Drew Ann Reid: Get To Know Andy Reid’s Daughter

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Drew Ann Reid is the daughter of prominent American football coach Andy Reid and his wife Tammy Reid. Born in 1992, she is part of the Reid family, which includes four other siblings: Garrett Reid, Britt Reid, Crosby Reid, and Spencer Reid. The family is well-known not only for their father’s accomplishments as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs but also for the interesting lives each of the children leads.

Drew Ann’s early life was closely tied to her father’s career, with the family making several moves to support his coaching opportunities. Despite the constant changes, the Reids remained closely knit, with a priority on supporting one another. Over time, each of the siblings pursued their respective interests and paths, and for Drew Ann, this meant attending Brigham Young University.

In her personal life, Drew Ann Reid is married to Devin Woodhouse, a strength and conditioning coach for FC Dallas. Together, they have two children, Blake and Reid, and share a strong bond. Throughout her life, Drew Ann has managed to maintain a balance between her family’s public prominence and her own private world, fostering relationships and nurturing her own family unit.

Early Life and Education

Academic Background

Drew Ann Reid, born in 1992, is the daughter of NFL coach Andy Reid. Within the Reid family, she has two sisters and two brothers. Drew Ann completed her high school education at Harriton High School. After high school, she pursued her higher education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she majored in Kinesiology.

Athletic Involvement

In addition to her academic pursuits, Drew Ann was actively involved in sports during her time in high school. She played both tennis and racquetball, showcasing her athletic abilities. While pursuing her degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Brigham Young University, she continued to participate in sports and was involved in various events and competitions. Her involvement in athletics allowed her to develop discipline, teamwork, and a strong work ethic, which have been instrumental in her personal and professional growth.

Family Ties

Marriage to Andy Reid

Drew Ann Reid is the daughter of Tammy and Andy Reid, a renowned American football coach. Andy and Tammy have been happily married for a long time, building a strong partnership that has been an essential support for their demanding careers. The couple met while they were attending Brigham Young University (BYU) and have been together ever since.

Children and Parenthood

Andy and Tammy have five children together, with their birth order being Garrett Reid, Britt Reid, Crosby Reid, Drew Ann Reid, and Spencer Reid. The Reid family has maintained a close-knit bond throughout Andy’s coaching career, and they’ve supported one another through various life events.

  • Garrett Reid: The eldest son, he faced several challenges during his life, including substance abuse. Tragically, Garrett passed away in 2012.
  • Britt Reid: Following in his father’s footsteps, Britt has become a prominent figure in the football world as a coach. He has been involved in various coaching roles, including working with the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Crosby Reid: Not much is publicly known about Crosby, as she prefers to maintain her privacy.
  • Drew Ann Reid: Born in 1992, Drew Ann has grown up witnessing her father’s successful career in coaching and has likely been influenced by her family’s strong dedication to the sport.
  • Spencer Reid: Like his older brother Britt, Spencer is involved in the sports industry and pursued a football career at the collegiate level, playing for Temple University.

The Reid family’s ties to one another and their shared passion for football demonstrate the strong and supportive bonds that unite them. As they navigate various challenges and successes, they rely on one another to maintain the loving family dynamic.

Professional Experience

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Drew Ann Reid’s husband, Devin Woodhouse, is a well-established professional in the fitness industry. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), which demonstrates his expertise in designing and implementing safe and effective training programs for athletes of various sports.

Devin’s role as a Strength and Conditioning Coach entails working closely with athletes to help them improve their strength, power, speed, and overall performance. Some of the key responsibilities in his job include:

  • Developing sport-specific training programs
  • Assessing athletes’ physical abilities and monitoring their progress
  • Implementing injury prevention strategies
  • Providing guidance on proper nutrition and hydration

In order to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Devin had to meet certain criteria, such as:

  1. Holding a bachelor’s degree in a related field
  2. Possessing a valid CPR and AED certification
  3. Passing the comprehensive CSCS examination

As a strength and conditioning coach, Devin uses his expertise to create a competitive advantage for the athletes he works with. He employs various training modalities such as resistance training, plyometrics, and agility drills to enhance their athletic performance while minimizing the risk of injury.

Reid Family and Football

NFL Influence

The Reid family has a strong connection to the National Football League (NFL). Andy Reid, father of Drew Ann Reid, is a renowned American football coach who has had a significant influence on his family’s relationship with the sport. He has been the head coach for two NFL teams: the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. His career in football started as an offensive assistant for the Green Bay Packers before transitioning to higher coaching roles.

Drew Ann Reid grew up in a family of five children, with football being an integral part of their lives. Some of her siblings also followed their father’s footsteps and pursued careers in football. For instance, Britt and Spencer Reid are known for their contributions to the NFL, carrying on the Reid family’s legacy in the sport.

