Corrie Bird: Larry Bird’s Highly Successful Daughter

Corrie Bird is best known as the daughter of legendary former professional basketball player Larry Bird, who played for the Boston Celtics from 1979 to 1992. Born on August 14, 1977, in the United States, Corrie is the only biological child of Larry Bird and his ex-wife Janet Condra. Although her parents’ marriage was brief, lasting for only a year, Corrie has made a name for herself with her connections to the American sports world.

Growing up in the spotlight, Corrie has managed to maintain her privacy while still occasionally attending events and remaining in the public eye. Her relationship with her father, Larry Bird, is a testament to the bond between a father and daughter despite the challenges they may face in their personal lives. Overall, Corrie’s story is an intriguing look at the life of the offspring of a renowned American sports figure.

Early Life and Family

Parents and Siblings

Corrie Bird was born on August 14, 1977, in Brazil, Indiana, USA. She is the only biological daughter of NBA legend Larry Bird and his first wife, Janet Condra. Her parents’ marriage was short-lived, lasting less than a year. Despite being her father’s only biological child, Corrie has two step-siblings from her father’s second marriage to Dinah Mattingly. Due to the estranged relationship with her father, she primarily grew up with her mother and her family.


In her pursuit of education, Corrie Bird attended Indiana State University, located in her home state. During her time there, she was enrolled in various programs and courses that would later aid her in building a successful career. She also attended the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, further expanding her knowledge and skills in various fields. As she progressed in her academic journey, Corrie remained focused on her goals and aspirations, working diligently to achieve success in her chosen path.

Her Father, Larry Bird

Larry’s NBA Career

Larry Joe Bird, also known as “Larry Legend,” was a legendary basketball player in the the National Basketball Association. He was drafted into the league in 1978 after a successful college basketball career. Bird played for the Boston Celtics, helping them win three NBA championships (1981, 1984, and 1986), and was a 12-time All-Star. As a testament to his skills, he also earned three MVP awards (1984-1986) and two NBA Finals MVP honors. Larry Bird retired in 1992, with his retirement ceremony drawing attention from fans and the media.

Many people believe that Larry “saved” the National Basketball Association thanks to his rivalry with Los Angeles Lakers player Magic Johnson. The two battled a few times in the Finals, before Michael Jordan came into the scene and dominated the 1990s.

Larry’s Marriage and Divorce

Larry Bird got married to Janet Condra in 1975. At the time, Janet was a former mail courier, while Larry was working as a garbage truck driver before his basketball career took off. The couple had only one child together, Corrie Bird, before they divorced in 1976. After the divorce, Larry moved on and married Dinah Mattingly, with whom he adopted a son named Connor Bird.

Larry as a Father

Larry’s relationship with his biological daughter, Corrie Bird, has been a rocky one. According to a report, when Corrie was 15 years old, she had written a letter to her father, asking if she could come to Boston to see him during his retirement ceremony. However, Larry never responded. It’s important to note that this is just one instance, and the full extent of their relationship is not entirely known.

Corrie’s Personal Life


Corrie Bird, the daughter of the famous basketball player, Larry Bird, and his ex-wife, Janet Condra, is married to Trent Theopolis Batson. The couple exchanged their wedding vows on May 17, 2008, in a lovely ceremony at The White Chapel on the campus of Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana.


Together, Corrie and Trent have two children. Their first child, a daughter named Violet Marie Batson, was welcomed into the family some years after their marriage. They expanded their family further with the birth of their second child, a son named Sebastian Grey Smith.

Throughout their marriage, Corrie and Trent have maintained a strong relationship and continue to raise their family together. Corrie’s siblings, Conner and Mariah, are also an important part of her life as they share a close bond as a family.

Her Career

Corrie Bird has pursued a successful career in healthcare management, demonstrating excellence and commitment to improving healthcare delivery, optimizing resources, and enhancing patient experiences. After earning her MBA from Wesleyan University, Corrie began her career in the healthcare sector.

During her tenure, she has worked in various positions within the family medicine department, overseeing staff and managing departmental resources. Corrie has played a crucial role in implementing effective strategies and best practices, leading to the success of her organization.

In her role as a healthcare manager, Corrie has held positions at prominent institutions such as the AP&S Clinic. Her experience and expertise have enabled her to make significant contributions in her field, and her hard work is evident in the many accomplishments she has achieved over the years.

Corrie Bird also holds a degree from the renowned Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, further solidifying her background and skill set. Her dedication to education and professional development has undoubtedly played a part in her success.

Though her exact salary and net worth are unknown, it can be assumed that her career in healthcare management has provided her with financial stability and success. As the daughter of NBA legend Larry Bird, her family name has garnered attention, making her a recognizable figure in her own right, which has further contributed to her celebrity status.

In summary, Corrie Bird has built a successful career in healthcare management, holding positions in prominent organizations and earning recognition for her professionalism and commitment to excellence. Her educational background and expertise have made her a valuable asset in the healthcare industry, and her achievements are a testament to her hard work and dedication.

Controversies and Media Appearance

Corrie Bird, the only biological daughter of NBA legend Larry Bird, has experienced her fair share of controversies and media appearances throughout her life. One of the most significant moments in Corrie’s life was her parents’ short-lived marriage and the subsequent estrangement from her father. This strained relationship cast a shadow over Corrie’s life, often putting her in the spotlight.

In addition to her estranged relationship with her father, Corrie has two step-siblings from Larry Bird’s second marriage. Despite being Larry Bird’s daughter, Corrie hasn’t always lived a glamorous celebrity life. She has managed to maintain a relatively private life, away from the limelight, and has focused on her career as a public safety officer.

Corrie’s brother, Connor Bird, has faced legal troubles, including an incident in 2013 where he was accused of attempted battery and possession of marijuana. This brought unwanted attention to the Bird family, thrusting Corrie back into the media spotlight, as her brother’s actions reflected on the family’s public image.

In terms of media appearances, Corrie has been quite reserved compared to other celebrity children. However, her life took a surprising turn when she appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” to have an open conversation about her autobiography. During the interview, Corrie shed light on her strained relationship with her father and her journey in coming to terms with her unique childhood.

Although Corrie Bird does not have an active presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, her life and experiences remain a topic of interest. Meanwhile, she continues to focus on her career and personal life, staying away from controversies and maintaining a low profile in comparison to her legendary father.

Her Brother, Connor Bird

Connor Bird, born to Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly, is the younger brother of Corrie Bird. Although Connor and Corrie share a common father, they come from different marriages. While Corrie is the daughter of Larry Bird and his ex-wife Janet Condra, Connor has Dinah Mattingly as his mother, who is Larry’s second wife.

Connor’s early life involved attending Indiana University. It was during his time there that he faced legal issues, leading him into a troubled period. In 2013, he was charged with criminal mischief and other offenses after he reportedly attempted to run over his ex-girlfriend with a car, following a series of arguments. The incident served as a turning point in his life, bringing him into the public eye for reasons other than being the son of a basketball legend.

It is essential to note that Connor’s relationship with his older sister, Corrie, has not been particularly close. Corrie has had an estranged relationship with their father, Larry Bird, mainly due to circumstance rather than hostility. The divorce between Larry and Corrie’s mother, Janet, occurred when Corrie was just a child, which subsequently affected the relationship between her and the rest of the family.

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