Different Types Of Keys And What They’re Used For

Keys are a topic that most people overlook, which is fascinating when you consider that we all use at least one, if not many, keys on a daily basis. These little, frequent objects are the ones with which we put our faith in to secure ourselves and our loved ones from intruders as well as to protect our belongings from theft. Learn more about these critical objects in this FastKeys Online article, which explains the many different types of keys available and their purposes.

Transponder Key

Chip keys, often known as “chip keys,” are the most widely used of all vehicle key types. They’re found in many modern cars and other similar vehicles, and they may also be referred to as “chip keys.” The term “chip” refers to the fact that these keys contain microchips that link to the car’s ignition code. Smart keys (transponder keys) work in the same way as a regular key. When inserted into a car’s ignition, they emit a radio signal that is activated when the key is turned on. They’re very secure since only one key will fit with each vehicle, and no other will operate for it.

Strings of identical keys are difficult to duplicate, enhancing their security. If a wrong transponder key is put into a car’s transmission, in certain vehicles, the vehicle will totally shut down, preventing an attempted theft.

Smart Car Key

The keys are for automobiles and function similarly to transponder keys. They run on microchips and radio waves, with several antennas placed inside the vehicle’s bodywork. You can also use a key fob to operate the car’s ignition. This is useful if you want to start the engine without having to manually insert a key into the ignition or by pressing a button inside the vehicle; this will only work if the key is in the car; this might be in your pocket or in your glove box.

VAT Keys

The ‘VAT’ in this form of key refers to vehicle anti-theft. This sort of key is extremely secure and will aid you in avoiding vehicle theft. If you want to make your automobile safer and less appealing to thieves, you may change most car keys to a VAT key. These keys are fitted with microchips in the key that record their functions, and a code that matches the car, making it impossible to use them with another automobile or to operate the automobile using another key.

Laser Cut Car Key

Sidewinder or internal cut keys are ones that have been cut with a laser. They’re also known as “sidewinder” or “internal cut” keys, as they have similarly shaped cuts on both sides. This implies that, unlike conventional car keys that are machined, this key may be inserted into a vehicle’s ignition regardless of how it is positioned because the blades are identical on both sides. The blunt or square edges on the blade portion of a laser-cut key sometimes identify it.

Due to the high degree of precision, these keys are extremely difficult to duplicate, leading to a reduction in vehicle theft. To make a spare key or a replacement for one that was lost, special equipment would be required. After being programmed, a blank key is inserted into the internal machine and cut on both sides simultaneously by locksmiths.

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