Coaching Legacy

Andy Reid has been a highly successful football coach throughout his career. The impact of his NFL coaching legacy stretches beyond his professional accomplishments, as it has influenced his children’s lives in various ways. Here are some notable achievements of Coach Reid’s career:

  • Green Bay Packers: Andy served as an offensive assistant, tight ends coach, offensive line coach, and assistant head coach during his tenure with the Packers from 1992 to 1998.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: As the head coach from 1999 to 2012, he led the team to several playoff appearances and an NFC Championship title.
  • Kansas City Chiefs: Reid has been the head coach of the Chiefs since 2013 and guided them to a Super Bowl victory in the 2019 season.

Drew Ann Reid, as one of Andy Reid’s daughters, has shared in the experiences of being part of a football household. This environment may have left her with a deep appreciation and understanding of the sport, despite not following a career in it herself. Although her own family life may have been impacted by her father’s high-profile coaching career, it is evident that both the Reid family and football are intrinsically connected.

Personal Pursuits

Community Engagement

Drew Ann Reid, daughter of renowned American football coach Andy Reid, demonstrates a commitment to her community in various ways. Although not much is publicly known about her personal pursuits and interests, it’s evident that family values and helping others are of great importance to her. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Drew Ann embraces the principles and practices of her faith, which includes a strong focus on aiding and volunteering within her community.

Charity and Philanthropy

Emphasizing philanthropy, Drew Ann participates in charitable causes that align with the beliefs and teachings of her church. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encourages its members to engage in acts of service, exemplify compassion, and support both local and global community projects. Drew Ann is believed to follow these principles, actively volunteering and assisting those in need wherever she can.

Although specific details of her charitable activities are not publicly available, Drew Ann’s philanthropic endeavors reflect her family’s commitment to giving back and making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Adversities and Resilience

Family Tragedies

Drew Ann Reid, like many individuals, has faced her share of adversities and challenges. One of the most significant difficulties in her life has been coping with family tragedies related to drug addiction. Several of her family members have struggled with drug addiction, including heroin and Adderall. These addictions have led to tragic consequences, such as an accidental overdose that resulted in the loss of a loved one.

Drug addiction’s impact on the family is far-reaching, as it not only affects the individual struggling with addiction but also those around them. In Drew Ann Reid’s case, family members’ struggles with addiction led to legal troubles and eventual prison sentences, adding to the strain and stress on herself and other family members.

Overcoming Challenges

Despite these adversities, Drew Ann Reid exemplifies resilience. In the face of her family’s tragedy and struggle with addiction, she has channeled her experiences into positive efforts, with a focus on addressing the broader issue of drug addiction within society. Drew took several steps to conquer her challenges:

  1. Education: She educated herself on drug addiction, the signs, and effective interventions.
  2. Support: Drew sought out support groups, both for herself and her family members, to help navigate the emotional challenges of addiction.
  3. Outreach: She has made it her mission to raise awareness about drug addiction and decrease the stigma surrounding addiction, so that others in similar circumstances might find it easier to seek help.
  4. Volunteer: Drew became involved in local initiatives and organizations dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by drug addiction.

Drew Ann Reid’s commitment to overcoming the challenges her family faced demonstrates an incredible level of resilience. By transforming her personal experiences into a driving force to assist others and raise awareness about addiction, she is a testament to the power of resilience in the face of adversity.

Public Image and Media

Drew Ann Reid, daughter of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, mostly maintains a low-key profile. Despite her celebrity status, she only appears sparingly in media and carefully manages her public image. As the child of a renowned football coach, she has attracted media attention in the past; however, she has successfully maintained a balanced relationship with the press.

Media Appearances

To date, Drew Ann Reid’s media appearances have been limited, as she prefers to stay out of the limelight. The few instances where she has been featured are generally related to her family and personal life. As a result, her public image remains firmly tied to her father, Andy Reid, and the Kansas City Chiefs.


Drew Ann Reid does maintain a presence on Instagram; however, her account is primarily for personal use and connecting with friends and family. While not overtly public, glimpses into her life can occasionally be found through this social media platform. Here, she shares pictures, updates, and special moments with loved ones, focusing on her own experiences and interests.

Overall, Drew Ann Reid’s public image and media presence remain minimal, allowing her to maintain a semblance of privacy in a world that continually seeks to know more about the lives of those connected to high-profile individuals.

Reid’s Influence in Football

Coaching Impact

Over the years, Andy Reid, Drew Ann Reid’s father, has garnered immense respect in the world of American Football. As an accomplished NFL Coach, he has significantly impacted the football community with his knowledge, leadership, and strategies.

One of Andy’s most notable achievements is leading the Kansas City Chiefs to victory in Super Bowl LIV. Throughout his coaching career, Reid has demonstrated a consistent ability to develop and nurture talent, turning ordinary teams into formidable opponents.

Here’s a brief overview of his accomplishments:

  • Multiple playoff appearances with two different franchises: Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Winning Super Bowl LIV with the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Consistently standing out as one of the top coaches in the NFL, with numerous Coach of the Year awards.
  • Developing notable quarterbacks, such as Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, Alex Smith, and Patrick Mahomes.

Andy Reid’s coaching impact is truly undeniable, and his influence has transcended generations, validating his legacy as one of the greats in American Football.

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