Dolores Rice – Talented Actress and Celebrity Spouse

Dolores Rice, a talented Irish-born American actress and writer, has made a name for herself in the world of television and film. She is perhaps best known for her role as Whitehaven leader in the mystery crime drama, The Blacklist. Dolores has showcased her expertise not only in acting but also in writing, when she wrote an episode of the horror fantasy drama series, Jinn, in 2019.

In addition to her work on The Blacklist and Jinn, Dolores has appeared in other productions, such as the 2018 drama film All Square, where she played the role of Vicki. Her background as a native of Dublin has allowed her to work closely with several prominent Irish directors, including the renowned Jim Sheridan. Rice’s versatility in the industry has led to her being involved in multiple facets of show business, including directing on occasion.

Dolores Rice is married to fellow actor Andrew McCarthy, with whom she shares a child. Before tying the knot, Dolores worked as a stage manager for her now-husband. The couple’s shared passion for the entertainment industry has certainly played a significant role in their lives and careers, as well as their personal connection.

Early Life and Education

Childhood and Family

Dolores Rice was born on June 10, 1975, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is 48 years old as of 2023. She was raised in a close-knit family, with parents who instilled in her the value of education from a young age. Growing up, Rice displayed a natural curiosity and a desire to impact the world positively.

Education and Early Career

Dolores Rice pursued higher education at the prestigious University College Dublin, where she studied French. She later went on to become a Master’s Director and Lecturer in the French Department at the same institution from September 1996 to July 1997. Dolores also had the opportunity to work at Sorbonne University in Paris as a Lecturer in the English Department and Director for Theatre Workshop from September 1997 to July 1998. During this time, she honed her skills and gained valuable experience working in an academic setting.

Marriage and Family

Marriage to Andrew McCarthy

Dolores Rice married actor Andrew McCarthy on August 28, 2011. They were in a long-term relationship for nearly 20 years prior to their marriage. Dolores hails from Dublin, Ireland, but later migrated to the United States with her family. Andrew’s first marriage was to his college sweetheart, Carol Schneider, which ended in failure.

The couple is based in New York City, where they have built a life together. Both Dolores and Andrew have supported each other in their respective careers and personal pursuits, with Dolores previously serving as Andrew’s stage manager and girlfriend, while continuing her own professional obligations.


Andrew McCarthy and Dolores Rice have two children together, a son named Rowan McCarthy and a daughter named Willow McCarthy. The couple has managed to maintain a balance between their work and family life, all the while ensuring that their children are well taken care of and loved. The family enjoys spending time together and partaking in various activities and adventures, creating a nurturing and supportive environment for their children to grow up in.


Acting Career

Dolores Rice began her acting career in the United States, with a role in the mystery crime thriller “The Blacklist.” She played the character of Whitehaven leader, showcasing her acting abilities in the suspenseful TV series. In addition, she has appeared in other productions, demonstrating her versatility and talent as a performer.

Writing Career

Rice’s writing career blossomed in her native Dublin, where she penned two screenplays for Irish director Jim Sheridan’s production company, Hell’s Kitchen. The scripts, titled “Faithful” and “Empty Sky,” display her prowess as a writer. Dolores was also the writer in residence for two consecutive years at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, where she continued to hone her craft.

During her time at the Centre for Film Studies, Rice contributed to several projects, including an episode of “Jinn,” a horror fantasy drama series. She has also written books, such as “The Alchemy of Womanhood” and “100 of the World’s Tallest Buildings,” highlighting her ability to explore a diverse range of topics and genres.

Directing Career

As a director, Dolores Rice has showcased her skills in the creation of various films and documentaries. One of her notable works includes “Nostradamus and Me,” a drama centered around the life of the famous prophet. Additionally, she wrote, directed, and produced “The Beauty of Belongings,” which is currently in development.

Rice has also been involved in other projects, such as “Detention” and “The Apology,” further demonstrating her ability to create compelling narratives and bring them to life on screen. Her dedication to her craft has allowed her to make a lasting impact in the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera.

Personal Life

Dolores Rice is a multitalented individual, juggling various professions such as acting, producing, directing, and authoring. She is married to her husband, Andrew McCarthy, an Emmy award-winning director, popular Hollywood actor, and travel writer. The couple tied the knot on August 28, 2011, and share two children named Willow and Rowan.

Before settling down with Andrew, Dolores pursued her education and personal interests in various parts of the world. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Sorbonne University in Paris, France, one of the world’s most prestigious institutions. Her passion for learning and personal development also took her to the University of London, where she further expanded her knowledge and skills.

