Brandon Boyd – Net Worth And Quick Bio

Real Name:Brandon Charles Boyd
Birthday:February 15, 1976
Net Worth:$20 million
Height:188 cm
Occupation:American Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Author, Visual Artist

Brandon Charles Boyd is an American singer, songwriter, musician, author, and visual artist. Most people recognize him as the lead vocalist of the American rock band, Incubus. But he also has a solo career outside of Incubus. What is he up to these days? How much is Brandon Boyd’s cash flow?

Do you want to find out? Read on for some info on his career path, journey, education, and wealth. Let’s go.

Quick Bio

Born in February 1976, he graduated from Calabasas High School in 1994. He then attended Moorpark College for two years. And in 1996, at the age of 20, he joined Incubus and committed his time to the band. He grew up in Calabasas, California.

As a young kid, he hanged out with Ricky Taylor. And he inspired him to write music. Boyd’s parents, Priscilla Dolly Wiseman and Charles Boyd had an experience in entertainment. They nurtured his artistic side from the very early days of his childhood.

His environment allowed him to flourish. His younger brother, Jason Boyd, also worked as a lead singer of the band Audiovent. And his cousin Berto Boyd is an accomplished Flamenco guitarist and composer.

So, how did his career start? Brandon designed concert fliers that advertised some of the early performances of Incubus. Remember, he worked as a visual artist as well. And he occasionally played the guitar.

His voice enticed Sony’s Epic/Immortal Records. Boyd had previously released an album, Fungus Amongus. Epic/Immortal Records signed the band in 1996. They released their first two albums, Enjoy Incubus and S.C.I.E.N.C.E. But the fans and the mainstream media didn’t pay much attention to it.

Yet, the next two albums, Make Yourself and Morning View reached commercial success. Boyd himself attracted a lot of female fans. Girls scream for him to take his shit off at Incubus shows. And he usually does it.

In 2001, a magazine article wrote, “Considering his androgynous beauty and sweet demeanor, plus Incubus’ kid-tested/mother-approved guitar rock, it is no surprise he’s MTV’s newest weapon of mass heartbreak”.

Teen People listed him as one of the hottest guys in music. His sensitive-guy appeal makes him an instant draw for female listeners.

In 2011, the band finished its seventh studio album, If Not Now, When? They did not release any more albums or tracks under Sony.

In December 2014, the band performed their upcoming single Trust Fall at KROQ and announced the release of two EP’s in 2015. They released it under Island Records. In 2017, Boyd and his band teamed up with Skrillex on a collaboration.

Besides his success in music, Boyd has other things in mind as well. For example, from 2003 to 2008, he put more focus on creating fine art. Painting took much of his time during that period. He participated in group and solo art shows. Boyd used his artwork as a way to raise awareness for environmental activism.

In March 2020, he had a scheduled large-scale solo exhibit, Impossible Knots. Yet, the Covid-19 pandemic postponed the exhibit.

He has written and curated three books, each with his own illustrations, photography, and song lyrics. Brandon published the books White Fluffy Clouds, From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss, and So the Echo under his book imprint, Endophasia Publications.

Speaking about his activism, in the spring of 2011, he made a large mural at the Hurley Space Gallery. He wanted to raise awareness about single-use plastics and the harmful effects on the oceans in the world. Boyd gets involved with many organizations and charities that help the environment. He and his bandmates founded the NGO The Make Yourself Foundation in 2003. So far, they have managed to raise more than $1.4 million for different causes.

Apart from Incubus, he enjoyed success as a solo artist as well. In July 2010, he released his debut solo album, The Wild Trapeze. But he couldn’t stay alone for a long time. In January 2013, he formed a new band, Sons of the Sea. The album toured from 2013 until 2014 while Incubus had its indefinite hiatus.

Net Worth

The lead vocalist of Incubus has estimated assets of $20 million. Brandon Boyd gained popularity as a musician, but he enjoyed success in other ventures as well.

With Incubus, he released a total of 12 albums. He also has one solo album, and two albums with Sons of the Sea. But most of his success comes from Incubus. The band has sold more than $19 million albums worldwide.

Brandon spends his money on environmental causes, but also on good properties. He lives in Los Angeles for many years. There, he has two properties. In 2012, he purchased a 13,000 square foot house in Santa Monica for $3.5 million. And then in 2016, he bought a 3,500 square foot home on 2.7 acres in the nearby hilly area of Topanga for $2.5 million.

The second house features an 800 square foot yurt. He turned it into a studio/office/guesthouse.

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