Allison Balson: A Retrospective on Her Life and Career

Real Name:Allison Balson
Birthday:November 19, 1969
Net Worth:$2 million
Height:160 cm
Occupation:American Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Allison Balson is an American talent who has made her mark as an accomplished singer-songwriter and a former actress. Born on November 19, 1969, in Los Angeles, California, she stepped into the limelight as Nancy Oleson on the beloved television series “Little House on the Prairie” from 1981 to 1983. Her portrayal of Nancy left a memorable impression on the show’s fans and established her as a recognizable figure in the entertainment industry.

In addition to her acting career, Balson has cultivated a parallel path in music, showcasing her versatility as a published singer-songwriter. Her engagement with music is evident in her performances and compositions for various projects. Balson’s educational background complements her artistic endeavors; she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Princeton University and an MBA from Trinity College, Dublin, which underscore her multifaceted capabilities both in front of the camera and in her academic pursuits.

Balson’s professional journey is punctuated by a number of notable appearances in film and television beyond her iconic role in “Little House on the Prairie.” She has been part of projects such as “Bialy smok” (1987), “Best Seller” (1987), and “Broken Blood” (2013). Her continued contributions to the arts, coupled with her academic achievements, paint a picture of an individual whose diverse talents have allowed her to transition seamlessly between the worlds of acting and music.

Early Life and Education

Allison Balson, an accomplished individual from a young age, distinguished herself both in the world of acting and in academia. Her early ventures into the entertainment industry as a child model were complemented by her dedication to her studies, culminating in noteworthy academic achievements.

Child Model

At the tender age of five, Allison Balson began her career as a child model. She worked for major department stores and clothing companies, showcasing her on-camera presence and versatility from an early age. Her early modeling work foreshadowed a successful transition to acting, where her on-screen charisma would continue to shine.

Academic Achievements

Balson’s academic prowess was evident when she completed her high school education with the honor of being named Valedictorian, signifying her as the top student of her class. She carried this excellence into higher education at Princeton University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree. After Princeton, she furthered her education at Trinity College Dublin, where she attained her master’s degree. Throughout her academic career, Balson demonstrated a remarkable capacity for learning and leadership.

Acting Career

Allison Balson’s acting career encompasses a variety of roles in television and indie films, marked by her start as a child actor and her versatility across different genres.

Beginnings on TV

Allison Balson’s television career began early when she portrayed Chrissy Roberts in the syndicated drama The Life and Times of Eddie Roberts in 1980. Her work in television further expanded with guest appearances on shows such as CHIPs, where her talent in front of the camera started to gain recognition.

Notable Roles

Perhaps the most prominent role in Allison Balson’s career was Nancy Oleson on the historic television series Little House on the Prairie. She joined the cast in 1981 and brought the character to life until 1983. Her performance resonated with audiences and became a significant part of her acting portfolio.

Indie Film Contributions

While Balson’s television career was ascending, she also appeared in indie films that included 1980’s The Hearse and 1981’s Looker. These contributions showcased her ability to handle film roles and adapt to the different demands of indie filmmaking compared to television.

Commercial Work

In addition to entertainment, Balson’s versatility as an actress also led her to commercial work, which included modeling and advertising for major department stores and clothing companies. Her experience in commercial work complements her acting skills and adds to her multifaceted career in the entertainment industry.

Musical Endeavors

Allison Balson’s musical repertoire extends across various projects where she has demonstrated her skills as a singer and songwriter.

Albums and Singles

Allison Balson, a published singer and songwriter, has a number of recordings to her name. Her work includes the single “I Wonder”, which showcases her vocal talent. In her capacity as a recording artist, she has been associated with Organic Time Records, a label known for its dedication to producing genuine and high-quality music.

Live Performances

Throughout her career, Balson has graced audiences with her live performances, although specific details about concert dates or venues are less documented in public records. Her ability to engage with live audiences is well recognized, adding a dynamic aspect to her career as a musical artist.

Musical Style

Her musical style encapsulates a blend of heartfelt lyrics and melodies, aligning with her identity as both a singer and a songwriter. In her performances and recordings, Balson exhibits a profound understanding of musicality that resonates with her audience. The music she creates is often rooted in personal experiences, giving it a reflective and relatable quality.

