Anjelah Johnson – Net Worth, Early & Personal Life

Real Name:Anjelah Nicole Johnson-Reyes
Birthday:May 14, 1982
Net Worth:$500,000
Height:163 cm
Occupation:American Actress, Comedian, Singer, Former NFL Cheerleader

Anjelah Johnson is known for her many skills. She is an American comedian, a former NFL Cheerleader, and also an actress. In all her endeavors, Anjelah has been successful, winning awards and earning fame in the process. She has worked on shows and movies like MADtv,  Ugly Betty,Love, Inc., Our Family Wedding, Enough Said, Moms Night Out, Marmaduke, The Book of Life, and The Resurrection of Gavin Stone.

Anjelah’s career has also involved music, and she released her studio album Gold Plated Dreams. During her time as a cheerleader, Johnson earned herself the title of Rookie of the Year with the Oakland Raiderettes. She has also been nominated for the Outstanding Female Performance category of the ALMA Awards. Anjelah Johnson is happily married to Manwell Reyes. Throughout this article, we will be telling you all there is to know about the actress and comedian.

Early & Personal Life

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes was born as Anjelah Nicole Johnson on May 14, 1982, in San Jose, California, to loving Christian parents of Mexican and Native American descent. She was raised in San Jose with four siblings, including Kennie and Veronica Johnson. Her family has flourished into a close-knit large extended family.

She was a Pop Warner cheerleader from the age of 8 and participated actively in softball, soccer, and track. She was also known for practicing hip hop and breakdance. For Anjelah, her acting had started since her high school days, and was very interested in imitating accents. She went on to study speech communications at De Anza College. Anjelah Johnson got married to Manwell Reyes on June 11, 2011, in Half Moon Bay, California. Although she loves her big family, Anjelah once confessed that she and her husband would not want to have their children.


Anjelah’s career as a cheerleader started in 2002 when she became an Oakland Raiderette, and she went on to perform at the Super Bowl XXXVII. She earned the title of Rookie of the Year. After a great year at the NFL, Johnson-Reyes decided that it was best to pursue her dream of acting in Los Angeles.

Her acting debut was in 2006 when she appeared in the series Love Inc. A year later, she was in the flick The Box. Her viral video, Nail Salon, made her an internet sensation and allowed her to work in stand-up, television, and film. Still, in 2007, she became part of the regular cast of the series ‘MADtv,’ and her character on the show, Bon Qui Qui, soon became another internet sensation.

Her original character has been loved and appreciated by over 65 million people across the world. As Bon Qui Qui, Anjelah had released three songs and two music videos before landing a record deal with Warner Bros. Records to release her debut album, Gold Plated Dreams. The album was so successful that she went on two sold-out tours. She also released a Christmas EP titled Merry Hoodmas. Anjelah went on to appear in Comedy Central in 2009.

In coming years, she got featured in movies and shows like Ugly Betty, Lopez Tonight, Our Family Wedding, Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, Enough Said, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, Mom’s Night Out, and Marmaduke.

Anjelah has been in multiple ads and commercials, including campaigns for international brands like Sprint, Visa, Verizon, Snickers, All-state, K-Swiss, and Dryers Ice Cream. In 2011, she became the spokesperson for Taco Cabana, a Texas-based restaurant chain. She later became a spokesperson for Don’t be an SOV (single occupant vehicle) campaign of the biggest vanpooling company in the USA, vRide, that encouraged ridesharing and carpooling.

In June 2009, she was given her own one-hour Comedy Central special, Anjelah Johnson: That’s How We Do It. Her second one-hour comedy special titled Homecoming Show soon premiered in 2013 on Netflix. In 2014, Anjelah recorded her third comedy special, Not Fancy, which is a Netflix original. Proving to be a successful and hardworking professional, she filmed her fourth-hour special Mahalo & Goodnight in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 2017.

Marriage Life

Anjelah Johnson is happily married to the singer, rapper, and songwriter, Manwell Reyes. The couple connected strongly when they met as both Christians, and they both discovered their passions in High school. Many people may be more familiar with Anjelah but know almost nothing about her husband, Manwell. To help out with that, we will give you some interesting details about Manwell.

Manwell was born in Germany. His father was a US military officer at the time, and Manwell returned to the US with his mother and older brother. He was a troublesome kid that got himself kicked out from three schools. He later discovered Christianity and developed a passion for music during Christian summer camps. He earned some fame for being the lead singer of the Christian hip-hop group called the Group 1 Crew.

In 2017, Manwell announced that he would be setting Group 1 Crew aside to follow other interests, and he created a new group called PANDA$, which makes more mainstream music and uses a panda costume as a mascot. Throughout his career, he has released several music videos and audio that are available on different platforms.

Net Worth

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes has not officially declared her assets and earnings, but thanks to her successful career, she is thought to have a cash flow of $500,000. Her husband, Manwell, is also believed to have a estimated assets that is almost $1 million through his success in the music industry. Anjelah is still very active in Hollywood and is a young woman, so it is expected that her fortune will grow with her career.


Anjelah Johnson-Reyes is not a stranger to media attention, but she manages to maintain a filter between the inquisitive public and her private life. She shares some personal moments on her social media, but she doesn’t divulge too many details. We have provided all we could find out about the star. But let’s have a quick recap.

Anjelah Johnson-Reyes is an actress, singer, and comedian that has risen to significant levels since the start of her career. She has been in many movies and television productions. She released some songs and appeared in commercials too. She works hard to achieve more in her career. She is happily married to Manwell Reyes, and the couple has stated that as much as they enjoy kids, they don’t want any of theirs.

We wish her and her husband all the best in their endeavors, and we will keep you updated with new information.

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