Amazon Sourcing and Research Tools You Should Take Advantage Of

Many Amazon sellers find it difficult to acquire profitable, sourceable, shippable, and most importantly low-competition market products. With the help of product research, you can target potential products for your store and gather all the information you can about them to determine whether they are profitable and sourceable or not. This step is extremely important in the selling process, however, it’s much more complicated and time-consuming to gather accurate data on product supply and demand than many would think. Amazon sourcing and research tools provide an innovative solution to this problem by making this process a lot quicker and easier, which helps those sellers make better business decisions. Keep reading to learn about the top Amazon product research tools and find out which one would suit your business the most.

Helium 10

This Amazon product research tool provides sellers with amazing features that help build and scale their Amazon trading business. You start by using its Black box tool, which runs deep market and product research to analyze over 400 million products and help you access the database of the product that fits your store needs the most. As soon as you’re finished with your product selection process, you can move on to another Helium 10 tool called Xray, which ensures you have an estimated revenue and a sales opportunity with the products you choose. Other tools include Trendster, which analyzes the seasonal demand on your products, and the Profitability Calculator which gives you an accurate estimation for the profitability of your products based on the product manufacturing, fulfillment fees, dimensions, and weight.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is known as the Amazon solution that sticks with you from the beginning and until the launch of your business idea. When we compare Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout, we find that Jungle Scout comes with 4 main features as well, they just don’t quite serve the same purposes. Jungle Scout’s product database covers over 70 million products that can be filtered to allow sellers to come up with the most suitable product ideas. This software also comes with a keyword scout tool that researches the products and keywords that are searched for the most by your customers. The product tracker allows sellers to receive insights on potential competitors to keep track of their inventory data, daily sales, and estimated revenue.


Keepa is one of the most popular free product research tools that is designed to help wholesalers in saving money by letting them know when their audience loses interest in the products they buy. When you avoid paying too much money on products that won’t sell, you get to make better and more accurate business decisions. This is because Keepa provides sellers with a rich database of other sellers’ rankings, records, and product rankings. The software for this tool alerts you with the items that you chose to track on your social media so that you can observe how these items are doing in real-time.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch is one of the best Amazon solutions for product discovery as it helps sellers find their top-seller items through filtering over 200 million brands, products, and keywords. This tool also comes with market intelligence to validate your product choices and provide you with review rates, sales estimates, and price trends for your product idea. You can use Viral Launch to conduct thorough keyword research where you get to know the most profitable keywords, their search volume, along with a recommended CPC so that you can predict the marketing costs and the profitability rates. Viral Launch provides a range of other features including competitor intelligence, a Chrome extension, historical sales data, a profitability calculator, and brand analytics.


The secret to the success of CamelCamelCamel comes from the consistency of its basic features along with the fact that the software is free to use. Well, of course, unless you want the additional features. However, the free features include price history data, price drop alerts, product tracking, and the chrome extension which saves a lot of time instead of having to frequently move between tabs. Another included feature is the ability to transfer your Amazon wish lists over to the CamelCamelCamel software so that you can track them and find them on the same application. Overall, the tool is very helpful and can work as a category finder on Amazon, plus it’s completely free to use.

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The process of product research is very time-consuming and can be difficult for Amazon sellers who don’t use product sourcing and research tools to help them narrow down their choices. These tools are designed to help you grow as a seller on Amazon by providing you with everything you need for product research, estimating profit, analyzing competitors, and filtering keyword trends. While some tools are free, other tools can provide you with even more features and advantages if you opt for their paid services and software tools.

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