David Nehdar -Net Worth, Career, Marriage And Famous Spouse

Real Name:David Nehdar
Birthday:August 16, 1974
Net Worth:$9 million
Height:180 cm
Occupation:American Businessman, Husband of Lacey Chabert

David Nehdar was born on 16 August 1974 in California, USA. He is an astute business guru, who has carved a niche for himself in the corporate world. David is the husband of Lacey Chabert, a sultry voice actress, actress and singer from Mississippi. During his early days, he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He began his entrepreneurship journey by joining his thriving family business as a teenager. This motivated him to confidently study Business Management.

Despite having a wife who is socially active, David is a very private person, who sparingly appears in the media limelight. He has no verified social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

He started by joining the family business, before earning a degree in Business Management. His business cuts across property management, investment, and real estate. As a private person, he really doesn’t disclose much information about himself or his family to the public. At different times, journalists have tried to track him down, but he declined to comment or grant any interview. He is extremely shy. He lives in California with his beautiful wife and daughter.

Career and Marriage

David Nehdar is married to Lacey Chabert, and the duo tied the knot on 22  December 2013 a few years after they first met. They were best friends and courted for several years before they finally got married. They have been enjoying a blissful marital union to date.

Although many high profile celebrities including Ali Fedotowsky, Amy Davidson, Briana Cuoco, and Karle Cuoco attended their wedding, yet they kept their marriage out of public knowledge and limited the invitation strictly to few selected persons. Their family and friends got to know about it a few months later when Lacey shared pictures of the event.

She was the first to break the news to the public that she has tied the knot. However, it took her quite a great time to reveal the identity of her husband, David. Some sources confirmed that they revealed it only when they felt it was necessary to do so.

When a celebrity, especially a female celebrity marries someone, the friends, admirers, and fans are always conscious to know who the lucky person is, that was the case with David. But for some personal reasons, David was not ready for any media profiling. It appeared some of her fans were disappointed because David was not in the entertainment industry, which made it even hard for most people to read about him. His name sounded like an imaginary creature that is often heard in folk tales. But for Lacey, David was not a mythical creature. He is literally a mystery to a few fans.

The media quickly reached out to David, they wanted to get to know more about him, and probably bring him to public applause and knowledge. But, all the efforts made in this regard were futile, as David kept to himself and refused to grant interviews to the media. He avoids social media, and to date, he doesn’t have verified social media accounts.

3 years after their official marriage, they had a beautiful daughter together, Julia Mimi Bella on 1 September 2016 in Los Angeles. Lacey gave her the name Julia to honor her grandmother, Julie Chabert, while the middle name ‘Mimi’ was given to honor David’s grandmother.

At different times, Lacey Chabert who is socially active on Twitter has confirmed that having her daughter was one of the memorable moments of her life.

Although his marriage to Lacey, a famous celebrity who has featured in over 18 Hallmark movies brought him to the limelight, he is consistently trying to live a low-key lifestyle as possibly as he could. Lacey has been professing her faith vocally as a Christian, and this inspired her role in the movie Christian Mingle’. It is most likely that David shares the same faith.

Famous Spouse

Lacey has appeared in over 18 Hallmark movies and 4 mysteries movies. Some of her memorable movies include Mean Girls, Daddy Day Care, Black Christmas, and a lot more. David was her longtime boyfriend before they took their relationship to the next level.

She is a multiple award-winning actress. She has Scottish, English, and Italian ancestry. She had featured in many television series including Gypsy, Party of Five, Lost in Space, and lots more. She is well known for her charming personality and acting skills. Lacey is a violinist who enjoys a series of activities such as Cajun cooking, and shoe shopping.

David and Lacey are sharing equal parental care of their lovely daughter- Julia. The beautiful couple experienced a brief scare when Julia was hospitalized, but things quickly normalized when the baby was discharged.

Net Worth

David is a self-made millionaire, with an estimated fortune of over $9 million, earned through a successful career in business. His wife has a similar cash flow of $9 million. It is expected that his wealth will continue to have a meteoric rise due to his unflinching dedication to business pursuits as well as his wife’s consistent support.



David Nehdar is a business magnate and an American citizen. He came to limelight following his marriage with Lacey Chabert, an astute voice actress, actress, and singer. They dated for some years before they finally recited their wedding vows. When they got married, the media was not informed about it. Their wedding was low key and attended by a few friends, family, and high profile celebrities.

However, it was only a few months after their wedding that Lacey talked about it to fans via Twitter, a micro-blogging site. Even in the wedding photos she shared, David’s photograph was missing, this kept fans wondering the real identity of her husband, David. Many did a quick Google search, but couldn’t find anything meaningful. A year later, she explained why she kept the relationship private. According to her, keeping it personal and private was the best decision for them.

David is a highly supportive husband. They genuinely love each other and also have unwavering faith in their abilities. They are jolly good fellows and a model couple.



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