Enhancing The Security Of Your Offices Is Key

There are many ‘non-negotiable’ insights in business, those that must be focused on otherwise our business cannot justify its existence or operation. For instance, we must ensure that all of our compliance requirements have been met, be that industry-specific compliance, economic-zone-specific compliance, or manufacturing compliance so that standards can be upheld and liabilities reduced. That much is clear.

Often, compliance is also essentially tied with a moral duty that may not be covered by law in every single permutation but is more than essential to keep up with. For instance, aiming for an absolute zero injury rate on our premises is essential. On top of that, never allowing security breaches to take shape should be an essential and coherent part of our strategy. It’s easy to say these things and less easy to implement them, and so it’s essential to go over a step-by-step approach so that no worthwhile provision is ignored.

That’s what we hope to do in this post. In order to enhance safety, we need to enhance security. As such, redefining how to protect your office space is essential. Let’s consider how to do that, below:

Auto-Locking Doors & Keycard Systems

Autolocking doors that are weighted to close as soon as they’ve been opened will help limit unwanted foot traffic in your building. Anyone who may not have the appropriate, verified keycard will not be able to enter or exit, and this can of course be a great way to restrict free movement to those who should not be afforded it. In many cases, it will prevent these bad-faith actors from entering your internal premises at all.

Providing keycards and backups where appropriate can be a great part of this, worn around the neck as a lanyard, your employee will have free movement and the chance to ignore these security provisions quite cleanly as they move from place to place. Heavyset fire doors that lock such as this can also prevent the spread of fire from room to room, which is an added element of safety most consider essential. In addition, should a verified guest walk through the doors, your front desk can implement a guest keycard system that provides them access to certain areas. As such, the provision of access is never something that generates conflict, it will always be approved and easy to utilize.

Intercom Systems

With the best building intercom systems, you can more easily converse with those in certain locations of the business. To begin with, accepting clients who may be hoping to enter can take place easily, and verified access can be granted without having to do all of that at the front desk.

Additionally, an intercom system may be used for your loading bay staff to properly communicate with the warehouse staff. Or, perhaps it can help unique buildings become more friendly to your daily operations, such as when a basement kitchen can easily converse with the bar staff upstairs within a bustling inner-city restaurant. As you can see – it’s not always offices that benefit from essential communication and safety measures. A few worthwhile provisions often makes the most difference from now into the future.

CCTV Systems

It’s good to record everything that goes on in your public areas, if not solely to protect, then to also increase accountability. CCTV can help protect against those who may be acting criminally, by providing the police the exact recordings they need to levy a conviction or to move forward with their work at least.

CCTV systems can also help you more easily notice issues that may be taking place unimpeded, like flagrant breaches of the safety code within your building, perhaps fire safety risks. Or, perhaps you’ll be able to find out which staff member has been stealing so many lunches and discipline them as appropriate. What matters is striking the balance between recording for safety’s sake, and doing so in a manner that harms the general privacy and dignity of your employees. That said, it’s much better to have this system than to ignore it.

Reporting Systems

Anything suspicious, any conflicts experienced, anything that needs to be reported should have the proper space and structure to do so. With a worthwhile communication and reporting system, both notarized and within your digital communication software for levying official correspondence, you can make sure all your employees feel empowered to notify the higher ups of issues they’ve found. This can help you avoid harsh surprised.

With this advice, you’re certain to enhance the security of your offices in the best light.

Written by Eric

37-year-old who enjoys ferret racing, binge-watching boxed sets and praying. He is exciting and entertaining, but can also be very boring and a bit grumpy.