Maureen McPhilmy: What Happened to Bill O’Reilly Former Spouse?

Real Name:Maureen Elizabeth McPhilmy
Birthday:May 11, 1966
Net Worth:$11 million
Height:175 cm
Occupation:American Public Relations Executive, Ex-celebrity spouse of Bill O'Reilly

Maureen McPhilmy, born on May 11, 1966, in Chittenango, New York, has carved a professional niche for herself as a public relations executive in the United States. Beyond her career accomplishments, she is more widely recognized in the public eye for her previous marriage to political commentator and television host Bill O’Reilly. Their matrimonial union thrust McPhilmy into the limelight and subjected their private life to public scrutiny, particularly during their highly publicized separation and subsequent legal disputes.

Despite the challenges that arose from her association with a media personality of O’Reilly’s stature, McPhilmy has managed to maintain a degree of professionalism and composure. Her experience and endurance through allegations of domestic abuse and legal battles, including a lawsuit for defamation, underscore her resilience. Beyond her personal trials, McPhilmy has built a life that includes her marriage to Jeffrey Gross, a detective, with whom she shares two children. Her American identity and experiences reflect a multifaceted life encompassing both her personal journey and professional endeavors.

Early Life and Background

Maureen Elizabeth McPhilmy was born on May 11, 1966, in Chittenango, New York, United States. Her upbringing in New York played a significant role in shaping her early life.


McPhilmy attended St. Peter’s School, where she received her foundational education. Her academic journey here laid the groundwork for her future undertakings.


McPhilmy grew up with her parents in Chittenango. Her mother worked as a gardener, which imbued a sense of hard work and dedication in McPhilmy from a young age. Her father’s employment in a local market further rooted her in the community-centric values of her hometown.


Maureen McPhilmy has established a notable presence in the sphere of public relations. Over the years, she has transitioned from her early work experiences in the hospitality industry to managing high-profile publicity-related goals as a public relations executive.

Media and Publicity

Starting as a waitress, Maureen McPhilmy ventured into public relations in 1992. Her progression in the field is marked by dynamic promoting and managing roles that cater to the reputation and image of her clients. As a public relations executive, her responsibilities have been to oversee the creation and execution of publicity campaigns designed to shape and maintain the public perception of various individuals, companies, products, and services.

Television Appearances

McPhilmy has not been widely reported as having frequent television appearances tied to her own career in public relations. However, given the context of publicity work which sometimes overlaps with media, it is possible that behind-the-scenes engagements with television programs like A Current Affair or networks such as CBS and ABC may have occurred. She has not been documented as an author, journalist, or political commentator, which are roles that commonly involve regular television appearances beyond publicity-focused endeavors.

Personal Life

Maureen McPhilmy has experienced notable events in her personal life, primarily involving her marriages and family. Her personal journey has seen her through a public divorce, a custody battle, and a remarriage.


Maureen McPhilmy first married Bill O’Reilly, a television host, with whom she had a longstanding marriage that later ended in divorce. The couple’s split was finalized in the Nassau County Supreme Court, and it attracted media attention due to allegations of domestic violence. Following her divorce, McPhilmy entered into a second marriage with Jeffrey Gross, a widower and detective. Their union marks a significant chapter in her life.


McPhilmy is a mother to a daughter, Madeline, and a son, Spencer, from her marriage with O’Reilly. As a sign of her Taurus determination, she engaged in a custody battle for her children, a challenge she had to navigate as a protective parent. She is also a stepmother to Gross’s two teenage children from his previous marriage, highlighting her role in a blended family. The focus on her children’s well-being has been a constant in McPhilmy’s personal life amidst the public attention from her marriages and court proceedings. Her efforts have underscored her commitment to family and stability, hallmarks of her personal narrative.

Relationship with Bill O’Reilly

Maureen McPhilmy, once the wife of former TV host Bill O’Reilly, came into the public eye through her marriage and subsequent legal disputes with him. Their relationship timeline spans from meeting at work to a high-profile separation and legal battles.

Marriage and Separation

Maureen McPhilmy met Bill O’Reilly in 1992 on the set of the television show ‘A Current Affair,’ where O’Reilly was a host and McPhilmy served as a public relations executive. They married on November 2, 1996. However, after approximately fifteen years together, the couple divorced on April 2, 2010.

