Elisa Gayle Ritter – Net Worth, Career And Personal Life

Real Name:Elisa Gayle Ritter
Birthday:January 6, 1956
Net Worth:$15 million
Height:167 cm
Occupation:American TV Producer, Ex-Wife of Narvel Blackstock

Elisa Gayle Ritter is a famous American TV personality, and also a mother. She is an inspiration to all her fans who love her for her work ethic, strength, and success in the highly competitive entertainment industry. She is also involved in music production. She is well-known as Narvel Blackstock’s first wife, and as the mother-in-law to Kelly Clarkson.

Although Elisa is a famous media personality, she has maintained a private life well out of the public. She protects the information available about her, especially when it involves her family. Apart from her work and other professional or public relations, Elisa is a private person.

Elisa Gayle Ritter is often confused with Reba McEntire. Elisa is an entirely different person from Reba, even though they both look alike. They do however have something else in common; Reba McEntire was also married to Narvel Blackstock.

Early Life & Education

Elisa Gayle Ritter was born on January 6 1956, in Tarrant County, Texas. Elisa keeps the information about her family life private, and as such, there’s not much known about her parents, siblings, or how it must have been for her growing up. There’s also no information available about her education, but it is thought that she must be a well-educated person to have become the successful career woman she is known as.


Elisa is an American TV Producer. She worked over the years, rising to fame. After she got married to a famous TV producer and music manager, Narvel Blackstock became even more popular.

She teamed up with her then-husband in most of his paintwork, while working as a TV and music producer. This broadened Elisa’s horizon and provided a background that proved to be essential in her career.

Elisa Gayle Ritter went on to manage some of the biggest and most successful people. Some of her clients include her daughter-in-law Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and Reba McEntire.

Since the start of her career, Elisa has been able to make a name for herself in the industry, building a successful career, especially in the area of TV production.

Personal Life

Elisa Gayle Ritter was not even 17 years of age when she met and got married to the popular music executive, Narvel Blackstock, on March 30, 1973. Narvel was 2 years older, and his career was starting to gain traction at the time.

Interested in music, Narvel first started as a Texan steel guitar player. He was part of a local band, and they occasionally organized several performances in the area. Rather than stick to his music interest as a musician, Narvel instead decided to become a manager, taking care of other musicians’ careers.

After attaining some level of success, Narvel went on to create his own music recording company known as the Big Machine Label Group. His company has gotten to represent various successful artists, including Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and  Reba McEntire. Narvel Blackstock is also known as the co-owner of an entertainment company, Starstruck Entertainment.

When the couple first got married, they shared several happy years. They have three children from their marriage to each other. Their children now have their own families and have made Elisa and Narvel grandparents. As time passed, Elisa Gayle Ritter’s union with Narvel Blackstock started to falter, and they began experiencing tough times and had differences.

They finally separated in 1988. Since her marriage to Narvel ended, Elisa Ritter has not been known to be in any other relationships. Narvel however later dated and married the award-winning singer, Reba McEntire. Reba was a recording artist that was signed to Narvel’s company at the time. The pair got married in 1989, but they ended the relationship in 2013. Both sides did not allow their divorce to affect their work relationship. They have a son together; Shelby Blackstock. Narvel Blackstock moved on from the divorce to start dating Laura Putty Stroud, a real estate agent and friend to Reba.

Children and Grandchildren

Elisa Ritter Gayle has been blessed with three children: two girls and a boy. Her first daughter Shawna Rene Blackstock was born in 1973. Her second child is a son named Brandon Blackstock. He was born on December 16, 1976. Her last daughter, Chassidy Celeste Blackstock, was born in 1978.

The successful mother of three also happens to be a grandmother of four.

Elisa Gayle Ritter’s Relationship with Kelly Clarkson

Elisa Gayle Ritter is Kelly Clarkson’s ex-mother in law. Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock had known each other since 2006 before they got married in 2013. They had two children together. Unfortunately, Kelly filed for divorce in June 2020 citing irreconcilable differences. It is hard to say if Elisa and Kelly have maintained a close personal relationship.

Net Worth

Elisa’s primary source of income comes from her professional entertainment career. It is possible that she also has other business, but at the moment, there’s none we are aware of. As of 2020, Elisa Gayle Ritter had an estimated wealth of around $15 million. Meanwhile, thanks to his successful career in different aspects of music,  her ex-husband Narvel Blackstock’s fortune is estimated to be $60 million.

Given the nature of Elisa’s work, it is expected that as time goes on, her salary will increase, and her net worth would be reflective of her growing success.


Elisa Gayle Ritter is not only known to be a successful TV star, but she is also a great mother and grandmother. She has been involved in TV production for over a decade. She has achieved major milestones in her career in the entertainment industry. She remains a true inspiration to her fans and other people around her, as she goes on to prove that it is possible to have a great career and a family as well without considering some sort of compromise. Although the celebrity leads a life away from media attention, we hope that this has shed some light on her life. If you have questions, suggestions, or a comment, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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