate, has been an instrumental part of her financial narrative.

Wealth Estimation

According to various sources, Alexus Whilby’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. This estimation arises from her dealings in the business sector, particularly related to home designs where she has co-ownership and serves in an executive role. Whilby’s acumen in managing financial assets and business development places her in a comfortable financial position.

Investments and Property

Alexus Whilby, along with her business endeavors, is known to reside in a house in Georgia that epitomizes comfort and spaciousness, boasting around 3000 square feet. Whilby’s investment in real estate, such as her own home, showcases her understanding of property value and investment strategy. The home is also a symbol of her stability and success in her personal and professional life.

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