Balson’s diverse skills have also led her to explore various avenues in entertainment, including acting roles in productions like “Best Seller,” “Broken Blood,” and “Legend of the White Horse.” However, it is her musical talent that continues to define her artistic portfolio.


Allison Balson began her acting career at a young age with a variety of roles in both television and film. Over the years, she has made a number of appearances that have contributed to her filmography.

Early Career: Her foray into cinema includes a role in the movie “The Hearse” (1980), where she played the character Alice. This role marked one of her initial appearances on the big screen during her early years in acting.

Television Breakthrough: Balson is perhaps best known for her tenure on the television series “Little House on the Prairie” from 1981 to 1984, where she captured the audience’s attention with her performance.

Here is a brief overview of her roles in movies:

  • 1980: “The Hearse” as Alice
  • 1987: “Best Seller”

Balson’s filmography extends beyond these roles, with various appearances throughout the 1980s. After her acting period, Balson chose to take a step away from the screen, pursuing a career as a published singer-songwriter. Her contributions to the industry are recognized on platforms such as IMDb, which provides a record of her works in entertainment.

Her entry into the industry with modeling at age five set the stage for her later involvement in films like Stanley DeBrock, showcasing her versatility across different mediums. Despite not featuring in an extensive list of movies, Allison Balson’s impact through her select roles has been noted in film history.

Personal Life

Allison Balson, an American actress and singer, enriches her life beyond the screen and stage with diverse interests and engagements. She celebrates her birthday on November 19th, marking her presence in the world since 1969.

Hobbies and Interests

Allison Balson nurtures a passion for music that complements her acting career. Her appreciation for the arts extends into her personal time, where she indulges in crafting melodies and honing her vocal skills. In addition, she values the tranquility and excitement provided by travelling, exploring diverse cultures, and embracing new experiences.

Involvement in Charities

Dedicated to giving back, Balson participates in various charitable initiatives. Her altruism is evident through her support for causes that improve the lives of underprivileged groups and support educational endeavors. Specific organizations and events she’s involved with generally align with her values of empowerment and community development.

Public Image

Recognized for her role in Little House on the Prairie, Allison Balson maintains a positive public image. She’s perceived as approachable and authentic, traits that have anchored her popularity with a steadfast fanbase. Her public appearances and interactions are marked by a blend of professionalism and genuine warmth, which resonate well with the public and media.

Media Presence

Allison Balson has maintained a selective media presence, with a focus on key platforms and professional engagements.

Social Media

Allison Balson’s social media footprint is rather minimal, reflecting her preference for a more private life. As of now, she does not maintain public accounts on major social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. This distinguishes her from many of her contemporaries who often engage with fans and followers via these channels.

Interviews and Appearances

Throughout her career, Allison Balson has made various media appearances, primarily tied to her roles in the entertainment industry. Her most notable interviews and guest appearances can often be found archived online. Balson’s participation in interviews is often linked to her past acting projects or her music career. Additionally, professional insights about Balson’s career can be attained from IMDbPro, which offers comprehensive information relating to her filmography and public appearances.

Awards and Recognition

Allison Balson has been a name associated with talent in the areas of acting, singing, and songwriting. Although her list of accolades is not extensive, the recognition she has received highlights the impact of her work in entertainment.

Balson’s career began as a child actress, and her most notable role was that of Nancy Oleson on the beloved television series Little House on the Prairie, where she featured from 1981 to 1983. During her journey as a performer, she has received nominations that acknowledge her acting prowess. In particular, Balson was nominated at the Young Artist Awards, which is a testament to her skills in her formative years as an actress.

Transitioning from acting to music, she continued to express her creative talents as a singer-songwriter from 2013 onwards.

Her musical endeavors, although not itemized with mainstream awards, have allowed Balson to build a reputable presence within the industry. It is the passion and quality she brings to her work that resonates with her audience and peers alike.

While specific awards and nominations post-acting career are not detailed, Allison Balson’s commitment to her crafts and the recognition she received during her early career reflect a trajectory of dedication and artistry.

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