Amy Van Nostrand – Net Worth And Quick Bio

Real Name:Amy Van Nostrand
Birthday:April 11, 1953
Net Worth:$1 million
Height:170 cm
Occupation:American Actress

Amy Van Nostrand is an American actress. But you might not have heard of her. Why? Because she got famous as a stage actress for Broadway and off-Broadway productions. On Broadway, she appeared in The Hothouse by Harold Pinter. And she also appeared in Dance With Me by Pearl Theatre’s off-Broadway production. Today, we will talk about the fortune of Amy Van Nostrand.

How much do stage actresses make? Do they reach the same level of popularity as Hollywood celebrities? Of course not. So why do they stick to the stage? Well, the stage has its beauty, something that Hollywood doesn’t provide. But let’s take a look at Amy’s life, career, and wealth.

Quick Bio

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Amy is an American actress that got famous in the 1980s and 1990s. She got famous for her appearance on stage at Williamson Theatre Festival. There, she performed in the show The Three Sisters. But she also appeared in many other productions.

Born in 1953, Amy is a veteran in the business of acting. She doesn’t reveal information about siblings and family members. But she did reveal that she wanted to work as an actress from her early days.

Her passion for acting grew as she started performing in functions and ceremonies at school. As a teenager, she appeared in different roles in theatrical plays and public opera houses.

Van Nostrand went to Huntington Theatre Company to perform regularly. After graduating from high school, she went to Brown University. There, she got a degree in arts and then studied in the Trinity Repertory.

After graduating from Brown, she spent her 20s working in theatres. In her late 20s, she moved to Los Angeles in the pursuit of a screen acting career.

Amy made her debut in 1981 with a supporting role in the movie The House of Mirth. Critics praised her performance as Gwen in the movie. And they gave the movie good reviews.

At the same time, she made her appearance on Broadway as Miss Cutts in The Hothouse. Since then, she has worked with theatres like George Street Playhouse, The Huntington Theatre Company, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Coast Playhouse, Trinity Rep, and many more.

Her movie and television credits include Execution of Justice, Outside Providence, Partners in Crime, Deception, The Fugitive, Frasier, The Practice, Trial by Jury, Over My Dead Body, and many more.

In 1993, Van Nostrand won a Drama-Logue Award for her performance in The Colorado Catechism. Thanks to her good performance in Made in Heaven, Amy started receiving more and more movie appearances.

Her latest acting project came in 2008 as part of the movie Ghost Down. Since then, she retired from acting and remains inactive in that field.

We have to mention that Amy had a successful trial as a producer as well. She worked as the producer in the 1999 movie, Seven Girlfriends. Van Nostrand also remains a member of the Board of Directors at Theater Company of Weston Playhouse.

She got married to actor Tim Daly in 1982. Almost 30 years later, they got a divorce in 2010. Tim and Amy have two children together, Sam and Emelyn Daly.

She remains single after the divorce from Tim. The two dated for a while in the late 1970s, and then got married in the 1980s.

Fun fact: Their children work as actors as well. Sam got famous for the work in Hunters, Fatale, and The Office. And Emelyn appeared in Madam Secretary, Recess Rules: Pao Ing Chup, and Buddy Talk.

Do not expect to find Amy on social media. She doesn’t maintain a social media account. Yes, some pages bear her name. But those are all fan accounts. She doesn’t have an official account on any social media channels.

Net Worth

So, how much is Amy Van Nostrand’s cash flow? How much did she earn as a stage actress? There is no information on her salary. She continues working on some Broadway and off-Broadway productions.

Per some sources, Amy’s wealth in 2021 is close to $1 million.

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