Are You a Beginner at Golf? Here’s a List of Equipment You Will Need

Golf is one of the most loved games by the elites. However, anyone can play golf as long as they have the right equipment and gathered enough experience. Indeed, it sometimes becomes costly for anyone who wants to start playing golf. They will need to buy the required golf clubs, golf balls, a golf bag, and other equipment necessary for the game.

However, you can simplify everything to reduce the cost and make it easier to get the items. You don’t have to buy the whole package you see on professional golfers. As a beginner, you only need to seek guidance on only the essential things required to play the game. Which are these essential items? Check on the list below.

Golf Clubs

You cannot play a game of golf without the golf clubs. This situation means that golf clubs are the essential items you need to start training and playing golf. Golf has different golf clubs, and beginners can click here to see the various options available. A typical golf set consists of woods, irons – which include the wedges and the putter.

The golf clubs are numbered differently. Woods and irons are numbered from one to nine, with the lower numbers signifying the club can send the ball further than the higher-numbered clubs. Also, each club comes with different angles. The higher the club number, the greater the backspin and the shorter the ball’s distance. The putter, as its name suggests, is used to put the ball into the target hole.

Therefore, it is important to get the right clubs for your play. If you are going for professional golfing, you must have a maximum of 14 on different sets in your golf bag.

Golf Balls

Golf balls are also some of the essential items you should have before you start playing golf.  Golf balls are the tiny whitish balls you hit with the golf club to drive them to the target hole.  While golf balls seem to be of the same size and make, they come in different types.

As a beginner, you need to get yourself the two-piece ball, which comprises a solid rubber center with a surlyn outside cover. These balls are suitable for beginners since they drive farthest, are easy to control, and are durable compared with the three-sided balls used by professionals. Also, they are cheaper, meaning you won’t suffer much loss when you lose them in the field.

As a beginner, you are bound to lose many balls when training. To avoid incurring high costs in buying new balls, you can consider getting second-hand balls or those selling at a lower price and upgrade as you gain experience.

Golf Bag

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You will require a bag to carry your golf clubs, balls, and other golf items. Due to the club shape and sizes, you will require a special bag that will carry and also protect the clubs. While they do not improve your play, they enable you to move your golf course items comfortably.

When buying this bag, ensure that it is comfortable and durable. The bag should be made of material that can withstand regular movements without tear and wear. Also, you can think of investing in a golf trolley to help you wheel your bag. However, some golf fields do not allow such trolleys, especially in wet seasons.

Golf Clothing

Although it is not a must that you should get specific types of clothes, certain clothes will help you a lot when playing golf. They ensure that you are flexible enough and hold the grip well when hitting the ball. Some of these clothing includes gloves, which help you grasp the club well, and waterproof shoes with spikes, enabling you to stand firm on the ground. It is also okay to wear your normal clothing and play without gloves. If living in regions with unpredictable weather conditions, you can also consider other items, including umbrellas, and towels to wipe the golf clubs.

You also need to mind your clothing while playing golf. While jeans and T-shirts are okay in playing golf, some golf clubs or organizations have specific kinds of clothing to wear for their team. It is important to check with the golf club you want to join and follow up with their dress code.

Although at some point you will require other additional items, including golf carts, advanced golf clubs, and much more, you can effectively play golf with the listed items. As highlighted above, it is important to start with beginner-friendly items before advancing to the rest. Check on reviews and suggestions before opting for a particular item.

Written by Eric

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