The separation led to a series of legal disputes, primarily centered around the custody of their children. In the wake of their divorce, McPhilmy faced accusations of physical abuse.

Legal Disputes

Post-divorce, McPhilmy and O’Reilly were involved in numerous legal challenges, including a custody battle over their two children. The disputes highlighted the controversies surrounding their separation, amplifying details of their personal lives within the public domain.

Furthermore, during their legal confrontations, McPhilmy alleged that O’Reilly had engaged in a pattern of sexual harassment—claims that added to O’Reilly’s existing controversies in this area. McPhilmy’s allegations against O’Reilly played a part in a larger narrative, as O’Reilly faced a $10 million lawsuit related to the matter.

Financial Aspects

In assessing the financial dimensions of Maureen McPhilmy’s life, it’s clear her financial standing is attributed to diligent career efforts and her divorce settlement.

Net Worth and Earnings

Career Prospects: Maureen McPhilmy began her professional journey as a waitress, eventually transitioning to a career as a public relations executive. This shift marked a significant uplift in her career trajectory and financial stability.

Financial Success: Her success in public relations is a key contributor to her net worth, which is coupled with gains from a divorce settlement. Reports suggest that these combined sources have significantly bolstered her financial position.

Net Worth Estimation:

  • Estimated Net Worth: Over $10 million
  • Sources of Income:
    • Professional career as a public relations executive
    • Divorce settlement with former husband, Bill O’Reilly

These economic indicators underscore a financial landscape that reflects both her professional endeavors and personal life events.

Public Image and Media

Maureen McPhilmy’s public image is shaped by her professional capabilities in public relations and her media coverage, largely due to her previous marriage to former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

Media Coverage

Maureen McPhilmy has been in the media spotlight primarily due to her marriage and subsequent highly publicized divorce from Bill O’Reilly. Media entities such as Fox News and CBS News have reported on aspects of her personal life. Coverage has often emphasized her purported experiences and legal disputes, which has inadvertently cast her in various public narratives.

  • Journalist attention: Her story has drawn the attention of journalists, typically framing her within the context of her relationship with O’Reilly
  • Media portrayal: Despite her individual accomplishments in public relations, media portrayal is often skewed towards her personal struggles and courtroom battles

Public Relations Strategies

As a public relations executive, McPhilmy has expertise in developing and implementing strategies that maintain and promote the image of individuals, companies, products, or services. Her skills involve:

  • Maintenance: Ensuring the maintenance of a positive public image for her clients
  • Promotion: Utilizing a diverse range of promotional tools to enhance visibility and media presence

Strategic Techniques: McPhilmy’s specific strategies, including media engagements and networking, are designed to fortify her clients’ standings within their respective industries.

Biography and Recognition

Maureen Elizabeth McPhilmy, recognized as a proficient Public Relations Executive, has made noteworthy contributions to her field. With quite a private life away from the limelight, she gained media attention through her marriage to a television personality.

Biography Contributions

Maureen E. McPhilmy was born on May 11, 1966, in Chittenango, New York. Despite her recognition in media relating to her personal life, McPhilmy has established a career in public relations. Information about her education or early career is not widely publicized; however, her skill set in managing public image and communications has been acknowledged in her professional circle.

Relevant Achievements:

  • Public Relations Executive: Built a career in an industry focused on crafting and maintaining the public image of individuals or organizations
  • Historian: While there is no direct information linking Maureen McPhilmy to the profession of a historian, her experiences might contribute to her analytical approach in public relations

Acknowledgment in Media

Maureen McPhilmy’s marriage to TV personality Bill O’Reilly placed her in the public eye, leading to significant media coverage, especially during their public separation and subsequent events. Despite the media’s interest in her personal life, Maureen has maintained privacy, with few details about her professional accomplishments being divulged publicly.

Media Mentions:

  • Gallery: Not typically associated with galleries, whether as a curator or an attendee
  • TV Series: While not directly tied to television series, her former marriage to O’Reilly links her to the TV industry context
  • Transcripts: As a public figure by association, transcripts mentioning Maureen often pertain to her personal life rather than her professional contributions.

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