Dining Tables to Spruce up Your Home

Dining tables are one of the most important pieces of furniture you will purchase for your home. Not only are they the main spot for gatherings with family and friends, but they are also where your household comes together to share their experiences. That’s why it’s necessary for the dining table to be functional and stylish.

Let’s go over a few aspects that will help you accomplish your goal of blending fashion and function. First, what are the room’s measurements? You want to make sure the furniture’s size doesn’t overwhelm the space and fits comfortably.

Consider the room’s shape and built-in characteristics that give it its own personality. Is there a fireplace in the room you can incorporate into your design? You certainly would want a dining set that complements rather than clashes with or blocks the view of the fireplace.

Where does the natural light shine the brightest? Placing the dining table in an area that receives a large dose of sunlight really shows off the furniture’s natural beauty.

Materials are another aspect to keep in mind as you shop for a dining room set. A glass tabletop would reflect the sun’s rays, enhancing the room’s mood. If the room doesn’t get much natural light, a white dining table set can instantly brighten up the space. Because of their sturdiness and durability, wooden dining tables are by far the most popular.

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Now everyone can have the dining room they have always desired. If you love bright colors, opt for a neutral-colored dining set. That way, you can swap out colorful rugs, place settings, and curtains without worrying about spoiling the room’s cohesiveness.

The shape of the table is another important aspect of the design. While rectangular and square tables are the most sought-after shapes, why not try a round or oval table to add a touch of individuality to the space.

A round or oval table will give you more space to move around due to its lack of corners. If you have small children, the absence of sharp edges will lessen the chances of injury to the little ones. These shapes also are great when entertaining guests. Conversations are easy to have as everyone is able to face each other.

Counter height tables are another way to inject some personality into the space. Add a bench, and you’ll have a comfortable, casual piece that invites you to have a seat. If you work from home and take breaks from sitting to standing while on the computer, the counter height table makes this easy to do.

Dining tables serve a number of purposes in your home, and your household deserves to have one that meets all their needs, so visit 1Stop today.

Written by Eric

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