Creating A Stunning Winter Home

Now that we are almost in December, it’s the perfect time for us to create a wonderful winter home for our families to enjoy. If you’ve already got Christmas on the brain you may have already started adding festive touches to your humble abode – and we are here to help you create a beautiful winter and Christmas setting for your celebrations.

Here are some of the ways you can change up your home this season for that little bit of winter magic.

Light it up

The first thing you’ll want to do when creating a likely winter home is consider your lighting. Christmas lights come in all shapes and forms, and they can make even the most dark room of the home feel bright and fun. Consider installing some Christmas lights on the exterior of the home as well as in the window frames, and you can even add lights around the house in places such as the stairs or over the fireplace. If you will be using a lot of energy on your light display, you can also consider contacting the best solar company in your area to give you some extra energy and save some of that dreaded January electric bill!

Add some festive scents

One of the easiest ways to bring some festive joy to your home this winter is to add some festive and warming scents around the home. Candles and Reed diffusers are both a great source of scent, and you’ll be able to find some lovely winter scents such as warming apple and cinnamon or gingerbread to get you in the spirit of the season. Consider placing your festive scents in open parts of the house where they will be able to diffuse around the whole space, bringing warmth and spices to your home.

Invest in a fireplace

A fireplace can be the ultimate winter feature in your home, and if you don’t have one already, now might be the time to invest in one. The great thing about modern fireplaces is that you can go for a real one, or you can opt for electricity and not have to worry about flames if you have children or pets. Now is the perfect time to add this winter feature to your home and make it into a focal point for some of your festive decorations.

Create green tabletop centrepieces

One of the fun winter features you can add into your dining room this year is a fun centrepiece with some beautiful greenery. Fall and winter are both heavily associated with the forests and woodlands, and adding these features into your home will be very fitting of the season. Create a centrepiece with some beautiful pine leaves as well as pine ones and some berries. You’ll be able to find garlands and other items in stores everywhere around the season and they will make for a lovely winter display.

Add a table runner

As well as a table centrepiece you can also think about layering up your fabrics on your winter table. One of the easy ways to do this is by getting a table runner which will go in the middle of your table and offer the ideal space to place your centrepieces as well as food items when the table is laid. As well as a stunning table runner you can add extra layering to the table with table settings and some decorative plates upon which people can place the plates with their food on. By creating layers on the table, it gives that element of cosiness that is not usually seen in the summer months and it can make for some magical christmas meals.

Use blankets to layer on furnishings

You may have already thought of this, but having some blankets on your furnishings is the ideal way for you to add an element of cosiness to the home this winter. Blankets can be a great way to add texture as well as colour to your bed, sofa, and chairs – and when left a little scruffy laid over a piece it can add that air of cosiness that is synonymous with the winter season.

Add some plants

Plants are always a great lifeline to bring to your home, and in the winter it is no different. Usually in winter the weather is much colder and it is often a little darker in the sky, and due to this it’s very easy for the home to become dark and dingy. However, if you were to add some plants to the corner of your rooms, you’ll add a pop of colour and texture as well as breathe some fresh air into the space. Using plants like this is a great way to bring some brightness into the home and it’s always a winner.

Upgrade your curtains

Now is the ideal time for you to take stock of your curtains and consider giving them an update for the season. In the winter you’ll often be hosting family and you’ll want the house to look as cosy as it can be, and part of that is framing your windows in the best possible way. Take the chance now to have a look at some lovely curtains to help bring your window to life and inject some colour back into the space.

Hang a wreath

Since it’s the festive season, it is the ideal time for you to hang a beautiful wreath and make the most of this feature of the home. A festive wreath is a diverse feature because you can hang one on the front door, have them on your internal doors, and even have one over the fireplace for a fun centrepiece. Making your home as festive as it can be is a great idea and it will allow you to enjoy your Christmas season in style.

Change your bathroom towels

One part of the house that often gets neglected as the seasons change is your bathroom. The bathroom should be a relaxing paradise and a cosy room to be in, and it is one that you will spend time in when you need to reset and renew. That’s why in the winter season a great idea would be to change your current towels and switch to a colour that is more fitting for the season. This could be anything from a deep plum to a forest green – and you can keep these towels here until spring when you swap them for a summer colour.

Having 2 colours of towel might seem excessive however the difference it will make to the atmosphere in the room can be incredible.

Hang some garlands

Garlands can be a brilliant decorative tool in the winter time, and you will notice many different types of Garland in the shops right now ready to be used. If you want to make your home look festive and fun this winter, grab some leafy garlands and place them in different parts of the house. You can have one weaved through the bannister of your stairs, one on the fireplace, and any other surfaces you have that need vamping up. One way to really improve your Garland game is to grab some battery powered string lights off Amazon and weave them through the garlands to create a fun magical effect. Even the simplest change can make a plain Garland look more Christmassy and it will be a great way to bring some festive cheer to your home this winter with light and nature.

Written by Eric

37-year-old who enjoys ferret racing, binge-watching boxed sets and praying. He is exciting and entertaining, but can also be very boring and a bit grumpy.