Cynthia Davis Spencer – The Jerry Jones Affair Controversy Continues

Real Name:Cynthia Davis Spencer
Birthday:November 23, 1959
Net Worth:N/A
Occupation:Mother of Alexandra Davis

Cynthia Davis Spencer came into the spotlight after her daughter Alexandra Davis claimed Jerry Jones is her biological father. Her mother and Jerry had formed a secret pact in the mid-90s, and now Alexandra wanted the truth to come out.

How much do you know about the Jerry Jones affair controversy? Who is Cynthia? Who is Alexandra Davis? Is Jerry her real father? Let’s discuss.

Who Is Cynthia?

Cynthia Davis Spencer was born in the United States in November 1959. She was a small-time actress in the 1970s, appearing in a couple of movies.

She had a romantic, yet secret relationship with Jerry Jones. The two formed a secret band and made a secret pact in the mid-1990s.

Spencer Davis and Jerry were very close, but Jones refused to be the father of the child, so Cynthia was forced to raise her daughter by herself. Yet, Jones offered and tried to help financially. According to their agreement, the daughter, in this case, Alexandra Davis, would not and should not seek out her father.

But Alexandra wanted nothing of that pact, which is how we found out about Cynthia.

According to most reports, she and Jerry Jones were involved in a romantic relationship in the 1990s. The American businessman denied fathering their child publically.

Instead, he opted for a confidential settlement with the woman. Over the years, he has provided more than $400,000 for continuous monetary support for the child.

Now, decades later, the born child, Alexandra Davis, is suing businessman Jerry Jones for breaching the settlement as she believes her mom was conceived.

Who Is Jerry Jones?

Born in October 1942, Jerral Wayne Jones is an American businessman. He has served as the owner, president, and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League since February 1989.

Born in Los Angeles, California, his family moved to North Little Rock in Arkansas in 1945. At the time, he was only three years old. His parents owned two branches of Pat’s Super Market in the Rose City neighborhood.

Fun fact: Jones played as a running back at North Little Rock High School. Following his graduation, his parents moved to Springfield, Missouri. He then graduated from the University of Arkansas and was listed as a vice president of his parents’ company.

Fun fact: Jones is among the select few NFL owners who actually had success as a football player. In this case, during his high school and college years. At the University of Arkansas, he was the co-captain of the 1964 national championship football team, playing as an offensive lineman. During this period, he was a teammate of college football and NFL coach, Jimmy Johnson.

This is why Jones hired him as head coach after purchasing the Cowboys.

Following his graduation from college in 1965, Jones borrowed one million dollars from Jimmy Hoffa’s Teamsters union to open up a string of Shakey’s Pizza Parlor restaurants in Missouri. This is how he ventured into the business world.

When that business failed, he joined his father’s insurance company, Modern Security Life of Springfield. In 1970 he got his master’s degree in business and started an oil and gas exploration business in Arkansas.

In February 1989, he purchased the NFL team, Dallas Cowboys for $140 million, which is equivalent to almost $300 million in 2022. In the 1990s, his team was considered one of the best NFL franchises. They won Super Bowl XXVII in the 1992 season, and Super Bowl XXVIII the following year. In 1995, with a new coach, Barry Switzer, they won Super Bowl XXX in the 1995 season.

In 2020, he had his 32nd season as Dallas Cowboys owner, more than the combined tenures of all his predecessors.

The Scandal

Now let’s talk about the Jerry Jones controversy. In March 2022, he was served with legal action by a 25-year-old woman. She claimed Jones is her biological father, and she was the daughter of a former airline employee.

According to the girl, Alexandra Davis, Jones met her mother in Little Rock, Arkansas. Over the years, he has paid more than $3 million to the two of them, including full tuition at SMU and a $70,000 Range Rover for her 16th birthday.

Requests for money and expenses exceeded the amount that he had initially agreed to pay in the trust agreement between the parties by more than $1 million. He even paid $33,000 for a Sweet 16 birthday party, which was featured on the reality TV show Big Rich Texas.

Yet, Alexandra filed a complaint against Jones. It is worth noting, that Jones and Cynthia Davis Spencer solved their problem in 1995. They remarried to hide their financial support and prenuptial agreement.

In the court documents of Alexandra’s complaint, Jones pursued her mother in 1995 while she was working at an American Airlines ticket counter in Little Rock.

At the time, she was estranged from her husband, and soon after, in December 1996, Alexandra Davis was born. It was determined that Alexandra was not her husband’s child, and did not have a legal father.

When Davis Spencer signed the agreement in 1998, Jones denied being the father of her daughter. Instead, he agreed in settlement documents to pay a lump sum of $375,000 in exchange for confidentiality.

The nondisclosure agreement was arranged by an Arkansas lawyer, Donald Jack. In addition to the lump sum, he also agreed to set monthly, annual, and special funding until Alexandra turned 21. He arranged a pair of trust funds with hush money.

The Dallas Cowboys owner has three children with his wife Eugenia, and all of them have front-office roles with the Dallas Cowboys.

Alexandra Davis, in her March 2022 complaint, asked the court to recognize her as Jones’s daughter and be released from the confidentiality agreement her mother signed when she was merely one year old.

You can definitely see her point of view. Jones is one of the most well-known team owners in professional sports. His estimated value, according to Forbes, is $5.7 billion and his Cowboys franchise is one of the most influential brands in the sports industry.

Generic Testing

In April 2022, Alexandra Davis dropped her lawsuit. Instead, she said she wants genetic testing to verify her claim of being the biological daughter of Mr. Jones.

One of Davis’s lawyers, said, “Alexandra has just decided that she wants to go ahead and proceed with parentage and DNA testing. She wants to remove any doubts that Jerry is her father”.

What will happen next? We will have to wait and see.

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