Throughout her life, Dolores has managed to balance her professional pursuits with her personal life and family commitments. The Rice-McCarthy family currently resides in a midtown loft and terrace, where they enjoy quality time together while still engaging in their respective careers.

In conclusion, Dolores Rice’s personal life showcases her dedication to both her family and her professional growth, exemplifying a harmonious balance between her passion and commitment to loved ones.

Net Worth

Dolores Rice is an accomplished individual with a diverse array of professions including acting, directing, producing, and writing. Though the exact amount of her net worth is not public knowledge, it is estimated to be around $2 million. Her varied roles in the entertainment industry have contributed significantly to her impressive financial standing.

Rice has showcased her acting skills in various projects. She gained recognition for her role as Whitehaven leader in the mystery crime thriller, The Blacklist. Additionally, she appeared in an episode of Jinn, a horror fantasy drama series in 2019, and portrayed the character Vicki in the drama film All Square in 2018.

While her acting career has been a major contributor to her net worth, Dolores Rice has also made significant strides as a director and writer. She is known for her work on The Blacklist, Jinn, and Hotel Darklight. Her expertise in these various fields has further helped to bolster her financial standing in the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Dolores Rice’s net worth of approximately $2 million is well-deserved, considering her diverse and successful career. As an accomplished actress, director, and writer, her professional endeavors continue to contribute to her impressive financial standing.


Dolores Rice has made significant contributions in the fields of education and entertainment. As an educator and administrator, she has excelled through her dedication to fostering learning and growth among students and fellow educators alike. Her work at University College Dublin, where she served as a Masters’ Director and French Department Lecturer in 1996, is a testament to her passion for education.

In the entertainment industry, Dolores has showcased her talents as an actress, director, and writer. Her work has been featured in various movies and TV series, such as Jinn (2019), The Blacklist (2013), and All Square (2018). Her dedication to her craft has not only allowed her to excel professionally, but also to have an annual earning of around $800 thousand.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Dolores is married to actor and director Andrew McCarthy since 2011, further solidifying her connections and impact within the entertainment world. Together, they have one child and continue to support each other in their creative pursuits.

To summarize, Dolores Rice is a versatile and accomplished individual who has made meaningful contributions both in the educational and entertainment sectors. Her work in these fields showcases her skillset and dedication, ensuring a lasting impact on the lives of those she has touched through her endeavors.



Dolores Rice is an actress known for her work in the drama film genre. One of her prominent roles is in the movie All Square (2018), where she played the character, Vicki. The film received a 6.1 rating and showcases Rice’s talent in delivering a powerful performance in a drama setting.

Television Series

In the realm of television series, Dolores Rice has appeared in a few notable productions. She played a role in the popular crime thriller series The Blacklist (2013). In a 2015 episode, she portrayed the character of Whitehaven Leader, adding depth to a series known for its intense and captivating storylines.

Another significant television project Dolores Rice has been involved with is Jinn (2019), a horror fantasy drama series. As a writer for the series, she contributed to the creative development of the show, which received a 3.5 rating. Rice’s involvement in this project demonstrates her versatility in the entertainment industry, as she ventures beyond acting into the territory of writing and content creation.

Aside from these, Dolores Rice has also been linked to the popular teen drama series 13 Reasons Why. With her strong background in drama, it is no surprise that she has been associated with projects that push the boundaries of storytelling and showcase her ability to bring complex characters to life.

Public Image

Dolores Rice, an educator and administrator, has managed to maintain a relatively private life despite being married to a well-known actor, Andrew Thomas McCarthy. Born on June 10, 1975, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dolores is 48 years old as of 2023.

Her appearances with Andrew McCarthy at various events have contributed to her public image. For instance, Dolores Rice and her husband have been photographed together at the opening night of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The couple has also attended other events affiliated with the festival, such as the Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Dinner in support of the Tribeca Film Festival Artists Awards.

Another notable event the couple attended is the premiere of “Green Zone” at AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York City. These public appearances have given Dolores a presence in the entertainment industry, primarily due to her connection to her husband.

Dolores has also been present at the screening of Hotel Darklight, further showcasing her support for the film industry. Although she may not be directly involved in the world of entertainment, her presence at these significant events has contributed to her overall public image.

In summary, Dolores Rice has managed to maintain a neutral image in the public eye. Her appearances at various events such as the Tribeca Film Festival, “Green Zone” premiere, and Hotel Darklight screening have garnered attention, primarily because of her relationship with Andrew McCarthy. Dolores has effectively balanced her private life with her occasional presence at notable events, showcasing her appreciation and connection to the arts and entertainment industry.

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