Ann Cowherd – Colin Cowherd’s Wife Revealed

Real Name:Ann Cowherd
Net Worth:N/A
Height:177 cm
Occupation:Wife of Colin Cowherd

If you are a sports fan, you probably know a thing or two about Colin Cowherd. He is a media personality, sometimes hating on some NBA and NFL stars, and praising others. In the past few years, he is known as the host of The Herd show. But how much do you know about his wife Ann Cowherd?

She might be a bit of a mystery for a sports fan. But when you are married to a celebrity, it is only natural to have fans trying to find out more about you. Colin sometimes talks about his wife on the show, but rarely mentions her by name. All he does is share some anecdotes about their family life.

It is safe to say that Colin doesn’t often delve into his personal life. And Ann appreciates that. Yet, today, we will try to unveil more information about the celebrity spouse.

Who Is Her Husband?

First let’s talk about her husband, TV Personality Colin Cowherd. Born Colin Murray Cowherd in January 1964, he is a radio host and American sports media personality.

Born in Aberdeen, Washington to an American father and a British-born mother. Colin also has an older sister named Marlene Cowherd. He grew up in Grayland, Washington, a small fishing village some 130 miles away from Seattle.

While he was young, his parents divorced because of his father’s alcoholism. He and his sister were raised mainly by their mother.

The radio host often describes himself as a loner during childhood, spending most of his time sitting on his roof, listening to baseball games on the radio. Fun fact: he played quarterback for the football team and was a guard for the basketball team at Ocosta High School in Westport. Here is another fun fact: he was a roommate with football player and coach Jim McElwain.

Colin began his broadcasting career as the play-by-play voice for the San Diego Padres Triple-A affiliate, Las Vegas stars. He eventually became a sports director at KVBC in Las Vegas, where he was named Nevada’s Sportscaster of the Year five times.

In 2003, he was selected to replace Tony Kornheiser for the late-morning time slot on ESPN radio. His show, The Herd with Colin Cowherd, was transmitted to ESPN Radio affiliates and online from 2004 to 2015. During that period, he worked at ESPN and even added a simulcast on ESPNU.

His show is all about commentary on sports news, perspective on other news stories, and interviews with popular sports figures. While he is primarily a sports broadcaster, he reflects on his personal life and business as it relates to the world of sports.

Over the years, he has been part of several controversies during his time at ESPN. For example, in November 2005, ESPN issued an apology following his comments on the death of professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero. Colin described that death as not newsworthy before speculating on the cause.

Then in April 2007, he directed his listeners to blow up the sports blog The Big Lead by simultaneously visiting the home page. Because the website couldn’t handle the influx of traffic, it was knocked offline for 96 hours.

In July 2015, he left ESPN. Network president John Skipper stated that Colin’s presence had been mutually beneficial. But the reality was that Colin made a controversial statement about Dominican Republic baseball players, which caused the network to suspend him.

There were multiple reports that he was already in talks with Fox Sports. Jamie Horowitz, who was at the time a Fox Sports executive, worked with Cowherd previously during their time at ESPN as a producer.

On August 12, 2015, it was officially announced Colin would join Fox Sports with a four-year deal. His show The Herd moved to Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports Radio.

Over the years, the popular radio host has earned a couple of awards, including Sports Illustrated’s 2005 Radio Personality of the Year.

Quick Bio

Now let’s talk a bit about Colin’s celebrity wife Ann Cowherd. There are no facts or information regarding her birthdate and birthplace. She was born somewhere in the United States of America, but there is no detailed information.

She is of American nationality. Judging by her appearance, she is of white ethnicity and was probably born sometime in the late 1970s or early 80s. There is no info about her close family as well. We do not know anything about her siblings, parents, early life, educational background, and professional career.

What we do know about her is that she is a fitness enthusiast. That is thanks to Colin and the comments he made about her. At one point, he said she set up gym equipment in the basement of their home so they could work out from the convenience of their home.

Ann came to the media limelight after her marriage to Colin. They live a happy life together.

Relationship With Colin

Ann is Colin’s second wife. His first wife was model Kimberly Ann Vadala. Colin got married to her in 1996 and after 11 years, they divorced in 2007. They have a daughter together, Liv Cowherd.

After his divorce from Kimberly, Colin met Ann. The two got married in 2010, and they enjoy spending time together. Ann had a previous marriage as well.

Recently, they went on a trip to Italy. Colin shared some pictures of the experience on his Twitter account. He wrote, “Going through the photos of our trip to Italy and this is my fave. Not a care in the world for a week. Exhausted at times, amazed at others. Mostly though, grateful for a life that includes Ann,”.

During his first show on Fox Sports 1, Colin said that it was his wife, Ann, the reason for his departure from ESPN. He explained that Ann asked him if he was working where he wanted to work and living where he wanted to live. At the time, Colin was living in Connecticut and working for ESPN. Both of his answers were no.

Nowadays, they live in a mansion in the Tree section of Manhattan.


Is She On Social Media?

You might find a certain Anne Cowherd on Instagram. But that is not Colin’s wife. She is not on any social media platform. The personality Anne Cowherd is a singer, musician, and lyricist living in New York.

On the other hand, her husband Colin has a solid Instagram following with almost 200k followers. But he is more active on Twitter, where he has 1.6 million followers. Colin joined Twitter in June 2009, and since then, he has shared his opinions on the social media platform.

Net Worth

As we said before, it is almost impossible to find any information about Ann. The obscurity of her career makes it difficult and impossible to estimate her net worth.

But because she is married to a famous media celebrity, she enjoys a comfortable life. According to some estimates, Colin has a net worth of $14 million.

He earns a decent amount of money from his sports media career. Colin is also a real estate investor. The family lives in a mansion in the Tree Section of Manhattan, a house that they paid $3 million for.

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